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5 in 1 Philips Hair Styler below 3000 Rupees

5 in 1 Philips Hair Styler below 3000 Rupees

Philips Hair Styler HP 8695 Review

One thing with women is that they all want to fiddle with their hair all the time. Today she wants some curls, the next day she is into waves. Even before the waves settle up on her face, she has already replaced them with some crimped flicks. Remarkably, there’s only one hair gadget that can help alter your hair these many times, a Hair styler. Actually, not many electronic companies have ventured into producing hair stylers, but the gadget is soon going to become a conventional tool. Philips, in particular has done a good job in their Philips HP 8695 Styler and I would strongly recommend this gadget to any hair fashioning enthusiast. As usual, this tool comes with fully ceramic plates analogous to all hair gadgets from Philips. Here are some of its outstanding features;

Unique features in the Philips HP8695

To achieve some one-off hair styles, a hair styler must have an adaptable design. The HP 8695 Philips hair styler has an all-round ceramic coating on the plates to achieve a constructive mobility. The ceramic plates glide over the hair with ease and have a reduced static effect as compared to plastic plates. This gadget also comes with some attachable tools which include a 16mm curling tong, a spiral brush and a 2 in 1 alterable crimper. It also has a metal finishing to increase sturdiness and the handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip. I also liked Philip’s decision to include a lock ring which can be slipped on to the tongs for easy storage into its heat resistant bag.

Heating and Styling temperature

Just like in all Philips hair styling gadget, this styler is designed to give instant heat up, in order to save time. Definitely, this is a huge bonus with the HP 8695 since most of its competitors take almost twice the time taken to heat up. This particular hair styler has an optimum styling temperature of 190-degrees Celsius. Anything above 190 degrees could smoke your head, while a lower temperature than this won’t deliver a long-lasting hair style result. The ceramic coating on the styling plates helps to prevent any damage to your hair while working with this styler.

Power and cord

This hair styler works within the universal voltage system range, about 220-240V. So you won’t be needing any adapters or power regulators to work with this gadget. This is just a simple plug in and use device, no hassles at all. The power cord is remarkably long for easy handling. It measures about 1.8 meters long. To prevent any tangles with the long cord, the styler connection with the cord is made in such a way that it rotates alongside you hand maneuvers (Swivel Cord).

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Accessories in the Box and Warranty

Before buying this product, you would want to know what other accessories you would get together with the device. Well here is the answer, the HP 8695 hair styler comes with three styling attachment kits in the box, namely; a curling tub, a Crimper/ Straightener and a Spiral for making hair waves. In addition, you also get a lock ring which is to be slipped on the gadget when storing it. Inside the box, you also get a warranty card and the product comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. Another very interesting feature that is fastened on to the product is a hanging loop. Actually, we can’t call this an accessory but it sure is vital for hanging the gadget whenever you are not using it.

Philips HP8695 Hair Styler Review and Specifications

Pricing and Verdict

This gadget only costs about 2900Rupees, which to me is a fair price. My ruling on this gadget is that I would buy it if I needed a hair styler, simply because I couldn’t find anything better out there. For a start, you can purchase one.

Ceramic plates Yes
Heat up time 3 min
Swivel Cord Yes
Heater type   PTC
Pouch Yes
Barrel diameter 16mm
Cord length   1.8 m
Voltage  Universal
Styling Temperature 190 degrees
Price 3000 Rupees

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