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5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Home

Harman Kardon One Review and Specifications

In this article, I am reviewing some must-have master gadgets for your home. These modern inventions are – although luxury but necessary to survive with a good health in highly polluted Indian cities.

Here you will read about a smart LED TV, which is based on the recent version of Android operating system, a water purifier based on three major water purification technologies, an advanced projector for cinema entertainment in home, and a powerful portable Bluetooth speaker with all the recent connectivity advancements. Read also Motorola Smart Monitoring Camera for Indian Homes.

Sony Bravia W95D (43W950D & 50W950D) Android TV

Essentially there are three major categories in the Indian LED TV market: below 20000 Rupees, below 40000 Rupees, and above 40000 rupees. Apparently, Sony is a leader in the premium segment of the market.

Sony Bravia W95D, which is this year’s model comes with many nifty features and is one of the best-selling smart LED TVs in the premium segment of the Indian market.

Since this is a Sony LED, there is not much left to discuss besides user’s experience with it. And, can it justify to the current selling price of 77000 Rupees.

Sony Bravia W95D Review and Specifications

Screen: The W95D model is available in two most popular screen sizes: 43 inch and 50 inch. Among them, the smaller one, the 43inch screen model has been quite successful in both online as well as in offline markets. Whereas the 50-inch model looks a bit heavier, in fact not well fit for regular size drawing or bad rooms. For installing in a spacious hall, this model could be a better choice.

Talking about the screen quality, trust me there is no match to Sony’s Bravia engine and Sony’s signature technologies that feel the gap between frames and pixels.

The first noticeable quality of the display is – it bears full HD resolution. Sony’s full HD resolution sets a benchmark. That is even truer with this LED TV set. Sony used a TRILUMINOS Display, which has been termed by LED experts as a display that takes lead over regular displays in terms of handling of more color, frames, and backlights and by doing so presents unbelievable viewing experience.

Not just full HD resolution and the latest display technology, Sony also provides an uplifting solution for pixel and frames management. Further, Sony’s X-Ray PRO engine, which is active on this series of LED TVs for upscaling pixels and color for richer and vivid picture quality for viewers, sets apart Sony brand in the competitive premium LED TV market.

40W Audio Output: if picture quality is a pro factor on this Sony LED TV, its sound management is a pro with double impact. Kudos to Sony for smart thinking: 40W watt sound delivery is promised by a uniquely designed sound bar, which is, in fact, the right way for any LED TV to produce sound.

Technically, Lots of circuits and added hardware for additional features do not leave much space inside a LED to fit a powerful speaker set with a bigger driver. For promising thrilling high impact clear sound with powerful Bass and a fine balance between tunes and vocal, Sony added a soundbar system, indeed a wise move and a better design concept to repeat even in budget LEDs.

Inbuilt speaker system on this Sony LED also becomes more productive because of smart placement. Fix them behind the TV in the Table-top installation mode and below the TV in wall-mount installation.

Both front speakers provide 20W audio and the balance 20W is being generated by Dual Acoustic Duct subwoofer, again a new phenomenon in the subwoofer technology. There is not much to set in sound besides sound mode. Sony W95D series LED models support four sound modes: standard, cinema, live football, and Music.

Connectivity: Since the Sony LED TV is an Android smart TV, Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi connectivity is oblivious. Besides it has four HDMI ports, really brilliant, and two USB ports. Sony W95D LED TVs can recognize USB content and USB format as well.

Advanced smartphone connectivity is also supported by this Sony TV. Plus share photo, cast smartphone screen, one-touch mirroring and Android iOS apps support features are enabled.

Smart Features: Since Sony W95D model is from smart LED TV series, there are all workable support made available for voice search, browsing, movie on demand, and the options to explore Android TV apps. You can unlock smart features by its remote or use Sony’s official smartphone app for LED TVs. Plus you can use a dedicated keyboard that is compatible with Android TV OS. Check our article on best Keyboard mouse and accessories for Smart LED TVs.

