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4 Lowest Price Washing Machine Online Available in India

BPL Top Load Lowest Price Washing Machine BSATL62N1

The washing machine is one of the most imperative pieces of equipment for any household, particularly for the folks who are busy with their works and plans. As the mandate of this appliance is growing in the marketplace, there are quite a lot of brands that are offering a number of models at the moment. The majority of these producers are offering more than a few kinds of machines that fluctuate in their dimensions, shape, and structure. Nevertheless, there are few significant measures that you must ponder on for finding a lowest price washing machine that matches your wishes completely. It is, furthermore, pretty vital to do a good research on the World Wide Web before purchasing a washing machine at low price for your errands. Read also Best Washing Machines To Attain A Superb Job In Cleaning Laundry.

A mind-bending collection of best price washing machines accessible at present can make the selection course pretty puzzling if you go shopping without performing some simple homework. Spending some time to study your choices on the subject of accessible space, washing needs and your financial plan will make it cooler for you to taper down your choices. Before you go for shopping to get the best one, it is also imperative to take account of the cost factors in addition to the features obtainable. However, most of the persons are not alert of these significant features and most of them end up ordering a low-quality washing machine.

The good news is that, here, we are presenting some very useful products that you must think through before beginning your hunt for the perfect model. The products below will let you taper your options. Hope, at least one of them matches your considerations for the kind of machine you wish to buy! Read also Semi Automatic Sansui GEM Washing Machine Below 7500 Rupees.

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6.5Kg Onida Washer WS65WLP2BG – A Lowest Price Washing Machine in India

With a capacity of 6.5 kg, this best price washing machine from Onida will suit your little family very well. Presenting a rust free fiber body, the product boasts a long lasting feature. This Onida washer arrives at you along with 2 washing programs in addition to a hydrologic pulsator to produce sufficient water circulation. Thus and so, you’ll have the spotless garments that you have always desired.

Convenience: Owing to its handle and two washing programs, the Onida Washer lets you customize your launders to outfit your washing penchants.

Drum Capacity: The 6.5 kg drum capacity of the semi-automatic washer from Onida is its top load feature. This capacity is pretty sufficient to wash a mammoth heap of apparels at a time. As a result, the product is perfect for you and your family. The huge capacity allows you to clean all your wears in a go.

Hydrologic Pulsator: Do you often think that getting rid of those ugly stains and filth from your outfits is very hard? Well, if yes, then with the Onida WS65WLP2BG, you can rest your mind at ease! This semi-automatic washing machine owns a fantastic feature of the Hydrologic Pulsator. This would assist you in removing horrible stains or dirt from your clothes and offer spotless fabrics meticulously. The best part about this is that the machine will wash and spin your garments while getting off the harsh stains without intertwining them.

Onida Washer WS65WLP2BG Lowest Price Washing Machine

Power Consumption of this Onida Washing Machine

This semi-automatic washer from Onida maintains an enormously potent motor that consumes merely 270 W of power. Likewise, it needs a voltage of 230 V in addition to the frequency of 50 Hz. The product is quite energy-efficient and lets you save on your regular power bills.

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The size of the machine: This lowest price washing machine from Onida is reasonably compact in size. Therefore, it is perfect for big as well as average-sized housings. Measuring 490 x 460 x 890 mm and weighing about 12 kg, this washer owns a smooth look that occupies very small floor space. The dimensions of the washing machine let you move it from one place to another with ease.

Design: The smooth and ergonomic design of the washer’s body is made of anti-rust plastic. This upturns the durability of the machine. The cover of the washing machine is translucent with red color. Due to this aspect of the appliance, you can look out your garments as they get washed. On top of that, the washer holds two knobs as well as one water inlet. Claiming a rust free plastic body, you can say that the product is sensibly designed to meet all your laundry needs. Appreciations to its compact control panel, this semi-automatic washer are easy to use.

The Onida Mini Washing Machine comes with some Striking features

  • A buzzer prompts you to get the garments out as soon as they get washed.
  • The washing machine devours two wash programs that allow you to clean your garments as they should be.
  • A hydrologic pulsator creates sufficient water circulation to carefully clean your filthy heap of clothes.

