In this piece, I cover the top 5 computerized sewing machines with minimum 100 stitch patterns, which are on sale in the price range of 13000 to 30000 Rupees. A computerized sewing machine with 100 plus stitch patterns is almost lifetime solution to sew each new dress with a never seen design before. You can alter the inbuilt stitch patterns of a computerized sewing machine as per project requirement. Every alternation creates a new design. Thus, 100 stitch patterns can produce thousands of unique sewing designs. What best you create from the stitch patterns rest on your artistic ability. That is the precise answer – why to buy a computerized sewing machine.

Instead of a straight stitch sewing machine, this time you buy a computerized sewing machine. Are you a beginner? No problem, get a Singer computerized sewing machine. Within six months, you become a pro sewing master, a genius professional who fashions fabrics with an eye-catching design.

The central difference between a computerized sewing machine and electronic sewing machine is atomization. The electronic sewing machine is a mechanical sewing machine with some features and functions of computerized sewing machines. On an electronic sewing machine, according to a stitch pattern you need to tune the other attached functions. However, in a computerized sewing machine, according to your stitch selection, the machine makes required adjustment. That saves lots of time.

Besides, to sew on a computerized sewing machine, you only need to know how to use a sewing machine. However, on an electronic sewing machine, you have to have good experience in using sewing machines. To attain the level of completing a project alone would require many months of continuous sewing practice and guidance.

Speed is another crucial factor. On a computerized sewing machine, you set a stitch pattern, made necessary alternation; done, you are now ready to sew it. The same is not that fast on a regular electronic sewing machine.

Computerized sewing machine advantages are automation, easy stitch selection, pattern sequence, and storing your unique pattern sequence to repeat in other projects as well.

The five suggested sewing machines in this article are ideal choices for beginners, home use, and tailor shop as well. Looking for a fashion designer sewing machine, here are best options under 30,000 Rupees.

I have reviewed many sewing machines for the Gadgets Shiksha. I am still a beginner in operating sewing machine, although. On a computerized sewing machine, however, I can sew a dress. That’s the beauty of a computerized sewing machine. Read also Singer C440 Legacy – Smart Sewing Machine with 200 built-in Stitches.

Computerized Sewing Machine with 100 Plus Stitch Patterns (हिंदी में)

→ Brother INNOV-IS 55P Computerized Sewing Machine with 135 Stitch Patterns

The Brother sewing machine is on sale for 29500 Rupees. Among Sewing machines available under 30000 Rupees, it has a maximum number of inbuilt stitch patterns. On the official website, Brother introduces the professional sewing machine as Touchpad-enabled sewing machine with 135 built-in stitches. Out of 135 stitch patterns, 125 patterns are regular, zigzag, and decorative stitches. The balance 10 is buttonhole patterns.

Other critical features of this advanced sewing machine are LCD panel for stitch selection and its alteration, – and automatic needle threader. Further, the maximum sewing speed of Brother INNOV-IS 55P sewing machine is 850 stitches in sixty seconds. It can stitch almost all types of fabrics with 7-mm maximum width.

Brother INNOV-IS 55P Computerized Sewing Machine with 135 Stitch Patterns

The list of convenience features on this Brother smart sewing machine includes Bobbin winder, built-in needle threader, and a dedicated sewing start/stop button. Inbuilt LED light system around needle setup helps to sew complex design even in low light.

Brother INNOV-IS 55P sewing machine weighs 7KG. Moreover, this sewing machine would last many years as it shaped around a heavy-duty metal frame.

Bearing in mind smart operation with sewing-made-easy features, I would not be wrong in rating it the best fashion designer sewing machine under 30,000 Rupees. Convenience features and smart sewing feature certainly makes it an ideal choice for professional.

Price 29500 Rupees
Stitch Patterns 125 Regular + 10 Buttonholes
Sewing Light YES
Bobbin Type Horizontal
Needle Threader YES
Food Control YES
Start Stop Button YES
Thread Tension Control Manual
Quick-set Bobbin YES
Fast Bobbin Winding System YES
LED Screen YES
Sewing Speed 850 SPM
Stitch Pattern Selection Keypad
Maximum Stitch Width 7-mm
Stitch Width Length Control YES
Buttonhole sewing 1-step
Lettering YES
Drop Feed YES
Feed Dog 7-Point



→ Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 Sewing Machine with 120 Stitch Patterns

The details of this computerized sewing machine can help to decide Usha or singer sewing machine, which is best for you. What goes in favor of Singer brand sewing machines are automatized sewing operations, and many convenience features. On a Singer sewing machine, you sew a complex sewing project like a kid’s play. Beginners who have only three to six months of sewing experience should consider a Singer Sewing machine, therefore.