Optionally, Sony provides touchpad remote for ensuring easy navigation by users within the options, settings, and features of this Smart LED TV model.

Final Words: Sony W95D (I recommend 43 inch model) is in demand currently. In fact, it is one of the best Smart LED TV models in the Indian market. Its price too is accurate – going by the market trend and what other brands offering in the same budget. Read also Latest Sony Full HD Smart LED TV for Indian Homes.

Screen 43 Inch; 1920×1080 Pixels; Edge LED; Frame Dimming; X-Reality PRO; Live Color Technology; TRILUMINOS Display; Dynamic Contrast Enhancer; 12 Picture Modes
Sound 40 Watts; Dual Acoustic Dust
Connectivity HDMI: 4; USB Ports: 2; RF: 1; Composite Video Input: Two Bottom and Rear; Headphone Out; USB Format supported
Smart Features Google Cast; One-touch Mirroring; Photo Sharing Plus; Screen Mirroring
Buy 75000 Rupees
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Kent Pearl RO UV UF water Purifier and with TDS Control

It seems water purifier technology has reached to an undeclared dead-end. The dominants player like Kent and Eureka Forbs instead of launching new products that features new technologies – is launching their old popular models with improved and additional features. Kent’s new Pearl water purifier is a clear example – why I am saying that so.

Kent Pearl is one of the best-selling RO water purifiers not only among all Kent water purifiers, in fact, in comparison with other water purifiers too. Of late Kent upgraded the model with additional features and presented even more efficient water purifier for countering the new types of water pollution challenges appeared in recent times.

Kent Pearl RO UV UF water Purifier Review and Specifications

Also read: A review of Mineral Ro Kent Pearl with UV technology at Top Three Best Water Purifier in India for Home Use.

Simple Installation: The new Kent pearl has a modular design and it can be easily installed on your Kitchen wall or at a secure table in one corner, which is easily accessible. Being friendly to both types of installation, it becomes a recommended choice for families regularly shifting home due to occupation requirements.

Power of Three most Advanced Water purification technologies! Based on RO UV and UF technology, this is a reliable water purifier for purifying corporation water, bore well water and tanker water. In fact, it could also remove chemicals and salts from the water. Therefore, if your residence is located in an industrial area, and local factories poses threat to your water quality, the Kent Pearl is the purifier to go with.

Kent Pearl RO UV UF Water Purifier with TDS Control

The above diagram is a true presentation of the inner working of this new Kent water purifier. At GS, we only comment on water quality, practically it is not possible for us to comment on product durability and brand’s adherence to the promised service quality.

Alike the earlier Kent Pearl model, the new model, too, comes with the technology for essential mineral retention technology. Many water purifier brand promise for having effective mineral retention technology on their purifier but in water test fails to reach even benchmark set. However, Kent and Eureka Forbs are the two brands have got really close to the reliable technology for genuine mineral retention after hard purification of the water.

Smart Features: This is a genuine concern that Water purifier with lots of function might face earlier malfunction. Kent, however, mastered itself in smart features assembly on water purifier yet keeping circuit complication less.

Smart feature of the New Kent Pearls lets you be free from maintaining the record of the active filter life. Computer brain inside the purifier alerts you on the health of filter and when they will expire. Also, UV fail alarm feature is enabled. In fact, not just alerts users about some malfunction also cuts power supply and thereby halting water purification operation until a correct resolution is provided.

Although such hard control is with the intention that you and your family do not drink polluted water in case alarms went unnoticed. However, sometimes such noble advancement becomes a big headache when service on time is not offered by the manufacturer.

Auto start and Auto Shut-off are two life saver features on this Kent smart water purifier. The Kent Purifier stops operation when its 8 liters tank is full or there is no water supply. And when the water inside tank falls below a standard lever or power resumes.

