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5 Best Printers for Home Use below 4000 Rupees This Month

Canon PIXMA MG3070S All-In-One printer with Wireless Feature

Printers have gradually made their way into our homes. There's one tool you just cannot do without, and that's an amazing printer. The major thing that you have to do when looking for a printer is to consider about what you are using it for. If you plot to use it for word processing, it is greatest to choose a meek printer. On the other hand, if you need it for more complicated assignments, you can opt for an advanced quality printer. To discover what printer is greatest for you, you must principally govern your printing wants.

Now that could be an intimidating job! If one of the new year's resolutions you have is to improve your household printing errands, and you choose to go shopping for the finest printer that's estimated below Rupees 4000, then read on. Here are certain printers that are assessed below Rupees 4000. I am not saying they are the best but they may perhaps offer you a foretaste of what institutes the best printers that may meet your necessities at a reasonable bill.

HP DeskJet 2131 AIO Printer @ 2600 Rupees

Here is a printer at an incredible worth that can make your daily printing, scanning, and copying stress-free. This device not only holds back your money with high-yield ink cartridges but also sets aside space with an all-in-one design that can fit where you want. The HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Printer is a multipurpose printer that is a fabulous choice for household and small offices.

HP DeskJet 2131 All in One Printer Review Specifications and Price online India

This inexpensive printer will take care of black, white as well as color printing. You can print superior copies without having to expend additional money. On top of, the innovative HP high-yield ink cartridges can print up to twice than other cartridges. With Energy Star rating, this printer helps lessen your electrical bills. The design is compact and can accommodate simply into a shelf, counter or anyplace at home. The printer is lightweight in white color. Likewise, it features compliant controls for your handiness.

A flatbed scanner with a front panel can withal scan all file formats including JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. You get the optical scan resolution up to 1200 dpi. This 3 in 1 printer has integrated memory for both normal and all-out limits. This works well to serve your requirements in the best way conceivable. The same, this high-speed printer can print any monochrome or colored paper for you at a speed of 7.5 ppm for ISO and 20 ppm for a draft.

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Few glitches

  • The device does not equip a paper sensor.
  • You do not get an E-printing ability.

Verdict: This color printer is laid-back to function and for that reason, is idyllic for home. It is an exclusive combination of high quality and lively printing at a worth which is very reasonable. You can attain this affordable piece at a reasonable price of 2600 INR along with a 1-year limited warranty. This indicates now you can get vibrant prints with high vivacity without outlaying a fortune from your outflow budget. Read more at Top 6 All in One Printer Between 2800 to 4200 Rupees.

Canon Pixma MG2577s InkJet Printer @ 2500 Rupees

Now, let us check out the inspiring features of Canon Pixma MG2577s InkJet Printer. It is an outstanding device which proposes high-quality text, making it a sensible choice for light-duty use as a private home-office printer.

Canon PIXMA MG3070S All-In-One printer with Wireless Feature

You need not install any software to use it. The Auto Power On feature mechanically powers up the printer when you direct the paper that requires being printed. It offers you numerous amazing filters to provide new effects to the pictures. It also lets you turn your much-loved movie clips into attractive prints.

The printer utilizes hybrid ink by merging dye ink for bright colors and black pigment ink for rich text. This consequence in quality color prints. With striking scans of 600 * 1200 dpi, it approaches with outstanding scanning resolution. The printer offers unbelievable quality in papers as well as images. Conversely, the printer is severely limited to USB 2.0in standings of connectivity.

Pro Features:-

  • Brilliant print quality
  • An efficient “Auto Power On” feature
  • Elegant looks
  • Compact design
  • No noise
  • Good speed


  • Only USB option available for connectivity
  • The overall cost of printing is high.

Verdict: MG 2577s is so reasonable at a price of 2500 rupees that you just can’t disapprove it. As well, you won’t encounter any grave criticisms in terms of speed and quality. Nevertheless, acquire this printer only if printing through Wi-Fi is not essential for you. Or else, you can check out a superior way out. Read complete review of Canon 2577s at Best All in One Printer below 2500 Rupees.

