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50 inch Micromax Vu Full HD LED TV below 35000 Rupees

50 inch Micromax Vu Full HD LED TV below 35000 Rupees

50 Inch LED TV Micromax 50C5220MHD with Full HD Screen

Micromax is not the ultimate choice of buyers, but it stands as the top brand with more LED TV launches than any other brand. Almost every month a new model from Micromax pops up in the market.

The basics of the TV technology have not changed much in last five years will not change in next five years either. Although betterment in the display, audio, and connectivity quality will continue, but the TV as a whole is done now. Therefore, when you decide to purchase a new TV, ensure it has all such features, keeps it up to date even after five years. Read also Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees.

First Impression: At the price of 33000 rupees, a full HD LED TV with the 50-inch screen, MHL screen casting support, two USB ports, Two HDMI ports, and Bluetooth is really a good deal.

Although the TV model comes with modern features but using them is not so easy. It features a poor processor that hangs if tried multiple services or connect it with some advanced gadgets. Even its built quality is not so good. It is just a big screen TV for watching TV programs.

Thus, if your priority is a big screen TV that works well with DTH setup box, then this new 50-inch screen is a right solution.

What GS believes: Among all desi TV brands, we recommend Vu. In fact, it makes much better television sets than Micromax. Today, we are a top website with many good suggestions on LED TVs. In fact, we have suggestions in all price bands starting from 8000 rupees to 80000 rupees. Based on lots of customer feedback, we are fully sure about VU as a brand in terms of quality, customer service, and product durability.

Huge Screen for Cinema Hall experience in Home  

Sony television sets are great that gets proven when a side-by-side comparison is done with some Indian brand made TV. Therefore, Sony asks twice more money. If addicted to Sony and LG’s advanced clarity, then this Micromax champ will not satisfy you much.

The 50-inch LED screen looks fine, shows content in real punchy colors. Screen refreshment is more or less accurate. There is no dedicated technology onboard to fill pixel gap, but that has been solved by blending a third party technology from AVEA to improve display performance.

Viewing angles are good for a small family; but to entertain a large family, ensuring a uniform experience for all attendances, look for a better solution, which offers real 170-degree viewing angles. I did not fill real color when walked three to four steps to one side, away from the TV. Thus, it maintains accurate display with real color just in the range, equal to the length of a big size sofa in the house.

Micromax 50C5220MHD Full HD LED Review Specifications Prince Online

The bezels are not sharp but not really wide either. This is a 50-inch LED, indeed huge with full HD resolution (1920×1080 Pixels), decent contrast, and motion refresh rate.

We examined it with Hindi serials, Bollywood, Hollywood, poor CD and Blu-ray DVD contents. The overall experience was good, in fact, a way better than what I had expected. Most surprising was to see how well frames appeared with nice color, brightness and deep details that too when some cheap quality CD was used as a source.

The Micromax TV could be a good buy if you behold two conditions: first, your requirement is just limited to TV watching, nothing else, and second, your existing TV set is not from Sony, Samsung, or LG. This is important. Suppose you have been using a 32-inch Sony TV and now want to upgrade to 50-inch Micromax LED, it is a wrong decision then. You will not appreciate color, performance, and sound quality of this Micromax product in comparison with your old television set.

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Good quality SRS Audio with this Micromax LED

It is blessed with a patent technology called SRS, invented in 1980s. The two-channel speaker onboard has a total output of 16W, really powerful and enhanced in terms of Bass and low to high audio management.

I liked the audio produced. Since it is a 50-inch screen, viewers have to be at a distance in order to have mesmerizing experience. Then the 16 watt does compliment and delivers balanced sound up to the users in utmost quality and clarity.

Many connectivity options: At least on this front, Micromax and other Desi TV brands do better than premium brands Samsung, LG, and Sony. Micromax is harping on huge for MHL connectivity, which lets users cast their smartphone screen to a big screen like this TV model. Now run photo gallery slideshow, videos, and live games on your smartphone and let your entire family enjoy them on a big screen.

Two USB and HDMI ports along with Bluetooth are sufficient for all types of connectivity requirements. The 50C5220MHD model is not a smart TV, so missing Ethernet port is not a big surprise. The absence of Wi-Fi demands a clarification, though.