Salt deposits inside RO membrane – is one of the prominent issues most RO water purifiers has to face. Auto-Flush system is an add-on feature on this Kent RO and it periodically flushes out salt deposits from the active RO membrane and ensures a genuine reason for the RO Membrane to have extended life.

Built and Design: I use Kent purifier (Kent Pearl with RO + UV) and I am satisfied with the build quality. Made using high quality reliable ABS material and food grade classification is a guarantee that the new Kent Pearl is durable and has a proper safety from outside pollution. In addition, Kent uses PUSH-FIT components, which is as termed by the brand is a genuine resolution for leakage. I cannot comment on that how much that is true in long run.

Your new Kent Pearl RO water purifier supports a wide voltage input range: 100 to 300 Volts. In fact, built-in SMPS protects it from any kind of electricity outrage and guarantees its reliable continue operation. Read also Livpure Water Purifier with RO UV and Mineral retain Technology.

Suitable Tap, Bore well, Tanker, Chemically Polluted, and Corporation Water
Technology RO, UF, UV, and TDS Control
Mineral Retention YES
Purification Capacity 15 Liters Per Hour; 75 Liters per Day Duty Cycle
Installation Wall or Table
Filter Cartridges Sediment, UF & Post Carbon, and Carbon Block Filter
Auto-Flushing System   Yes
UV Lamp Wattage 11 W
Storage Capacity 8 Liters
Power Consumption 60 Watt; Operation Voltage: 100-300
Buy 18000 Rupees


3000 Series Philips AeraSense Air Purifier AC3256

In India, air pollution has been a talk of the town from more than a decade. This, however, got a prominent space in public discourse, on newspaper front page, and in 24×7 television media after alarming situation arisen in Delhi. As expert termed the situation, breathing Delhi air means smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Such health horror is beyond anyone’s imagination. There are not much any individual can do in this regard other than waiting for government’s initiatives in curbing air pollution. The air purifier is a recommended solution but not as viable as a water purifier.

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Philips AeraSense Air Purifier AC3256 Review and Specifications

If you have decided to have an air purifier for your home, consider a Philips product. Philips is one of the brands made an early move in air purifier R&D and so now it has a natural advantage over other operational brands in this sector.

Philips air purifiers are user-friendly and economical and provide good relief from air pollution. Honeywell, the American brand is a genuine competitor of Philips but fails to compete on the price front. If budget is not an issue, Honeywell air purifiers are much more efficient and effective than Philips products. Note Honeywell is an air purifier brand whereas Philips is a home electronics brand.

The Philips AeraSense Air Purifier is the most popular air purifier below 20000 Rupees in online market currently. Close to 90% buyers of this purifier rated it with 5-star ratings.

Principally, Philips AC3256 air purifier operates on two technologies: one is for measuring pollution inside & outside and another is for purifying air.

Pre-Filter: This is the first level of filter on this Philips Air Purifier, removes hard particles, dust, hair, pollen, and other large particles.         

Activated Carbon Filter: This comes as the second level of filter for removing bad odors, chemical particles, TVOCs, and harmful gas effectively.

HEPA Layer ONE and Layer TWO: For removing harmful bacteria, H1N1 particles, PM2.5 and other bacteria and virus, Philips trusted German technology, a German made HEPA filters.

Philips VitaShield IPS for removing 100 times smaller particles than PM2.5

Philips combines four layers of effective filtration for removing particles as small as 0.02 microns. By arranging Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and HEPA Layer ONE and TWO, Philips achieves its signature technology VitaShield IPS, which powers the new Philips AeraSense AC3256.

There are other inbuilt smart features too for making Philips AC3256 air purifier, a genuine relief provider in home use. “Ultra-silent sleep mode” gets noise level below 33 dB, a big relief for thin sleepers like me who cannot tolerate huge noise while sleeping.

24-hour digital timer, auto mode, child lock, and Turbo Mode are other nifty features of this Philips Air purifier.

