Taking pictures and camerawork has long been the desire and leisure pursuit of a lot of people. At the moment, more and more individuals are determining to jump into it. So, are you planning to become a professional photographer in the long run? Well, if yes, then you will need a DSLR camera as an alternative to a compact digital camera. DSLR cameras have the competencies and abilities that you just can’t imagine with a compact digital camera. You cannot think of attaining professional-looking snapshots just by means of a compact digital camera. Therefore, the DSLR camera would be a smart choice! This would provide you the rewards that you cannot even imagine from any regular compact camera.

A remarkable number of hobbyists are wishing to have a DSLR at present. However, more than a few of them do not have any idea of what it is actually. In my way, I’ll define a DSLR as an ‘All-Rounder.' You can use this piece of equipment for nearly the whole kit and caboodle. Not just can you capture gorgeous pictures of stunning wildlife, attractive sceneries or wonderful astronomy, but can also record bright and eminent audiovisual clips.

Purchasing your first DSLR is an exciting period in your life. However, it can also be puzzling and annoying. The puzzling and annoying part initiates when you first resolve to do some exploration on Internet to find out which DSLR you must buy. You discover an ocean of cameras and companies competing for your consideration. And there is a noteworthy difference in the rate as well. So, which digital SLR is the best? Which company can you depend on to make the finest DSLR camera? How much are you eager to pay for a lovely camera that fits your requirements? In this article, I’m going to recommend quite a few cameras that would be within your means! So, if you are concerned about absorbing more about cameras and are keen to know about the finest digital SLR to invest in for taking amazing snaps, here's the right place for you!

☼ 20.8MP Nikon D5 DSLR Camera

With outstanding picture quality, brilliant high ISO performance, exceptional battery life and fast 153-point autofocus system, Nikon D5 is a stunning camera to be sure.

Ergonomics: Nikon is a celebrated brand when it comes to their ergonomic exertions when crafting their cameras. The rear display of the Nikon D5 is a touch screen. This makes it cooler to choose the focus point while using Live View.  You can jab through pictures while reviewing. In addition, to zoom in or out, you can use pinch gestures. The camera has a lens range of ƒ1.8 (20, 28, 35, 50 and 85mm) that is extremely lightweight, capable and within your means. So, if what you’re looking for is a small system, then you must look no more.

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Usability and Battery Life: The rear display of the Nikon D5 is 3.2″ slantways, and the dot count is 2,359k. On top of that, the display possesses touchscreen abilities for the purpose of playback and text input. Furthermore, the viewfinder devours an upgrading in magnification that tends to be 0.72x now while the eyepiece adapter is separable. The viewfinder correspondingly comprises of reduced blackout time and shortened picture blur.

Autofocus Performance: I am truly overwhelmed with how snappy the auto-focus is and also with how precise it is.  You’ll never face any problems with the Nikon D5’s autofocus. In fact, it’s considerably faster and won’t miss a single beat.

Nikon D5 DSLR Camera Review in India

The optical viewfinder of the Nikon D5 is large and perky. You can physically find the focus without any need of zooming in the Live View. You can do this by means of 45mm ƒ2.8 TSE (Tilt Shift) lens. The breathtaking upshots you’ll attain will speak for themselves.

How long does it last? The D5 is constructed like a tank and is completely weather-sealed against dirt and humidity. The shutter of the camera is valued for an inspiring 400,000 cycles. You can use it in severe conditions as well, so I assume that it would last for a reasonable amount of time.

Raw Manipulation: Now coming to the RAW files, how good are they? How’s the dynamic range? I’m glad to report that RAW files are Brilliant.  The excellence and mishmash of low noise, noise quality, noise consistency, an absence of banding/ patches and holding of detail are just outstanding. The Nikon D5 turns out to be the undeniable DSLR king of shadow detail and dynamic range.

The Nikon D5 has a number of excellent features. Out of these features, the two of them that are worth stating:

  • The 4K resolution for recording videos
  • Touch screen LCD

Verdict: Is the Nikon D5 worth investing?  For my part, even though Nikon D5 is a marvelous camera without a doubt, I certainly don’t see it being great enough to authorize its price label.  The reality is that there are a lot of wonderful cameras out there at this instant at indeed affordable prices. Probabilities are that you already know if you’re the kind of snapper who wants this camera. However, purchasing the D5 is a somewhat dependable decision for a professional photographer. Honestly, if you are not concerned about your budget and all you want is the best of the best than the Nikon D5 is the camera for you.  Or else – save your money and purchase some extra lenses with it! Price: 435000 INR

☼ 30.4 MP Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a top player if you are looking for an amazing camera. Featuring a new sensor, with 30.4 megapixels, this camera promises first-class snapshots.

