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40 inch Full HD LED TV from BPL and Micromax Below 25000

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BPL 41PEMVF1 40-inch Full HD LED TV

BPL was one of the most reliable companies of the CRT world about a decade ago. However, its failure in the adaptation of new technology and new players like Sony, LG, and Samsung in the Indian market forced this brand to go out of TV business. However, from the last several years, BPL has been focusing a lot on its economy and now it is back again.

Recently, the company has launched a number of attractive products, one of which is the 41PEMVF1 41 inch LED TV. It is exclusively available at Flipkart Online shopping for a price of 24990 rupees.

A+ Grade Panel

This TV sports a 40-inch display panel that offers a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The high number of pixels enhances the movie watching experience of the users by producing crisp and clear graphics.

The manufacturer has used A+ grade base panel in the manufacturing, which means that the colors that will reach your eyes will be highly accurate. Wide viewing angles eliminate color and contrast distortions. This television also uses a special Digital Noise Reduction technology to make the footage noise free.

Another great thing about this device is that its display panel is powered by a DLED backlighting technology that distributes brightness evenly across the screen.

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Good Build Quality

BPL has used durable materials in the making of this product. It can easily resist small collisions. Its outer shell does not flex against pressure. The base stand has been designed in a way that it perfectly balances weight of the TV.

However, I am not impressed by the design of this product. Its bezels are quite wide and do annoy while watching movies. The control buttons are small and are much harder to press. Some of the customers whom we interviewed were not happy with the wall mount installation because they were not able to access the connectivity ports.

Besides having many feature if looks and design of the TV is also on your priority list, then this BPL device is not a desirable choice. For a TV with brilliant Design, you should consider other manufacturers like Micromax and Vu that are offering much better design on their TVs in the same price range.

In-Build Audio Amplifier

This TV is quite big and enough spacious from inside. BPL has used the extra space quite efficiently by placing big speakers in it. Thanks to the in-built amplifier, you will find a major boost in audio levels. This TV gives a total RMS output of 20 Watts. If you were installing this TV in a small or medium size room, then there would be no need of purchasing external speakers.

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Connectivity Features Are Not That Impressive

BPL should understand that when people invest lots of money on a big TV, their primary goal is to watch movies. Unfortunately, this device features only a single USB port, which means you will not be able to attach multiple flash drives to it at the same time. The weirdest thing is that it features 3 HDMI ports on the back. I think BPL did its calculations wrong. Ideally, it should have featured 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports.

You will find all other necessary ports on this television set. The RF-In port lets you watch TV channels using a traditional cable wire instead of a set top box. Only a few LED TVs in the market comes with an RF-In port and the BPL LED TV model 41PEMVF1 is one of them.

Consume a Lot of Power

I do not know what BPL’s engineers were thinking while designing this product. While LED TVs are famous for consuming less power, this device does opposite of that. On an average, it consumes 100 Watts of power. In my opinion, this TV will easily add a couple of hundred bucks to your electricity bill if it is one most of the time.


  • Features big 40-inch display
  • A+ grade panel for generating accurate colors
  • Really wide viewing angles
  • Durable and sturdy outer shell
  • Comes with an inbuilt audio amplifier
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Full HD resolution


  • Only a single USB port
  • It will increase your electricity bill


From our discussion so far, it is evident that the BPL LED TV comes with some major cons and the most important is the absence of secondary USB port and not being energy efficient. It looks like BPL has lost all its magic and its engineers are not able to grasp the needs of modern world.

Price 25000 Rupees
Display Size 40 inches
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 100 Watt
Motion Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Connectivity 1 X USB, 3 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In and Composite In


Micromax 43T6950FHD 43 inch Full HD LED TV

In last one year, Micromax has made a successful entry into the TV market. In fact, today Micromax is a viable brand for online buyers looking for a TV with a bigger screen at much lower price. A couple of years back, this brand launched many adverts claiming to change the world of TVs.

The Micromax 43T6950FHD LED TV can be a great solution for those who love to watch movies and serials on bigger displays but very much limited on the budget front. You can take this TV home for just 23990 rupees, which is much less, compared the price of other alternatives offered by brands like LG and Samsung.

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Dual Legged Stand

The manufacturer ships this TV along with a dual legged stand. It comes painted in aluminum finish and offers a premium appeal to the eyes of the users. On a table, this TV looks great and it will certainly enhance the beauty of your setup.

Attractive Form Factor

Although the build materials that Micromax has used in the built are not of high quality still the TV looks quite attractive. Its bezels are amazingly thin and the Micromax branding on the chin adds to the ergonomics. The TV is just 89.2 mm thick. If you have purchased this product online, then the installation will be done free of cost.

Offers an Immersive Experience

On the front, this device features a 43-inch crystalline display panel, which is powered by LED backlighting on the back. The full HD display resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels helps in generating crisp and clear graphics. All the colors are produced accurately and because of wide viewing angles, graphics do not suffer from color distortions when viewed at an angle.

Motion refresh rate of 60 Hz avoids blurring of videos and allows the users to play light games. Its graphic processing engine works quite well and enhances even the smallest details.

In my opinion, this TV is perfect for a home theater setup. Its picture quality is so great that the users feel like they are part of the movie itself.Micromax 43T6950FHD Review Specifications Price Online in India

Average Quality Audio

Budget televisions offered by Micromax suffer a lot on the front of audio production. This device does feature two speakers and generates the stereo effect, but the quality of the audio is not that great. It offers a total RMS output of 20 Watts, which is good for a medium size room. If you want to get an immersive and high-quality audio experience, then be sure to purchase a set of external speakers.

Bunch of Connectivity Ports

You will not find this TV limited when it comes to connectivity features. It features two HDMI and two USB ports on the back. The end users can use this device as an external display for two devices simultaneously. The most efficient way to use the USB ports will be to attach an external hard disk on the first one while leaving the second one for connecting pen drives. VGA and Audio In ports let the users connect a CPU with this device.

High Power Consumption

This LED TV consumes 75 Watts of power, which is a little disappointing. If you are planning to save power, then it will be a batter for you to look for an alternative. However, it does support a wide voltage input range of 110-240 Volts.

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  • Onboard Multimedia Player
  • Down-firing speakers
  • Offers full HD resolution
  • Great viewing angles
  • Perfect solution for setting up home theater
  • Decent connectivity options
  • Eye-catching finish of the outer shell
  • Dual legged design of the stand
  • Its display panel can achieve a brightness level of up to 260 nits


  • Power consumption is relatively high
  • Audio quality is not up to the mark

Well, the worthiness of this TV totally depends on your preference. If you love big displays and can manage with its bad audio quality, then this product can be an affordable solution. To watch movies on it, you will have to purchase an external music system. The Micromax TV has impressed me in terms of design and connectivity features.

Before you take a final decision to buy this Micromax TV, I advise would be to check a few alternatives that offer much more features at the same price.

Price 24000 Rupees
Display Size 43 inches
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 75 Watt
Dimensions 978.5 x 578 x 89.2 mm
Weight 7.2 KG (Without Stand)
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In

Users Review and Opinion


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