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4 Top Gaming Monitors below 15000 Rupees

24 Inch Asus VS248HR LED Gaming Monitor Review and Specifications

Computer Gaming is one of the most lucrative markets and has it potential unlimited. In fact, credit goes to the technology advancement in last decade for today’s opportunities. What is the future of digital gaming? Tough to predict! Millions of brain has been contributing to ideas generation. And, every idea is a milestone in the boundary-less field of programmed gaming.

For playing digital games, as per today’s requirement, the needed things are a monitor with a processor unit and a set of input instruments.

Here I review the top gaming monitors below 15000 Rupees in the market today. You fill get efficient gaming monitors in every price range. Therefore, this review article could be your final destination to pick one advanced gaming monitor in your budget. Read also Samsung LED Computer Monitor with Inbuilt Audio System.

21.50 Inch ASUS VP228H Full HD Gaming Monitor with Quick Response Time

Have you been following this website? If yes is your answer, you would know then GS advocates Asus products. Among all Chinese electronics brands, operating in India, I like the brand Asus since its products are reliable and affordable.

The gaming monitor VP228H is one well-made computer display with powerful specifications. Even though the refresh rate is just 60Hz, the 1-ms response time of this Asus monitor makes the transition of video frame smooth and eliminates ghosting or lag. This is a full HD LED monitor. Asus offers its signature gaming technology for making users experience even better. This 21.5-inch monitor is also made flicker-free.

Besides being a low-cost gaming monitor, it could be one most recommended computer monitor under 10000 for watching videos and films. For better picture quality, it has the VividPixel technology, which even sharpens low-resolution images for better clarity on-screen. Apparently, One-ms quick response time has a greater role in smoothening video playback.

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Priced just10000 Rupees, the computer display with lifelike image and vivid color is not just a gaming monitor, in fact, it has a powerful speaker set as well. Asus VP228H consists of a set of two speakers with a total output of 3 watts sound. Sound output from the speaker is punchy and crystal clear.

This is a lightweight display with top-notch specs yet its power consumption is quite moderate. Moreover, the number of connectivity options is also long. It also has energy star ratings and so it is certified power efficient gadget. Read also Elite Computer Monitor for Gaming and Productivity

I liked this Asus gaming monitor. For the price of 10000 Rupees, Asus has provided more features than expected in general. In fact, it is the best gaming gadget around 10000 Rupees. Because of full HD resolution, high contrast ratio and 1-ms response time, buying it for running heavy applications may not be a wrong decision.

ASUS VP228H Full HD Gaming Monitor with Quick Response Time

Display Properties of Asus Monitor VP228H

While the 1-ms response time is the main highlight of the features, there are other major technologies has been added to it. By means of recent picture enhancement technology onboard, Asus has optimized the display of this full HD gaming monitor enough. That might have created visible lag in processing video frames but not exactly. Besides, there are other noted technology and features with this computer monitor. Such as

  • Trace Free Technology
  • 8 SPLENDID video preset modes
  • 3 modes in skin-tone selection
  • 4 modes in color temperature selection
  • QuickFit and GamePlus modes
  • Low Blue Light and HDCP support
  • VividPixel and Smart View Technology
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Security: For the security of the display setting, Asus includes Kingston lock service here.

Connectivity: Asus offers multiple ways of connectivity options with this gaming monitor. For signal input, there are all the required modes: HDMI, D-Sub, and DVI-D.

As I have discussed above, this monitor is certified for energy conservation. At the pick of use, it would consume mere 21-Watt power. Thus, even if it is used 10 to 12 hours of a day, that would not much in your monthly electricity bill.

Price 10500 Rupees
Display 21.50 Inch, Full HD, 16.7M Colors, Pixel Pitch: 0.248mm, Brightness: 250 cd/㎡, Contrast Ratio: 100000000:1
Other Features Response Time: 1 ms, Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Speaker 1.5W×2
Panel LED Backlit LCD
Connectivity 1×HDMI, 1×D-SUB, 1×DVI-D, 3.5mm mini-Jack, HDMI Audio Input
Power 21 Watts


27-Inch BenQ GW2760HS LED Monitor with Reading Mode

A VA panel with some noteworthy specs is what making this BenQ gaming monitor one hot choice at the price of 14000 Rupees. Highest possible dynamic contrast ratio (20M: 1) with 4 ms response time is enough to say this is a monitor for best gaming experience and movie watching.

By means of the reading mode technology onboard, users could optimize the display for the brilliant reading experience. Further, flicker-free backlit technology provides a much pleasant experience while reading online contents.  In fact, BenQ is promoting this LED monitor, as the best flicker-free computer monitor below 15000 Rupees.

What are key features of this BenQ LED monitor? As oblivious, its flicker-free properties, which eliminates usual 200 times per second flickers in the regular monitors. Other noteworthy features I see here is brilliant native contrast ratio, inbuilt audio system, full HD display, HDMI media interface, and 16:9 aspect ratios.

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Even though BenQ is not promoting this model as a gaming monitor, but I had great gaming experience with it. The reason is- BenQ, on this model, provides what is the latest in the computer monitor world. For instance, VA is most suited for ultrafast processing of frames. If VA panel is optimized for shorter response time then it is best one could get today in gaming monitors segment.

27 Inch BenQ GW2760HS LED Monitor Review and Specifications

Key Features of BenQ Advanced Monitor

BenQ is proudly promoting this 27-inch monitor as a full HD LED monitor with VA panel, made for a pleasing experience. In fact, the slim bezel and neatly finished chassis advances its classy build and design. Therefore, BenQ GW2760HS is perfectly suitable for Bosses and Manager’s cabin. It is also a perfect advanced LED monitor for home use. Moreover, those spend most of the times in doing computer-based projects, gets recharged in small breaks by playing games, reading news online would find this BenQ LED monitor a worthy solution. Read also BenQ and LG 24 inch LED Monitor Below 12000 Rupees.