Build and Handling: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has a large lump where you’ll discover the optical viewfinder. This may provide space to the Wi-Fi and GPS unit. Over and above, the clutch is a bit deeper. As a result, you’ll feel a secure grip in your hand. Now coming to the button layout, you’ll see a convenient button on the back side of the camera. Consequently, you can use the scrolling dial to alter a setting despite the fact that the button is held integral at the place. Another convenient thing is the Rate button. You can use it to create a rating for a photograph in playback. This will be particularly beneficial when you’d look through your pictures rapidly.

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Viewfinder and Screen: The touch capability of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV joins in well into how a professional photographer essentially enjoys working. You cannot just use it to set autofocus point, but can also do a lot more. If you use it in together with the camera’s innumerable buttons, you’ll attain a remarkable flow of working.

The viewfinder of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is an optical finder. It’s is fine and perky, proposing a tremendous view of the scene. The Intelligent Viewfinder II lets you attain data in the display. This takes account of shooting modes, a level to retain the straightness of your shots, as well as a grid that would assist you with composition.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera in India

The pictures you capture are refreshingly sharp with well-saturated colors. You can attain notably noise-free pictures all the way to the higher levels of the 5D Mark IV’s ISO ability. Even if you shoot the pictures at ISO 25,600, you’ll get usable photos with a hint of visible noise if you observe them carefully at 100%. The new Dual Pixel RAW feature is another exciting feature.

Performance: The camera is a solid performer when it’s about autofocus. For the most part, you’ll be impressed with the enhanced auto-focusing in Live View. You can use the display to focus with exactness and speed, without waiting for the camera to get its act together. You’ll attain much broader AF coverage through the entire frame. You can keep up with moving subjects with no trouble, even though it shoots at 7fps.

Video: When it comes to videos, Canon was a bit of a ground-breaking. The video made by the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is brilliant – you can depend on this camera to create spotless moving pictures, and refocusing while you shoot videos is also charming, precise and perfect.

Verdict: The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is perhaps one of the most distinguishable cameras of the present age. It’s designed to charm all the shutterbugs and amateur photographers of the world. With a number of outstanding features including better-quality weather-sealing, higher-resolution sensor, 4K video capture, an interval timer, Dual Pixel autofocus, a touchscreen, integral Wi-Fi/NFC, an upgraded AF system, and GPS, this camera becomes a versatile full-frame choice. In all conscience, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is an immensely reasonable camera for your buck. Price: 255000 INR

☼ Sony A99 II DSLR Camera

Sony A99 II is a lot more than a simple a99.  With its better-quality specifications and a new chip, the second-generation camera in the A99 series becomes a captivating camera.

Highly-sensitive, high-resolution, 42-megapixel imager: At the core of the camera is a full-frame 42.4-megapixel CMOS image sensor that’s high-resolution and uses Sony's Exmor R backside-illumination technology. Featuring a gapless design that enables extreme light-gathering proficiency, the sensor consists of on-chip phase detection autofocus pixels. The range of sensor's sensitivity by default includes ISO 100 to 25,600-equivalents. You can further magnify this to cover anything from ISO 50 to 102,400-equivalents.

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Performance: Sony A99II lets you have exceptionally swift burst shooting by means of a new front-end LSI, the new sensor and Bionz X image processor. By using autofocus and auto-exposure adjustments, you can capture at most 12 frames per second. You can analyze the snap instantly after shooting, even when you are using high-speed nonstop shooting mode. Appreciatively, the reworked electronic viewfinder algorithm allows the A99 II has the negligible display lag at the eight frames per second capture rate.

Image stabilization system: Sony introduces an in-body image stabilization system called five-axis that is personalized especially for A-mount cameras. The image stabilization system has a 4.5-stop corrective strength. On top of that, it can correct for pitch, X/Y translational motion, roll, and yaw.

Sony A99 II DSLR Camera in India

The frame of Sony A99 II is resilient to both dirt and humidity. Even though it isn't sure that the camera is 100% dirt or moisture-proof. The product is made of magnesium alloy while it consists of a redesigned clutch. More than that, the A99 II provides a user-selectable click detent. As a result, you can use the camera to regulate the shutter speed, aperture, autofocus area, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, and mode. In addition, the camera supports the dual SD card slots by way of UHS-I support. This is attuned with Memory Stick Duo media as well.

