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5 Latest Smartphones with Strong Battery Backup

Asus Zenfone Max 2016 with 5000 mAh battery

Witnessing the fame of smartphones, one and all desire to purchase the up-to-date smartphones that justify both communication and amusement requirements all composed. At the moment, the trend of hottest smartphones can be perceived among the folks from all age group. The whole world desires their smartphone to be flawless and ironic in features. Up-to-date cellular phones are designed in with thrilling stylishness and erudition. A distinct stress is laid on the appearances of smartphones to make them eye-catchy and striking.

Nevertheless, battery life is the most significant issue when it comes to any automated maneuver, particularly if you are deeply influenced by it. It is at all times a healthier idea to buy a smartphone with decent battery life. After all, who knows when you would require that last tad of charging severely!!! Inopportunely, the central disadvantage of Android Smartphones is the unfortunate battery life. Most of you might not even be getting an entire day of battery backup on a reasonable usage. To solve your problem, here we are brushing up 5 hottest smartphones with exceptional battery life.

►Gionee Marathon M5 Plus with 5020 mAh battery

Gionee is recognized for producing battery-focused phones. Freshly, the company introduced a new handset to its Marathon series, the Marathon M5 Plus. Estimated at 26,999 INR, the handset sports a 5020 mAh battery.

Gionee Marathon M5 Plus with 5020 mAh battery

Gionee Marathon M5 Plus is feasibly the most costly giant battery phone. If you desire to get rid of any conceivable battery worry and do not wish to settle down for any inferior or midrange proposal, you can consider purchasing Marathon M5 Plus. The best part of the phone is its massive battery power. The handset sports a monstrous 5020 mAh battery that persists for a day or more, with no trouble.

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It arrives along with a smart power consumption system. Thus and so, you can pick the finest plan in accordance with your usage. It maintains rapid charging and you can get it completely charged within two hours. Moreover, the double charging chips let you charge it swiftly without incurring any overheating. The Marathon M5 Plus will likewise offer you signal about applications that trench the battery.

Verdict: At a price of 26,999 INR, the handset does make sense. It sounds to be a good option if you are all set to gross on the heaviness of the influential battery and are prepared to change to the upcoming USB Type-C. All- inclusive, it gets the work over and finished, conversely, it arrives at the worth of a weightier smartphone.

►Nubia N1 with 5000 mAh battery

ZTE’s hottest Nubia N1 is the company’s chief giant massive battery smartphone. Basically, the Nubia’s headsets are identified for its camera excellence but after using this handset, you would truly become an admirer of its battery backup.

Nubia N1 with 5000 mAh battery

The Nubia N1’s entitlement to reputation is its gigantic 5,000 mAh battery. ZTE claims that you can attain three days constant use before you will need to plug it in for charging. However, the corporation did not claim how it reached such a figure.

No other phone is providing the powerful 5000 mAh battery under 12000 INR( Asus Zenfone Max excluded). Even if it has a giant battery yet Nubia has a choice known as Smart power saving option. With this option, you can save power in Navigation, Games, Social Communication and browser.

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Speaking of the standard usage, the phone offers a battery life of 2+ days and 1 day 5 hours on substantial usage. It owns USB Type-C port for charging but you don’t get any support for fast charging. It needs around 1 hour to get completely charged.

Verdict: ZTE entitles that Nubia N1’s modules have been sensibly nominated centered upon power consumption for the general and extended battery life. The USP of the phone is the 5000mAh large battery, with ZTE claiming about 3 days of battery life with reasonable use. Buy: ZTE N1.

►Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro with 5000 mAh battery

The Galaxy A9 Pro centers a specific set of operators – who loves wandering and dislike charging their smartphones. Devouring a cost of Rupees 32,390, the A9 Pro's plus point is its enormous 5,000 mAh battery. This entitles to offer extra talk time and a smaller number of recurrent charges.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro with 5000 mAh battery

The crucial acme of this phone is the 5000 mAh battery with firm charging sustenance.  Battery ensures an inspiring job. You can suppose 6 to 11 hours of non-stop modest to weighty usage.  With assorted usage, you can attain almost 2 days of battery back-up. It sports a 5000mAh battery with provision for an adaptive quick charging by means of the bundled charger (9V-1.67A / 5V-2A).

Samsung pronounces that the battery persists for more than a day. This is regardless of the hefty use such as video playback, 4G, video recording and gaming. You can use it for 2 days simply with regular use. You can extend the battery life with power saving mode and ultra-power saving mode.

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Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is unquestionably a very influential, elegant looking and loaded phone. Battery life is overwhelming, though the phone is a bit weighty. If you are alert of the brand, this is a decent choice; nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro arrives for a special price of Rupees 32,490.

►Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo with 5000 mAh battery

Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo deals with a way out of one of various smartphone's principal defects: battery life. Even though the phone is run-of-the-mill in maximum ways, it surely overdoes outlooks and potentials in the battery division. Vibe P1 Turbo links the company’s P-series of gigantic battery phones. The gigantic 5000mAh battery backs the smartphone.

Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo with 5000 mAh battery

The chief focus of the Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo is the gigantic 5,000mAh battery. The company declares that the battery is decent enough for almost 40 hours of talk time and almost 30 days on standby mode. By means of the term Turbo in the terminology, the battery as well backs Quick Charging. It can moreover be castoff as a power bank to charge other phones by way of USB OTG.

Powered by an enormous 5000mAh battery, the Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo is seamless for your always-on standard of living. Whether you are great on social media, an enthusiastic gamer, a movie buff, or just love chatting, Vibe P1 won't let you down.

Verdict: There are smartphones that assure either performance or appearance and then there are those that deal with the finest of both but arrives at a price. The Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo is a dynamo with its enormous battery backup. Price: 15,200 INR

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►Asus Zenfone Max 2016 with 5000 mAh battery

The ASUS ZenFone Max is an exceptional player in the reasonable smartphone section with its stellar battery life. The best part of the ZenFone Max – battery life — is a zone where it doesn't dishearten. In various others, nevertheless, it dejectedly does. The phone carries enhanced performance to make it a slight more adept while enduring to propose outstanding battery life and a decent camera. Read also about my favorite smartphone Asus Zenfone 2015 at Top 2 Micromax Tablet for Indian Homes Below 10000 Rupees.

Asus Zenfone Max 2016 with 5000 mAh battery

The Asus Zenfone Max has 5000 mAh cell battery that runs for extended durations, cheers to doze power optimization in Android Marshmallow. Under assorted usage, the phone simply persists more than two days. If kept indolent, it can stay active for more than three weeks. The ZenFone Max maintains reverse charging as well. You can use it as a power bank to charge a different phone by means of the bundled OTG cable.

One of the perplexing matters with the ZenFone Max is the incompetent charging by way of the typical 1A/5V bundled charger. The ZenFone Max is particularly sluggish to charge on an average of five hours to fully charge the phone. A rapid charging way out would have been wonderful specifically when you have to charge a superior battery.

Verdict: Noticeably, the focus of the ZenFone Max is the 5000mAh battery it packs and the marvelous battery life it entitles to offer. A spontaneous user will be able to crush in more than two days by organizing the finest battery mode. Asus provides numerous battery modes based on your usage — performance, super power saving, normal and power saving. Price: 9500 INR

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