Not many options are in the market if you are looking for a 5 Jar Mixer Grinder Juicer. There are only two models, one from Panasonic, and another from Preethi. Interestingly both the mixer grinder is in high demand. We had put out our review on the Preethi 5 Jar Mixer grinder when first introduced in the market. Since then the review piece has been one of the most read articles on the Gadgets Shiksha. That is hard evidence that the market for a 5 Jar Mixer Juicer Grinder is apparent. Top Kitchen appliance brands should launch more such models respecting the market demand.

In this piece, Panasonic mixer grinder MX-ac555 review is with the additional details on what it can and cannot do. Also, you get to know that in between Preethi Zodiac and this Panasonic mixer, which is best.

The MX-AC555 is not a Panasonic mixer new model on the market. In fact, the Panasonic 5 jar mixer grinder was first launched some four years back, and still, today is one of the best-selling mixer grinders.

On the meter of popularity, however, the Preethi Zodiac MG 218, another 5 Jar mixer grinder, is more in demand. The scintillating design and an overpower motor onboard makes it an attractive option despite a high cost.

Best Mixer Grinder Juicer with 5 Jars | #Panasonic Mixer Grinder Juicer Review (हिंदी में)

► Best 5 Jar Mixer Grinder – Preethi Zodiac or Panasonic MX-AC555

The Preethi Zodiac Mixer Ginger has a 750-Watt motor whereas the Panasonic Mixer Grinder has only 550-Wat Motor. Even in terms of looks and design, the Preethi Zodiac betters the Panasonic mixer MX AC555. However, still, the Panasonic Mixer Grinder Juicer is a recommended option due to its affordable price and appropriate robust motor.

Panasonic 5 jar mixer price is 5500 Rupees currently. Hence, the price variance between both the Indian and the Japanese brand mixer is some 2000 Rupees. That is not a small amount. In fact, that is the cost of one-month vegetable for a five-member common family. Moreover, an overpowered motor would consume more electricity than that in an appropriate capacity.

You are a family of 5 or 7 members, looking for a multifunction mixer grinder or say an all-in-one 5 jar mixer grinder. I do not think you need a Preethi Zodiac, which comes with an over-powerful motor. You need a mixer grinder, which has either 550 or 600, or max to max, 650 Watt motors. An overpowered motor on your mixer grinder is not always a pro. However, if you need a mixer grinder for a joint family, then the whole calculation has to be reversed.

Therefore, in every review piece, we push the argument that first understand your need and then decide. Do not fall for a brand name, product, and an attractive deal. A famous saying is buying an elephant, not a big deal; the big deal is caring it. Before you decide to buy a smart electronic, think how much do you have to spend to maintain it in years to come.

If you need assistance, use the comment form on the relevant articles of the Gadgets Shiksha. Someone from our team would surely get back to you with a clear answer.

► Panasonic Mixer grinder MX-AC555 Build and Design

The 5 jar mixer grinder has a conventional design. As per the official webpage for the product, it is available only in one color that is Brown. The default color would go well with any Kitchen decoration. I am not sure the original purpose to have just the Brown color variant. However, my guess is — since most of the spices mix has a Brownness color, so having it a nearest color would reduce the effort required in keeping everything looking clean. Thus, after using it, even if not cleaned well, no problem since spice spillover would remain hidden in the color of this Panasonic latest mixer. In fact, if you bother about how to clean Panasonic mixer grinder after use, since not having sufficient time, you might consider this 5 jar mixer.

panasonic MX-AC555 mixer grinder 5 jar review specifications price

Always buy a mixer grinder with steel jars. Steel jars, thick & hard plastic lead and sturdy rubber feet make the conventional design of the Panasonic mixer blender quite exceptional. The Juice is made out of durable Polycarbonate. Thus, Panasonic accurately advertises the Jars by saying that they are designed to grind faster and finer.

Further, the Piano-type control buttons of the Panasonic Mixer AC 555 is user-friendly. My own experience says the Piano-type control buttons are much better than the Knob. In my Kitchen, I have appliances with both types of control: Knob and Piano-Type buttons. I feel more comfortable with Piano-type Buttons. Switching between speeds on a Piano-Type Buttons is much more comfortable than twisting a Knob. In fact, the random speed selection is only possible on Piano-style control buttons.

→ Safety and Security Features of the Panasonic mixer grinder

A mixer grinder juicer is not so powerful that it would harm the user if not used appropriately. However, it could create a mess in the kitchen if it lacks adequate safety function, adding not adequately used.

I was blending Boiled Palak on my Philips Mixer Grinder once. I forget to keep my hand on the top. The jar of the mixer grinder has no locking groove. Hence the pressure from inside forced the lead to release. Following the mixed Palak was all over in my kitchen. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to safety, security, motor & circuit protection, and locking features if any — while buying a mixer grinder.

The 5 Jar Mixer Grinder of the Japanese brand Panasonic comes with all necessary features. Still, I would insist on keeping one hand on the top of the jar while using it.