New hybrid autofocus system: The A99 II sports the Sony 4D Focus AF system. This couples the 79 point dedicated phase-detection autofocus sensor. The camera consists of 399 on-chip phase detection points. Out of this, you can access 323 right away. In general, the Sony A99 II will function by means of 79 hybrid AF points. These points pair the info from both the sensors:

  • The main imaging sensor
  • The standalone sensor

Connectivity and battery life: The Sony A99 has an integral Wi-Fi with NFC together with Bluetooth 4.1 support. It maintains the infrared remote sensor and the HDMI port makes use of a Micro Type-D connector. Correspondingly, the camera includes:

  • 5mm external mic jack
  • Multi Interface Hot Shoe
  • 5mm headphone jack
  • DC input jack
  • PC sync terminal
  • Wired remote jack

The battery life of the A99II is CIPA-rated at 490 shots per charge. Likewise, on using the EVF the battery life turns to be 390 shots per charge. That’s pretty inferior to other DSLRs, though. Here, I’d suggest you think about getting the VG-C77AM Vertical Battery Grip to twice over your general battery life.

Durable shutter mechanism: The A99II also takes account of a sturdy shutter mechanism. The camera claims to have a lifetime of 300,000-cycle for its shutter mechanism. In addition, the camera boasts 100 / 120Hz flicker detection. As soon as it records the occurrence of flicker, it sets the shutter in view of that to make certain your picture is captured at the highest brightness.

Can be linked to the compatible smartphone: Sony A99 II can be linked to your smartphone that’s compatible with the camera to access geo-location info. This information is conveyed by the use of Bluetooth. Therefore, you won’t have to disturb your camera’s battery life. Yes, it might affect the battery life of your smartphone though.

Updated viewfinder: The A99 II's electronic viewfinder is constructed on the basis of a 1,024 x 768-pixel XGA Organic LED panel. The backmost lens in the viewfinder has a fluorine covering. To keep your photographs free of fingerprints, blurs, and smudges. On top of that, the camera has Zeiss' T* covering the viewfinder elements. Thus and so, your snaps will have reduced brightness and better contrast. The additional white dot with a dot count of 1,228,800 permits improved brightness and lesser power consumption.

Verdict: This is a fairly inspiring camera from a number of angles, together with speed, resolution, and video. Sony has conveyed a charming camera. Conversely, while weird autofocus limitations, particularly in video mode create certain frustrations, the principal entity that holds this camera back is the A-mount. No other camera in the market can beat A99 Mark II by merging all the aspects as fine as it does. So, if you can spring your financial plan a bit, then just go for it! Price: 210000 INR

☼ 36-MP Nikon D810 DSLR Camera

Nikon D810 is a full-frame 36.3-megapixel camera that provides some of the finest pictures you can attain from any Digital SLR.

Design and Handling: The Nikon D810 is a large DSLR but has a conventional appearance. Construction quality is overwhelming. The camera is finished with a magnesium alloy that offers it a much stronger texture than any plastic-bodied or mid- and low- range DSLRs. In spite of the light weight of magnesium, the D810 still ponders a weight of 830g. Nevertheless, this weight is imperative as the frame needs to balance the huge, hefty lenses. The camera is fully storm proof and the rubber flaps that retain the water out are fragmented slightly more than the previous model.

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Display: The Nikon D810 has a 3.2-inch screen, with noticeably better quality. Resolution is 1.23 million dots. The camera makes use of an RGBW display. The final white sub-pixel helps in increasing brightness to an extreme without consuming a lot of power. The Live View mode makes the display improvement convenient for capturing pictures rather than just watching back the snaps already shot. Correspondingly, with the new feature for Live View, you can zoom in on two different zones on the screen at a particular time.

EXPEED 4 Image Processor: The EXPEED 4 processor offers 30% quicker performance when compared to the EXPEED 3. On top of that, you get better-quality low noise imaging all through the ISO range. The camera features the support for 1080p video capture at 60 fps while the processor's better efficiency permits about 1200 static shots in addition to the 40 minutes of video footage recording per charge.

Nikon D810 DSLR Camera in India

The camera features versatile AF Modes — 9, 21, and 51 points in addition to the 3D tracking. This allows for quick and detailed auto focus control. The AF sensitivity goes down to -2 EV. This is particularly operative in dim light. In addition, the 15 cross-type sensors are attuned with AF NIKKOR lenses that have an open aperture of f/5.6. Furthermore, the eleven central focus points function together with an open aperture of f/8. There are certain enhancements that take account of the advanced ‘lock-on', extended ‘store by orientation,' and other choices for AF mode restrictions.