Other advanced and Pro Features:-

  • Protects against H1N1 virus
  • Healthy Air Protect Alert
  • Aero-Dynamic Vortex Design
  • Easy Portability
  • Smart Sensor touch
  • Touch panel to switch off light
  • Uniquely designed Air Inlets
  • Turbo Mode for faster air purification

Capacity, Performance, and Conclusion! Live Air quality feedback and effective four layers of the filter with lots of smart features making this Philips Air filter one most recommended product for your home. It comes equipped with all the necessary features for protected your family from odd airs.

Practically air purifier is not very convincing solution for our homes. However, to protect newborn and pregnant women, I would highly recommend it. It delivers what it promises.

If you are looking for a cheaper air purifier, then consider the Xiaomi air purifier, available at very affordable price just 10000 Rupees. Read also Best Air Purifier in India below 30000 Rupees.

Area Covered 800 sq ft
CADR ( Clean Air Delivery rate) 367 m3 per hour
Sound Level 32.5 to 63.8 dB
Operational Voltage 220-240V; Standby power consumption: <0.5V
PM2.5 Feedback YES
Dedicated allergen mode YES
Air quality indicator YES
Fan Speed Five Step with Turbo
Mode Silent, Sleep, Night, Auto
Filter Change Indicator YES
Nano Protect Filter YES
Warranty Two Years
HEPA Filter True HEPA × 2
No. of Filters Three
Effective filtration size >=0.02 Microns
Effective filtration efficiency (of 0.3 microns) 0.9997
Buy 26000 Rupees


BenQ W3000 projector for Cinema in Home

A video projector has its unique role in home entertainment and in business presentations. And it could be trusted for providing much richer home cinema experience than a premium LED TV.

In the world of projectors, there are some well-trusted names whose products are turns out be a benchmark setter. BenQ and Epson are two names come to everyone’s mind when a reliable projector has to be purchased for home or business use. Though there are many decent projectors, available at very low-cost in the Indian market from not-so-popular brands could also be considered as cheaper alternatives. On this website, we have some fantastic articles related to that. Read also Good Quality HD Projectors In Indian Market.

BenQ W3000 projector Review and Specifications

Full HD Wireless Home Projector for Movie and Other Visual entertainments

The W3000 model is designed and made to provide home movie entertainment with improved color. Users’ experience with the colors in the telecasted content appears to be much richer and vivid, certainly not over saturated.

BenQ W3000 model is equipped for Full HD pictures means it can draw frames on a large screen in full HD resolution. This also means users would experience the same quality of videos as they see on a premium full HD LED TV.

With the W3000 model, BenQ also assures for Rec. 709 HDTV standard in picture quality, which is a controversial standard ensuring actual presentation of the content as it was dreamed by creators. By using advanced sync between multiple variables in a projector, BenQ achieves standard reproduction of color in individual frames throughout the entire movie.

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In fact, on the BenQ W3000 model, advanced hardware design, effective software optimization, and rechecking of quality before final dispatch also something that BenQ proudly considers a better way of optimizing the end user’s experience every moment and in every session.

Some of the noted signature features on this BenQ box are – Cinema Master Video Plus for improving your cinema experience, motion enhancer for smoothening of the object movement on the screen and Color enhance for ensuring viewers experience true color on the screen. Pixel enhancer and flash tone are also inbuilt providing a great experience to viewers.

Based on Maxx Audio, the 10-watt speaker may not be sufficient for some users. Therefore, you should consider adding a powerful louder soundbar within the setup. On this website, you could find lots of interesting article on the best sound bar for your LED TV and projectors.

There are lots of additional features, which I personally never experienced on any other cinema projector so far. Thus, having those innovative arsenals onboard to improve video frame, pixels, object motion, and color making this BenQ cinema projector a true champion for providing the multiplex-type of feel in home. Read also Epson Portable Projector with Full HD Resolution and 3D Features.