Some sewing machine models of the brand Usha have been top-rated. The sewing machine models made their position in the market because of grander design and outstanding features. In fact, their substitutes cannot match the elegance and ability they have.

Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 Sewing Machine with 120 Stitch Patterns

One such model is the Dream maker 120 computerized sewing machine. Its looks, design, features, and sewing-made-easy functions are mind-blowing. On this website, therefore, in several articles, it has been suggested as one of the favorite sewing machines.

So what are those excellent features that make the Usha computerized sewing machine unique? Innovative LCD screen, smart stitch selection, a dedicated button for sewing start/stop, sewing speed control, and stitch programming are the main highlights of the Indian brand sewing machine.

The Dream Maker 120 is a computerized sewing machine. Therefore, it provides programmable stitch feature. You can alter a pattern, or combine patterns for a unique design. Also, you can save a created pattern sequence to replicate in upcoming projects. Read more about the sewing machine at Top 3 Premium Stitching Machines For Designer.

Price 32500 Rupees
Stitch Patterns 120 ( 7 Buttonhole Styles )
Sewing Speed 860 SPM
LCD Screen YES | Fast Navigation | Direct Stitch Selection
Max Stitch Length 7-mm
Max Stitch Width 4-mm
Sewing Jeans YES
Winter Fabrics YES
Bed Type Free Arm/Flatbed convertible
Bobbin Type Drop and sew bobbin system
Extension Table YES
Speed Regulator YES
Automatic Thread Trim YES
Automatic Needle Threader YES
Power Motor 120-Watt | Bulb: 15-Watt
Weight 7.6-Kg
Warranty 24-Months
Usha Customer Care 1800-103-3111


→ Brother FS-101 Computerized Sewing Machine with 155 Stitch Functions

In my area, I have seen mostly Brother smart sewing machines in use at tailor shops. When I inquired with them, why they prefer to a Brother sewing machine, why not any other brand computerized sewing machine? They answered – trust in Brother Brand and less price. One thing, therefore, is apparent that Brother makes ideal sewing machine for tailoring shop. The best sewing machine for tailoring shops under 20000 Rupees is Brother FS-101 hence.

Brother FS-101 Computerized Sewing Machine with 155 Stitch Functions

Also, the fact is there were not many computerized sewing machine models on sale when Brother launched FS-101 model in the Indian market. It was then the only branded computerized sewing machine with excellent features under 20000 Rupees.

In fact, not much has changed in the computerized sewing segment in the Indian market since then. Brother FS-101 is still a favorite of those looking for a computerized sewing machine under 20000 Rupees. No other sewing machine has this many stitch functions as it has. 100 inbuilt stitch patterns and 55 alphanumeric stitches, thus, the number of in-built stitch functions on the FS-101 is 155. Read more about the sewing machine at Two Advance Sewing Machine below 22000 Rupees.

Price 18000 Rupees
Stitch Functions 100 Stitch Patterns + 55 Alphanumeric Patterns = 155
Picot Foot YES
Overlock  & Interlock YES
Bobbin Type Horizontal
Automatic Needle Threader YES
Sewing Light YES
Food Control Yes | Food Paddle included in Sales Box
Start Stop Button YES
Thread Tension Control Manual
Quick-set Bobbin YES
Fast Bobbin Winding System YES
LCD Screen YES
Sewing Speed 850 SPM
Stitch Pattern Selection Shift Key
Max Stitch Width 7-mm
Stitch Length Width Control YES
Buttonhole Sewing 1-step
Number of Buttonholes 8
Lettering YES
Drop Feed YES
Feed Dog 7-Point
Motor Capacity 50-Watt
Thread Cutter NO
Stitch Velvet Type Fabrics YES
Quilting Yes | Buy required presser foot separately
Jeans T-Shirt Sewing YES, Use required Needle


→ Brother CE1008 Computerized Sewing Machine with 100 Stitch Patterns

The smart sewing machine with the automatic operation is being made available in the Indian market only a few months back. Besides 100 stitch patterns, this computerized sewing machine has convenience and quick sewing function to make decorative sewing a lot easier.

Highlighted features of this sewing machine are seven multipurpose presser feet in the sales box, LCD screen, drop feed for free motion quilting & sewing, and built-in accessories compartment.