Picture Control: Together with all the basic image control options of standard, portrait, neutral, monochrome, vivid, and landscape, the camera has an option of Flat Picture Control. This option is geared for capturing pictures in RAW modes. Moreover, you can use it for capturing videos while you make alterations and modification in post-production. Besides, you get a clarity option for the Picture Control settings.

Wi-Fi with Optional Transmitter Feature: With the Nikon D810, you get the wireless connectivity for transferring images to your PC or FTP server. The connectivity can further be used for remote camera control by means of Nikon's Camera Control Pro 2 software. This can be done by the use of the optional UT-1 Communications Unit together with the optional WT-5A Wireless Transmitter. The WT-5 connects with the UT-1 unit that stands at the DSLR's accessory hot shoe.

Verdict: With the Nikon D810, you can redefine the way you have always been shooting snaps. The camera is designed ergonomically in an unconventional way. You can use it with any compatible NIKKOR lens to click pictures and videos that are of extraordinary quality. Video recording is maintained in both the formats — FX and DX in addition to the ISO range — 64 to 12,800. This is further expandable to 51, 200. As you’d expect from any DSLR of this lineage, autofocus speed is exceptional. Additionally, the DSLR has a smooth and durable body that turns it into a travel-friendly product. The 2-year warranty it comes along is an icing on the cake. Price: 200000 INR

☼ Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera

The user-friendly features and copious lens choices make Canon Rebel T5i a gorgeous option for the amateur photographer.

Image Quality: The image quality of the Canon Rebel T5i is exceptional. This camera consists of an APS-C sized CMOS image sensor that delivers sharp 18 megapixel pictures with perfect colors.  You will identify the presence of special effect filters with this DSLR that lets you capture snaps with miniature or black and white effects. In addition, the low light image quality is tremendously great with it. If you select the popup flash incorporated with the camera, you'll attain breathtaking results. You can also add a more influential external flash by means of the hot shoe.

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Display/Viewfinder: The T5i has 3 inch TFT liquid crystal monitor with around 1.04 million dot compositions. These are further adaptable for seven levels of intensity. You can swipe the display parallel at 180 degrees. Likewise, you can turn it along the center of its axis at 270 degrees. You can use the display in lively outdoor situations for image composition.  Monitor coverage is nearly 100%.  The eye-level pentamirror viewfinder features about 95% coverage equally in vertical and horizontal planes with the magnification of .85 x. The viewfinder further has an integral diopter tuning to reimburse for variable degrees of eyesight perception. In point of fact, the viewfinder is lovely to use and definitely on a balance with several other viewfinders of comparable DSLRs.

Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera in India

Design and features: The Canon Rebel T5i is, to some extent, bigger and heavier than the T5. In addition to the 18-megapixel resolution, the camera makes use of the DIGIC 5 processor. On top of that, the 18-55mm Image Stabilizer kit lens makes use of a technology called Canon’s STM Stepper Motor technology.  This ensures noiseless operation all through the capturing process of a video. The camera possesses a grip that is deep and easy-to-handle. An easy-to-read 360-degree dial stands at the top that contains typical settings for aperture, manual, automatic, shutter priority, enhanced modes, and program modes.

Performance: The DIGIC 5 processor of Canon offers fantastic performance to this camera while shooting photographs. You can power it on, focus, and capture the picture in a matter of 0.7 seconds. In Live View, it will consume 1.2 seconds and 1.4 seconds by means of the 18-55mm STM lens, under parallel circumstances. The T5i's capability to withstand a burst is rather splendid. It appears that this is the outcome of improved buffer handling rather than the mechanical differences.

Capture and other Features: The camera has a 9-point auto-focus that makes use of contrast-detection cross-type that assisting it to make a distinction about what you’re capturing.  Due to its nine points of auto-focus, you might feel a bit restricted when trying to artistically frame pictures. Regulating and tuning the focus is cool as well. All you have to do is just pat the focus button at the top right angle. Then and there, scroll the roll located at the top to set the focus points.

Verdict: With its comfort and dominant features, the Canon Rebel T5i is a terrific option for those on a lookout for their first compact digital SLR. This camera turns into a wonderful option for you—principally if you want to capture videos. When related to the greatest entry-level DSLRs, the T5i has some flaws in image quality. Apart from this fault, the camera is a splendid choice. It provides an elegant video mode and silent lens for shooting in addition to the matchless beginner-friendly aspects, for instance, inbuilt touchscreen controls that enable learning. These aspects make the Canon Rebel T5i a brilliant choice for up-and-coming amateur photographers and photojournalists. Price: 137000 INR