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Solve Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network Error

Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network

This morning, I was surprised with a message that there has been a violation of Google product usages terms and condition. I had to fill a CAPTCHA code to step forward with a search request. After filling the code, I was step up with results I was looking for. After few minutes, I went for another query; once again the same CAPTCHA block was stopping me from accessing the Google search result. I was terrified of this problem because my bread and butter come because of Google services.

This time, I decided to look exactly what is that in the TOS, I do not adhere according to Google. The answer to my question was surprising as the information alleged my network or IP for sending unnatural traffic to Google search response machine.

→ The Reason behind Unusual Traffic Error

After coming to know about the problem, I was looking for a quick solution once again in Google search after crossing the CAPTCHA block. Most of solution was usual that switch off your router and everything will be fine. However, for me issue was to find out the evil power, which caused to register my IP for Google TOS violation. In this article, I will expose the evil name, which plays a role in making your IP or account a violator of Google TOS.

Coming back to my panic situation, I made a call to the ACT broadband to register a complaint regarding Google TOS violation because I was sure that I am not doing any funny activity here. ACT customer care executive did not argue and accepted my issue with assurance to be followed quickly by a senior technical engineer from network department.

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Now I started analyzing the real problem and the evil, which caused of this problem. During my random audit of the last seven days, I could recall that a change in network setup took place around 7 days before. For the mobile theme optimization of this websites, I had enabled the Wi-Fi network so that I could access the main internet service and save some money from costly Airtel 3G.

I am news hungry person and have all apps and services, which delivers latest news from technology, politics, and entertainment world.

The unusual or unnatural traffic was delivered by none other than Google’s own product Android. I use almost all Google services in my phablet. Since Wi-Fi was continuously on, the Android Google services was regularly sending request for update via enabled Wi-Fi.

Now calculation is like this, from my IP/network – My desktop request for Google services + My first smartphone request for at the same time + My second smartphone requests for the same set of update demanded by the first smartphone = a Violation of Google product usages TOS.

You are wrong, if you think that I made a mistake as I did not turn off Wi-Fi connectivity in both smartphones. My dear friend, the main problem comes because of Android, which does not let user to close application completely. Just now, I have closed the Gmail app, but it is still running in the background and seeking regular update from the Gmail server. Although I have highest regard for Google, but this is big fault in Android. This is why; I always pay emphasis to the Windows OS.

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→ 5 Steps to fix Google unusual traffic error

  1. Switch off your router for at least 60 seconds.
  2. Ask the local Wi-Fi users to switch off connectivity if they were not doing any online activity.
  3. If you are not able to convince users, ask them to disable some of unpopular Google services.
  4. Use Battery doctor app, which works effectively in closing of background running or standby application and services at the android platform.
  5. Use effective firewall, antivirus and malware killer in desktop. I am using COMODO firewall, Avast Antivirus and Malware byte for malware detection and cure. Also, I would highly recommend Advance system care because that does awesome job in making your personal computer safe, stable properly optimized.

In addition, once in a month you must enable for boot level scanning and virus detection through Avast antivirus. I am able to catch and kill all those hidden micro –virus through this effective feature in Avast antivirus.

4 thoughts on “Solve Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network Error

  1. this is nothing more then google trying to get you to use their free Google DNS servers. this was posted as a solution to the problem in one of their forums you can stop the hijacking by switching to the free Google DNS servers other then that I have not read one thing on fixes accept for… a lot of angry and disappointed people waiting for answers to why this is happening to them (like all of a sudden) and google saying or blaming it on hijackings…. those bad… bad internet server IP terrorists…. they continue to do this I will discontinue using google

      1. Hi Suraj, If using an Android Smartphone, you could try following things

        → first stop data network for 3 minutes at least

        Make good use of these 3 minutes to do the following things

        → Disable Location Finder
        → Disable Image Location in Image Exif Metadata (Check Camera settings)
        → Review the Apps that are using data – Locate “Control App Data Usage” and review it
        → If possible change App status from auto to block (you will be able to open the app, but it would not open automatically.
        → Review the apps installed on your smartphone (phone settings – apps)
        → Scan your mobile with a rated antivirus
        → Clear cache and temporary data from your smartphone

        I hope this helps.

  2. Hey hi , I’m getting this error of ” unusual traffic detected on your system ” . I’m using Android powered OnePlus 3 . Kindly suggest something .

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