Double Safety Locking System: Fine notches on the Jars and the motor unit to ensure that operation cannot start until the jar is fitted correctly. The lead has to be adequately locked on the top of the Jar, too. Either of the lockings is not tight; the motor underneath would not spin. Even though all the advanced mixer grinder models have a locking system, the double locking system is rare.

Panasonic mixer double lock is handy and practical as well. Therefore, on this Panasonic Mixer grinder, it is implausible that – even if you grind hard ingredients like Aamchur or Turmeric, the Jar or its lead would be released forcefully. A comprehensive safety feature, which is must-have – is on this advanced mixer grinder juicer, a worth noting fact about it.

Circuit Break system: Further, the Panasonic 5 jar mixer has the Circuit Break system to protect Motor from being burned in case of overload. Often handy to protect the motor and ensure long-life for the mixer grinder. In fact, the protection gets into action to guard the motor of my Philips Mixer Grinder at least once, almost every week.

In fact, just because of the Circuit break function, do not bother must and load whatever you wish to and let this Panasonic 5 Jar Mixer Grinder decide, can it run or not. A dangerous notion, still I do this often with my Philips Mixer Grinder.

→Performance of This Panasonic mixer latest model with 5 Jar

Having enormous resources do not always pay off. Consider a smart electronics, an appliance, which you can harness, to the maximum in its daily use during its lifespan. One critical question could be here that how to use Panasonic mixer grinder for a better return on your investment for it. For that matter, any mixer grinder, buy the model, which has not less or more resources instead, just the right that is fitting for your daily use.

The Panasonic mixer and grinder has a robust motor in 550-Watts capacity. Some may see it as a mixer grinder with just a standard motor, but the fact is otherwise. For a home use mixer grinder, a 550-Watt motor is the most ideal.

The motor has enough power to mix, grind, blend, and juice things that we consume. Additionally, 550-Watt capacity means it is thoroughly efficient, and it would consume much lesser power than a 750-Watt motor. The fact of the matter is the 750-Watt motor on most of the mixer grinders in the Indian market, come with the Aluminum winding. If you care about the environment and your electricity bill, never buy a motor with the Aluminum winding.

So what best the 5 Jar Mixer Grinder, apparently one of the top Panasonic mixer models in the market today can do? The mixer grinder juicer is ideal for preparing juice, dry & wet grinding, coffee grinding, blending, egg beating, meat mincing, coconut milk extraction, ice crushing, and lot more.

Besides, the Panasonic mixer grinder 5 jar is ideal for readying daily spices as per your demands of coarse to finer quality. You can make Dosa batter in it. However, it cannot do slicing.

Further, the juicer of the 5 jar juicer mixer grinder is ideal for juicing citrus fruits and other Vegetables in sufficient quantity. The juicer of this mixer grinder is not suitable for carrot or similar tough substance, though. Still, you can make carrot juice in it. To make any fruit juice with it, use its big jar. Cut the carrots into small pieces and crushed them into liquid in one of the 5 jars, which is appropriate in size for the juice quantity you need. From here you what next has to be done.

Is this a silent mixer grinder? I would not say it is a quiet machine, but not a noisy machine either.

→Panasonic Mixer service and Smart Cooking Recipe

The brand Panasonic offers a lucrative service deal on this model. Two years warranty on the whole set and additional three years for the motor. To attain service, call Panasonic toll free customer care at 1800-103-1333.

A mixer grinder this good is an actual helping hand to explore the world of exceptional Indian food. However, if you limit the use of the multifunction 5 jars for just daily cooking, that would an insult to this highly efficient masterpiece. Try new fusion; you have a master setup now to ready spices in the quality and quantity, the recipe demands. Take inspiration from Panasonic Smart Cook Book by Mrs. Chandri Bhat for the percept recipes, which you can cook using Panasonic Kitchen Appliances.


  • 5 Jar mixer Grinder Juicer
  • 550-Watt Motor
  • Up to 5 Years of Warranty
  • Stainless steel Jars and Polycarbonate Juicer
  • Piano style five-speed Buttons
  • Double Lock and Circuit Break Safety Feature

Conclusion: The Panasonic mixer MX ac555 price is 5500 Rupees currently. Considering the stable build with a neat design, durable steel jars, and unbeatable performance of this 5 Jar Mixer Grinder, the cost is appropriate. Not to forget its alternative in the market comes with a 750-Watt motor, not a fit choice for small families. You need to pay 2000 Rupees more, withal.

Panasonic also introduced two variants of this 5 Jar mixer grinder with the same 550-Watt motor. The variant MX-AC350 comes with 3 Jars, and the variant MX-AC400 comes with 4 Jars. Note this, if the choice is between 550-Watt and 750-Watt, anytime, prefer the first to the latter.

The 5 Jar Mixer Grinder by the Japanese brand Panasonic with a 550-Watt motor, up to 5-Year of warranty at the current price of 5500 Rupees, is a highly recommended option. Do not miss it.

Price 5500 Rupees
Motor 550-Watts
Jars 5 (4 Steel Jars and 1 Polycarbonate Juicer)
Type Mixer, Grinder, Juicer
Warranty Up to 5 Years