Ricoh SP 111 Single Function Laser Printer @ 2800 Rupees

The Ricoh SP111 is another economical option. Its official toner refills serve to be a giant point in its courtesy. This printer is a highly competent and low-cost opportunity to copy, scan and print all your vital documents opportunely. Ricoh claims the printer can’t jam. You can attain crystal clear precision when printing text or images. This smooth machine promises smooth operation, high capacity of paper management and printing, compatibility with numerous paper sizes, and printing speeds.

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Ricoh Laser Printer SP 111 Review Specifications and Price online India

Now, you don’t have to care about whether its printing utility will accustom with bequest versions of prevalent operating systems. The printer is well-matched with numerous operating systems comprising Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012.It needs a 220 – 240 V outlet power source to function.

Above and beyond, the multi-function fortifies with a full-color scanner, conveying 600 x 600 dpi resolutions. Typical USB 2.0 interface lets you print your documents straight from your USB flash drive. It has a great internal memory of 16 MB. Likewise, the product comes without a built-in fan. So now, no hot air, no noise – just the flawless solution for desktop usage!

Verdict: The Ricoh SP 111SU is a slim, eye-catching, versatile and compact printer. It occupies negligible office space, while its noiseless, fan-less action won’t distract your home’s concord. The rapid first print speed and USB compatibility deliver a high-resolution, dedicated output, assisting you to create dependably top-quality prints. Furthermore, this device will turn out spick-and-span, professional documents. It as well comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Read more about Ricoh SP111 at Top 6 All in One Printer between 2800 to 4200 Rupees.

Canon PIXMA MG3070S All-In-One printer with Wireless Feature @ 3700 Rupees

For cool doorway household printing at an economical value, this is the printer you’re eyeing for. The Canon Pixma MG3070s printer lets you scan print and copy brochures to gratify elementary home printing needs. Imminent at a cost of Rupees 3700, the printer is just appropriate for all your elementary printing requirements.

Canon PIXMA MG3070S All-In-One printer with Wireless Feature

This is an All-in-One wireless printer that proposes cloud and mobile printing solutions individually. The product also maintains power management via the Auto Power ON/OFF setting. It couples smoothly with the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY mobile app by means of wireless connectivity. This lets you print and scan brochures as well as pictures with any iOS or Android device. The easy wireless system and connection allow a quick shift amid the wireless infrastructure connection and Access Point Mode connection.

Along with, it offers print and scanning mobility when combined with the Google Cloud Print service. In consequence, it proposes you a great Network connectivity. Speaking of the print quality, in view of the value, print quality is fairly good. Colors are precise with a decent amount of detailing and hue is clear-cut.

Pro Features:-

  • Tough-design
  • Great speed
  • Easy to use
  • Within your means
  • Decent print quality
  • Cloud link


  • Limited number of customization options accessible in Android app
  • Large size
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Verdict: If you are looking for a Home-based printer with decent print quality and reckless printing competence, Canon Pixma MG3070s is one of the picks you can gaze for. A cluster of features resembling wireless printing aids you in printing by way of a smartphone. This colored printer by Canon comes along with 1-year warranty.

HP 2135 with Print Scan and Copy Feature @ 3800 Rupees

HP 2135 Printer accomplishes printing tasks at the click of a button. This printer is proficient of printing documents and pictures via the low-cost inks that make it an efficient choice. In addition, you save large space as it fits according to your wishes. The thermal ink technology uses thermal energy to heat the ink, therefore, rendering it to be a low-priced solution for high-speed printing. It owns a flatbed type scanner that can scan nearly all types of file formats at a resolution of about 1200 dpi.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All in One Printer

It comes attuned with USB 2.0 that permits you to not only acquire prints, scan or copies at a tremendously reckless speed. You can connect to all devices like laptops, pen drives and desktop. It works with nearly all operating systems. What’s more? You can safeguard resources; that too without forfeiting performance! Yes! The product is ENERGY STAR licensed.

Pro Features:

  • High print quality
  • It comes attuned with USB 2.0
  • CIS scanning technology is available
  • Printing output is decent
  • Printing speed is pretty good.

Cons: You can access very few connectivity options.

Verdict: With such decent features, you need not look any further than the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135. The product cartons in all of your necessities into one lovely device that comes with a lot of pluses, profits and extra points. This printer combines all your daily occupations of printing, scanning and copying into just one compressed device. It also comes at an awfully realistic price. Read more about this efficient HP Printer at Top 6 All in One Printer between 2800 to 4200 Rupees.

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