Micromax 50C5220MHD with MHL and Bluetooth Connectivity

Slim Built Profile and Low Power consumption

The LED model does really poor in terms of build quality and overall design including the placement of connectivity ports. Made using some cheap quality plastic, seems it will not sustain even an easy collision. The rear is even more awkward and connectivity ports are at a not so user-friendly location.


  • Decent Full HD LED display
  • Huge 50-inch screen at unbelievable low price
  • Good quality audio output
  • A long list of connectivity options


  • Poor built and Design
  • Low power internal processor
  • Low brightness level
  • Not so good for SD channels and 480P content

Final Thought: If you want a big size TV that gives cinema hall type of experience in home and is affordable, then the Micromax 50C5220MHD is a right solution. A TV is more or less split into three parts: Display, sound, and connectivity options. This LED does well in these three accounts. I am disappointed with dull built quality & design, though.

Besides, I would also like to draw your attention to a weak processor it carries, which in fact responsible for processing all requests coming in from inside and outside attachments.

If you ask me, I will hardly bother about big size screen rather I will look for a TV that works as a reliable source of daily entertainment. I will not buy this TV; however, here your decision matters the most. Please share your thought for this Micromax LED TV in the comment box.

Price 33000 Rupees
Display LED, 50 Inches, 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Response Time 6.5 ms
Image Aspect Ratio 16:09
Image Contrast Ratio  2000:1
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
USB Port Two
HDMI Port Two
MHL & Bluetooth YES
Audio 8W×2
Dimensions 112.5 x 9 x 65.2 cm
Micromax Support 1860-500-8899


Vu LED 50K160GP 50 inch Full HD LED TV

An obvious question I need to answer now is which 50-inch LED TV is good in 35000 rupees price. If you could have noticed a disclaimer made earlier in the article, we endorse Vu as the best brand for budget LED TV. Vu offers superior quality products for middle-class customers.

It was not very hard to find a Vu TV with a 50-inch screen at Flipkart. After a wonderful demo of the Vu LED 50K160GB, testing CD to Blu-ray DVD, we are ready to share our experience.

Now Cinema hall experience in Home: The TV can make your dream come true. I am not able to swallow its price, though, which is just 34999 rupees. Brilliant picture quality, superior natural colors, and feel of real life that too on such a big screen TV. After having this masterpiece in the home, money spent annually on watching movies will compensate its price within the period until one decide to go for an upgrade (in four to five years). Trust me, you will stop going to cinema hall after taking this TV home.

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The display is bright, colorful and effectively fills the gap in frames as well as in pixels that translates into a fine quality viewing experience. Whether it is Hindi serial content in 480P quality or sports channel in 720P or Discovery & National geographic HD channel in real 1080P quality; everything looks razor sharp and deep in detail. If you own an HD DTH box, then this Vu 50-inch TV is the right choice to enjoy all HD channels.

Now I look at some technical specifications of the screen. The supported aspect ratio is 4:3 and 16:1, it is accurately tuned for showing frames of 480P to 1080P contents. The contrast ratio and brightness level is not a believable figure, though I am not going to challenge that since real life experience with this TV is just awesome.

Vu LED 50K160GP Price Online in India

During my research for this LED, I found some comments complaining motion refresh rate, which is 120 Hz here. Actually, the fact is users experience hardly changes when the refresh rate is anything between 60 Hz to 120 Hz. We have tasted proof of this. Thus, its 120 Hz of refresh rate is realistic in fact on accurate side ensures better experience especially in gaming.

Vu has been successful in pushing for a big screen without compromising quality and performance. In fact, the screen does come very close to the quality of a Sony & LG’s premium grade LED TV. It is unbelievable that Vu can produce such awesome screen, which is bigger, better and sound in terms of performance and specifications on paper and in real use as well.

Digital Clear Sound with AVL Enhancement with Vu LED TV

In fact, this is a known problem in most of the TV models produced by Vu and Micromax. Even I have not been able to figure out – why the brands ignore complaints of poor audio output, in fact, has been acknowledged by thousands of customer so far.