Verdict: If washing your garments is one of the most inefficient household errands, then this washer will make this practice cooler for you while saving your time. Owing to its huge size and wonderful capacity of 6.5 kg, this semi-automatic washing machine will fulfill your family’s laundry needs. The rust free body makes it long lasting. Consuming the power of 270 W, the machine owns a powerful motor. Its compact size lets you move it with no trouble at all. Furthermore, its red color makes it look way more elegant that can add to the décor of your house. All in all, this lowest price washing machine makes the task of washing tireless for you. Read also Top 4 Mini Washing Machine Below 5500 Rupees.

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Brand Onida
Control Automatic
Type Top Load
Capacity 6.5 Kg
Water Consumption 54 Litres
Pulsator yes
Air Dry yes
Warranty 1 year
Price 5000 Rupees


6.5Kg Mitashi Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine MiSAWM65v10

With the excellent technology of Mitashi MiSAWM65v10 semi-automatic washer, you can add a trace of elegance and functionality to your bathroom. Complementary to your washing needs for light or dense garments, this washing machine proposes their upkeep in the best way possible.

Washing Programs: Concentrating on consumer friendly usage, Mitashi's MiSAWM65v10Washing Machine lets you select from two washing programs:

  • Gentle Wash — for light and gentle apparels
  • Power Wash — for heavy or tainted wears

Moreover, the pre-wash program of this appliance can improve the spotlessness of your outfits. Each of these programs is easy to operate. Thus, you can use the equipment without difficulty.

Long Lasting Gravity Drum

The Mitashi’s Semi-Automatic Washing Machine makes use of a lifelong and hard-wearing plastic drum. This gravity drum guarantees protection and laundry competence for your attires. The all-out capacity of this washing machine is 6.5 kgs, which is fairly acceptable.

Boomerage Pulsator: The Boomerage pulsator feature by means of its to-and-fro circular motion confirms a copious supply of cleansing agent for your fabrics. Offering a cleaner tumble wash to each fiber of your clothes, the machine confirms a cleaner launder.

Ease of use: Over and above, the washer is armed with a buzzer representing the finish of a launder cycle. Therefore, you can stay assured that you don’t have to worry about constantly checking your lot of clothes all through the wash.

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On top of that, the Lint filler saves the pipe from any type of snarl-ups due to any internal or external material all through the launder.

Mitashi Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine MiSAWM65v10

Automatic Overload Protection for Motors

If your washing machine gets bogged down, a small circuit mechanically senses the overload on the inside. Hence, it protects the machine from any kind of damage

Castor wheels: The machine owns two castor wheels of great quality that are attached at the bottommost of the appliance. This assists easy-movement of the machine all over the place and offers a grip to its body.

Additional features:-

  • An anti-rat mesh guards your washing machine against the entrance of pests by way of any openings or drainage channels.
  • The 306 Degree Wash along with 6 motion functionalities uplifts the launder quality.
  • The washer is secure of high and low voltage fluctuations.
  • The 2 years manufacturer warranty and a guaranteed service support is a feather in the cap.

Verdict: Featuring a first-class anti-rust fiber body, Mitashi’s semi-automatic washing machine is put up for dependability and trustworthiness. Thanks to its automatic overload protection feature, the machine is planned to identify any overload. Thus, it can look after the motor getting damaged. Another thing I love about this Lowest Price Washing Machine is its lint filter that removes torn threads from the washing machine’s tube. This doesn’t let any logjam to occur. Read also Reliable Whirlpool Midea Automatic Washing Machines.

Brand Mitashi
Control Semi Automatic
Type Top Load
Capacity 6.5 Kgs
Water Consumption 55 Litres
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 230 Volt
Pulsator yes
Door Opening Top Door
Warranty 1 year
Price 6200 Rupees
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6.2Kg Intex Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine WMS62TL

This compact sized Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine takes care of all your dirty washing. If you have a mid-sized family, then this high performing washing machine presented by the market frontrunner, Intex Technologies will serve your needs.