Projection System DLP
Resolution‎ 1080p (1920 x 1080)‎
Brightness 2000 ANSI Lumens‎
Contrast Ratio‎ 10000:1
Display Color‎ 1.07 Billion Colors‎
Lens‎ F = 2.42 – 3.05, f = 17.22 – 27.37 mm‎
Throw Ratio‎ 1.15 – 1.86 (100″ @ 2.5m)‎
Zoom Ratio‎ 1.6:1‎
HDTV Compatibility‎ 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p‎
Video Compatibility‎ NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV‎
3D Support and Compatibility‎ Frame Sequential: Up to 720p
Frame Packing: Up to1080p
Side by Side: Up to 1080i/p
Top Bottom: Up to 1080p‎
Aspect Ratio‎ Native 16:9 (selectable 5 aspect ratio)‎
Color Wheel Segment‎ 6-Segment
Buy 90000 Rupees


Harman Kardon One Portable Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

Harman Kardon with more 50 years of glorious career in sound, home, and car entertainment manufacturing is now a part of Samsung since 2016.

Talking about its new sound system, which is a premium speaker because of price, 19000 rupees in the Indian market – comes with sophisticated sound production ability. The Harman Kardon one consists of three modern solutions for seamless connectivity with any gadgets out there: Bluetooth, NFC, and HTC’s connect technology.

Harman Kardon followed an elegant design for this speaker. No doubt it looks brilliant in dark metal gray design.  Speaker grill covers three sides of the speaker and on the left of it has all the controls. LED indicator, port, and a charging point is given a place on the right side.

Harman Kardon One Review and Specifications

Use Harman Kardon One with your Mobile!!! From the given Bluetooth, NFC, and HTC connect technologies onboard, choose one for pairing it with your mobile. Further, whether to use this added hardware for open conversation or listening to music, it is up to you.

Decent Backup and Fast Charging: – 2000 mAh battery of this speaker is more than enough for entertain you for close to five hours non-stop. But a huge advantage comes in the form of fast charging. By using the charger in the sales, the speaker could be fueled up within a short session.

While 2000 mAh battery appears a lot less as the build and price of the speaker, both pave a possibility of having a more powerful battery, the fast charging feature certainly compensates.

Performance and Uses ability: Even though it fails with sub-bass, but its loud and clear sound with comfortable to carry build factor making it a genuine choice for any music lover believing in quality yet portability. Tried it in my bedroom, its loudness was beyond my ear’s tolerate level. Thus, whether one wants to use it in a small room or in a big hall, it is a perfect portable speaker. Find it a reliable mobile sound system for having 15 to 20 members party in an open space.

Built-in microphone on it – is a quality addition adding the feature for making open calls. Certainly, a good feature if you want everyone to hear your on-phone conversation.

Sales Box Content: A carry case provides necessary protection for keeping its outer look intact for many years. Further, Harman Kardon bundled the speaker model with a power adaptor, a USB cable, and some documents related to warranty, quick start, safety, and how to use it.     

Conclusion!!! Harmon Kardon One is a brilliant buy at the price of 19000 Rupees in the Indian market. Its high-quality built by a reputed brand and stunning audio delivery besides advanced connectivity options sets apart in the crowd of portable table Bluetooth speakers.

In the Indian market, Premium portable Bluetooth speaker segment ranging between 5000 to 35000 rupees is certainly not an unguarded territory rather JBL, Bose, F&D, and Sony with many other US and Japan based brands holding strong position there. Thus, measure all factors and compare available choices in your budget before you shortlist Harmon Kardon One. Read Also Premium Portable JBL Bass Speaker below 7500 Rupees.

Buy 19000 Rupees
Design 6.8 x 18 x 6.9 cm; 513 grams
Battery 2000 mAh; Five Hours Backup, Fast Charging
Auido 6W×2; Frequency: 100Hz – 20,000Hz
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