Brother CE1008 Computerized Sewing Machine with 100 Stitch Patterns

In my opinion, the pro feature of this sewing machine should be its silent operation. The Brother CE1008 sewing machine makes negligible noise while sewing. That is a pro factor as you can sew on this automatic sewing machine even in the night. Added power LED light system around the needle setup helps to monitor every stitch of an intricate design.

Wanting to know which sewing machine is best for home use. While there are many sewing machines on sale in the Indian market, perfect for home use, this time you buy a computerized sewing machine. I suggest here Brother CE1008 computerized sewing machine.

Besides its silent operation, its price makes it one fantastic choice for home use. There are only two products when Search online computerized sewing machine under 15000 Rupees. First is this Brother sewing machine, the second I am going to discuss here as the fifth top computerized sewing machine with 100 stitch patterns.Read also Best Sewing Machine with 130 Stitch Patterns.

Price 14800 Rupees
Accessory Storage Yes
Display Type LCD
Feed Dog Points 7
Included Feet Buttonhole Foot, Zipper Foot, Overcasting Foot, Blind stitch Foot, Monogramming Foot, Zigzag Foot, Button Sewing Foot
Lighting Type LED
Needle Threading Automatic
Quick Set Bobbin Yes
Specialty Feet Yes, Included
Stitch Selector Type Shift Key
Built-In Stitch 100
Button Hole Styles 8
Max Sewing Speed 850 SPM
Stitch Length 5-mm
Stitch Width 7-mm
In the Sales Box Accessory bag with needle set, twin needle, ballpoint needle, bobbins (4), spool caps (3), extra spool pin, seam ripper, cleaning brush, screwdriver, power cord, Operation Manual


→ Singer 6199 Brilliance Computerized Sewing Machine with 100 Stitch Patterns

For my personal use, I would prefer to buy a Singer computerized sewing machine. Sewing is indeed fun with computerized Singer sewing machines.

The 6199 Brilliance model is genuinely a brilliant sewing machine. In the price range of 10000 to 25000 Rupees, the brand Brother has many automatic sewing machine models on sale. However, Brother sewing machines are not that smart as Singer sewing machines are. Therefore, my advice would be for giving priority to Singer brand sewing machines if you are looking for a computerized sewing machine for home use. I would not recommend Singer sewing machines for tailor shop, however. For tailor shop sewing machines, the best brand is Brother. Many tailor shop owners have told me this.

Singer 6199 Brilliance Computerized Sewing Machine with 100 Stitch Patterns

Singer 6199 Brilliance sewing machine is fully automatic. You can alter the stitch patterns as well as combine two or more stitch patterns. That features explicitly lets explore your imaginative depth. With the 100 stitch patterns of the sewing machine, you can create a unique design for every project you do. Other key features of this smart sewing machine are automatic needle threader, automatic stitch length & width, and automatic tension to keep stitches even and balanced.

Those looking for suggestion on the best straight stitch sewing machines I would advise them to consider this affordable computerized sewing machine. It saves the time required for setting a sewing machine to sew a design. Moreover, by changing needles and presser foot, this sewing machine can sew all kinds of fabrics. You can become a pro sewing master with Singer Brilliance 6199 sewing machine in just a few months. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

Price 14800 Rupees
Built-inch Stitches 100 ( 9 Basic, 76 Decorative, 8 Stretch, and 7 Buttonholes )
Free Arm Sewing YES
Stitch Function Auto Lock Decorative Stitch / Tie Off function | One Touch Stitch Selection | Adjustable Stitch Length and Width | Thread Tension Automatic & Manual | Manual Thread Cutter | Reverse Stitch |
Stitch Width Length Up to 6.5-mm
Accessory Storage YES
Display Type LCD | Digital
Needle Positions Variable | 13 Needle Positions
Presser Feet 8 Snap-on
Lighting Type Bright LED Light
Threading System Automatic
Sewing Speed Max 750 Stitches Per Minute
Bobbin Winder Automatic Bobbin Winder Clutch
Bobbin System Front Loading Bobbin System
Button Hole Styles 1-step | 6 × Fully Automatic
Weight 7.6-Kg
Body Heavy Duty Metal Frame
In the Sales Box General All Purpose Foot | Zipper Foot | Buttonhole Foot | Blind Hem Foot | Button Foot | Overcasting foot | Invisible Zipper Foot | Roller Foot | Shank | Extension Table | Feed Cover / Darning Plate | Seam Ripper / Lint Brush | Screwdriver / Spool Caps | Hard Cover