By means of a number of technologies onboard, BenQ ensures soothing visual pleasure to users. Here is a list of advanced technologies this 27-inch Full HD LED TV has:-

  • Flicker-free Backlight
  • Optimized reading mode
  • Improved eco mode for energy saving
  • Color shift-free technology

Priced around 14000 Rupees, BenQ’s this full HD LED TV is a perfect solution for watching movies, reading WebPages, and playing games.

Price 14000 Rupees
Display VA Panel, 27 Inch, Full HD, 16.7M Colors, Brightness: 300 cd/㎡, Contrast Ratio Native: 3000:1
Other Features Response Time: 4 ms, Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Speaker 1W×2
Panel VA Panel
Connectivity HDMI, D-Sub, DVI, Headphone jack, Line-in‎
Power 27 Watts
Features 4 Color Temp, 17 OSD Language, Kingston Lock, HDCP, Windows Compatibility, 72% NTSC Color Gamut,
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24 Inch Asus VS248HR Widescreen Full HD Gaming Monitor

In the price of BenQ’s 27 inches full HD LED Monitor, this 24-inch Asus monitor is a dedicated gaming monitor. Asus offers a number of enhancements with this monitor for making it superior choice for high voltage on-screen action while playing games.

Much like its younger sibling, discussed above, Asus has successfully achieved 1 ms response time on this as well. Yes, this is a full HD LED monitor and the display is LED-backlit LCD again.

We have not tested this model as we had the same thing but in 22-inch screen size. Still, I am confident that at 14000 Rupees, this has to be the best model for gaming purpose. The reason is simple: Asus is the only brand that makes affordable yet durable advanced gadgets. In the case of gaming, Asus is the only brand offers monitor under 15000 Rupees with less than 4 ms response time. Read also Best Monitor LED Projector and All in Printer.

24 Inch Asus VS248HR LED Gaming Monitor Review and Specifications

If you like gaming but not wanting to buy a monitor only for gaming then the BenQ 27-inch model is the best monitor below 15000 Rupees. However, if the purpose is only playing games, then this Asus 24 inch gaming monitor with 1ms response time looks perfect. Needless to say, the BenQ LED monitor is a complete monitor for home use and offices. Whereas this Asus monitor is designed for gaming but can be used for movies and videos watching also.

Price 14000 Rupees
Display 24 Inch, Full HD, 16.7M Colors, Pixel Pitch: 0.276mm, Brightness: 250 cd/㎡, Contrast Ratio: 50,000,000:1
Other Features Response Time: 1 ms, Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Speaker 1.5W×2
Panel LED Backlit LCD
Connectivity 1×HDMI, 1×D-SUB, 1×DVI-D, 3.5mm mini-Jack, HDMI Audio Input
Power 23 Watts
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24 Inch Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG

The display panel of this 24-inch gaming monitor is TN and it is made superior with brilliant response time 2ms. Yes, the specs are coined as the USPs of this Dell monitor.

Pricing of this monitor is justified by a number of features. While doing research, I visited Amazon USA website where it got huge ratings. But in India, it is a newly launched. In the USA, on Amazon, this model, going by the ratings, seems to be a well recommended, as being one of the best-selling low-cost gaming monitors. According to buyers’ observation, this Dell gaming monitor is a reliable hardware for playing even 4K or full HD games. Besides, colors are live on this monitor and text, too, appear crisp, legible.

The Dell gaming monitor is simple but quite advanced in specs. Initially, I was reluctant in including this into the list of best gaming monitor below 15000 Rupees. Dell hardware never worked for me. But here I had no choice but to add it as this 24-inch gaming monitor is superior to all the available options around 15000 Rupees.

There is two variant of Dell’s SE series gaming monitors: SE2717H with 27 inch Screen and SE2417HG with 24 Inch screen. Here I got the variant with a 24-inch screen for review.

24 Inch Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG Review and Specs

Key Features of this TN panel based Gaming monitor

This is an energy star rated monitor but is not that efficient and consumers 25W electricity in active mode. Anti-glare screen coating on screen is for user’s eye protection. Brightness on the screen is enough but the contrast ratio is poorer than the two monitor discussed above. Yet 2ms refresh rate balances everything. In fact, this is a monitor for high-speed processing but in high quality. Read also HP Dell Monitor for Production Works.

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Dell’s Display manager application comes preloaded for tuning up this LED gaming monitor. Set brightness, aspect ratio, color, hue, sharpness, saturation, input selection, in fact, all the properties for getting screen setting right. Besides Dell offers no other utility and I see this as an advantage.

Any specialized application might help in creating a unique experience but at the end, share recourses to run in the background. However, while playing games, more resource should be in users hand for better gaming experience.

Going by the test result we had with this gaming monitor, it is certainly a reliable hardware. It may not be, however, a monitor optimized enough for daily computer works.

Talking about other features, they are more or less is the same, as seen with earlier discussed Asus and BenQ monitors. What is different with this Dell gaming monitor is that it leaves more resources in user’s hand.

Price 14000 Rupees
Display TN Panel, 24 Inch, Full HD, 16.7M Colors, Pixel Pitch: 0.2715mm; Brightness: 300 cd/㎡, Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 / 8000000:1
Other Features Response Time: 2 ms, Vertical Refresh Rate: 56 – 76 Hz; Horizontal Refresh Rate: 30 – 83 kHz, Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Connectivity 2×HDMI, VGA, Audio Line-Out
Power 25 Watts
Features Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating,

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