Design and Dimensions: Owning a laundry capacity of 6.2 kgs, the machine lets you wash a reasonable amount of apparels at a time. Just glance at its classy and sophisticated looks once and you are bound to love it forever. The brand name is noticeable on the visible side as it is designed with pixels of gray on its shock resistant white ABS plastic body. The closed base design checks the entrance of rats and vermin, thereby preventing any tampering with machine’s wires. On top of that, the forelegs of the machine provide flawless support.

Wash Programs and features: Owing to its whopping capacity of 6.2 kg, this compact sized washing machine from Intex lets you clean a large pile of unclean apparels with comfort. For this, you can pick any one from its two washing programs that can treat the filth in it efficiently. The integral pulsator of PP material promises outstanding launder and cleaner garments. You can attain well-dried outfits after every wash cycle by means of its air dry function.

Intex Semi Automatic Lowest Price Washing Machine WMS62TL

Other significant features of this Intex Lowest Price Washing Machine

Take a look at what additional features the machine encompasses:

  • As the monsoon strikes, drying your damp clothes turns out to be a great challenge. Here, the Spin Air Dry feature of this washing machine guarantees quicker drying of apparels.
  • Consuming about 340 watts of power, this semi-automatic washing machine becomes suitable for your house. Likewise, the machine proposes a spin motor rating of 150 watts.
  • Additionally, the product comes along with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.
  • An innate heater would let you regulate the temperature of the water. By means of hot wash feature, you can eliminate stubborn stains of tea, coffee, eggs, oil or grease.
  • It owns a memory backup feature that provides the option of backing up your choice in case of a system crash.
  • The machine comes together with a child lock as well.
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Verdict: Delivering excellent performance, this semi-automatic washing machine from Intex can manage the wash load of 6.2kg.  Doing away with the harshest stains is way too easy with this top-loading washing machine at low price. Embracing an anti-rust, compact plastic body, this Top Load washer from Intex is designed to last. Measuring 76 cm X 90 cm X 44 ½ cm and weighing nearly 21 kg, the machine is appropriate for mid-sized families and households. I would surely recommend it! Read also LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology.

Brand Intex
Timer yes
Control Semi Automatic
Type Top Load
Capacity 6.2 Kgs
Pulsator Yes
Warranty 2 years
Price 6500 Rupees


6.2Kg BPL Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine BSATL62N1

This Top Load Washing machine from BPL is a one-time investment. Get these semi-automatic washing machine homes to see all your laundry expenditures vanishing in a single wash! Besides providing excellent laundry performance, the machine will leave your garments completely spotless and feel fresh.

Rust free body: The semi-automatic washing machine comes along with a robust body that’s created from first-class plastic. Owing to its rust-proof body, this is sure to last for years to come.

Collar Scrubber: With this appliance, eliminating rough blemishes from your shirt’s necklines and cuffs has turned out to be stress-free. Rest your mind in peace, thanks to its specially designed collar scrubber.

Spin Shower: By means of the spin shower technology of this washing machine, you can get rid of lathered foam from your garments with no trouble. It consistently sprinkles water over your apparels while laundering them to successfully take out soap elements from them.

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Powerful Motor: The motor of this top load washing machine from BPL is sufficiently powerful to manage dense heaps of clothes. Therefore, now, you can wash even the heavy blankets or bed linens without problems.

BPL Top Load Lowest Price Washing Machine BSATL62N1

Bi-Directional Drain Hose – a unique feature of this BPL Washing Machine

You can connect the outlet pipe of this semi-automatic washing machine to its either side with ease. By this means, you can save yourself from any worries on the subject of the water system, sanitation or new drainage pipes.

Verdict: The Top Load Washing Machine from BPL offers the finest washing and cleaning experience with appropriate settings and selections. You can trust this brilliant semi-automatic, best price washing machine for its grand quality, splendid performance and guaranteed reliance of BPL. The machine will offer you the fulfillment of a superwash in each batch. Designed to meet Indian needs and sorts of usage, the washing machine is an easy to manage, no-fuss and long-lasting top-loading washing machine. You can rely on the quality of BPL brand, functionality, and conviction put up in the product.

Brand BPL
Capacity 6.2 Kgs
Timer yes
Control Semi Automatic
Type Top Load
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 240 V
Pulsator yes
Warranty 1 year
Price 7000 Rupees

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