The dual channel 20W (10W×2) speaker fails to satisfy. Loudness is good but not something to be proud of. Bass is low and at high volumes, some distortion is also noticeable. Vu should do something about this. I have noticed mediocre audio problem throughout Vu TV models.

AVL or automatic volume leveler is a great feature should be inbuilt in your new TV. Now enjoy TV programs quietly without disturbing anyone in your house. What exactly it does is that it ensures a consistency in volume level. To set your preferable volume level throughout TV channels all the time, it automatically adjusts volume by increasing or decreasing it.

In general, TV programs are low in volume but advertisements are loud. In fact, volume has to be reset – every advertisement runs so that someone sleeping or studying in nearby rooms are not disturbed. The AVL features will increase volume when TV program is on and decrease when loud advertisement runs.

I have summed up the audio features of this 50-inch Vu TV. The right solution for this audio mess-up is a powerful soundbar. We have published some great review articles on the best soundbar. Have a look at them; choose one with minimum 35W audio output, better place an order along with this TV.

Connectivity Options of this 50 inch LED TV

This portion of the LED TV gets some mixed response. Even I am not very sure, whether it is too much or too less or perfect. One thing I am sure though the list of connectivity options is moderately complete. Other than one UBS port, no complain that it lacking any of the connectivity options. Now the question is, why need two USB ports, why not one USB port is sufficient. In my opinion, two USB ports could a luxury, but one USB 2.0 is a necessity, which is in fact present here. Having only one USB port is not an issue.

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Two HDMI ports with Headphone jack, RF connectivity, audio L/R for VGA and component input, VGA port, and video RCA output as well as AV input ports gets critics mouth shut in terms of the connectivity features on the Vu 1080P LED TV.

However, ignoring MHL, which is a medium to cast your smartphone to a TV, would earn some negative ratings. It is as important as gaming support. How could Vu ignore this connectivity option, which requires no special arrangement to initiate? Trust me, once experienced MHL feature, you will never appreciate a TV without MHL support.

PC Support and Gaming: The 50-inch LED can also be used as a computer monitor. It comes with a VGA port for CPU connection. You can keep it connected with both PC and DTH together and switch to whichever mode prefer as a priority. Seeing TV and using it as a computer monitor is not possible. Such arrangement requires a TV tuner, which will pass TV signal through CPU so that the TV in the role of a monitor considers that as a job instruction from the connected CPU.

For gaming, some important specs needed, which are faster motion refresh rate, high screen resolution, and a powerful processor inside the TV. The Vu LED TV can be connected to play stations and Xbox for playing games. Thus, no problem in using it for daily gaming practices.

Impressive Built and Design of this Big Screen LED

This is the work of plastic though high-quality plastic with glossy finish all around. All connectivity options are at a right location on the right side, those are accessible easily by users. Narrow bezels enhance user’s viewing experience. Tabletop or wall mount, both types of installation is possible. The installation process is hassle-free and will be carried out by qualified engineer arranged by Vu and Flipkart post delivery.

Vu LED 50K160GP Review and Specifications

Pros: Excellent choice for TV programs, Gaming, and as a Computer monitor,


  • MHL feature is absent
  • Eats more electricity

Final Verdict: This is a value for money product. Vu has made the model with 50-inch full HD LED TV available at an unbelievable price of 35000 rupees . In fact, the Vu TV is one of the best LED television sets I have ever reviewed. I refer to the price again and again because if the TV costing 45000 rupees or more, then why one should go with Vu, why not LG TV with (triple) XD engine or Sony TV with the highly reputed Bravia engine.

If the budget is between 30 to 40 thousand rupees, consider this Vu TV. You will appreciate the investment later on. Use the TV for one week or two, and then decide whether a soundbar is needed or the 16W audio output is sufficient.

Price 34990 Rupees
Display DLED, 50 Inches, 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Response Time 6.5 ms
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:1, Auto, Zoom
Image Contrast Ratio 1000000:1 (Static)
Refresh Rate 120 Hz
View Angle 178° degree
Brightness 450 cd/m²
USB Port One
HDMI Port Two
Headphone Jack YES
Audio Power 10W×2, AVL
Dimensions 1118.8 mm x 698 mm x 245 mm
Power Consumption 110 W, 0.1 W (Stand By)

Users Review and Opinion


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