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4 Latest #Singer Sewing Machines for Home Use and Advanced Users

4 Latest Singer Sewing Machines for Home Use and Advanced Users

The brand Singer is one of the top three sewing machine names in India. Singer sewing machines are dependable, movable and come with exceptional features as well. For home use sewing machines, I generally prescribe Singer’s low-cost sewing machine models. In this piece, I recommend the best Singer sewing machine for home use and trainees, skilled users, seasoned users, and then a smart sewing machine model for pro users.

► Singer 1304 Start – A primary sewing machine for Home use and Beginners

The Singer sewing machine comes with the quintessential features, which are ideal for neophytes. Accordingly, I prescribe it a perfect sewing machine to make a start in tailoring, fashion, and dress designing. Moreover, it is affordable, too. Therefore, without going into further details – order it now if you intend to explore the world of sewing and fashion with a good start. Your good start can be by investing in a reliable sewing machine, which comes with elementary to latest sewing specialties as this Singer sewing machine has.

The sewing machine although consists of numerous pros, but being a product of Singer yet sold at a lowered price is most significant among them. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

Singer, Usha, and Brother are three acclaimed sewing machine manufacturers for home users. However, for novices Singer is the one makes innovative, user-friendly sewing machines. To make a start in sewing, start with a Singer sewing machine. Brother sewing machines are more suitable for advanced users who can easily maneuver through the problematic trajectory while shaping design patterns on fabrics.

→ Essential Sewing Features of this Singer Sewing Machine

Easy threading is often problematic for first-time users, in fact, requires few days of working with a sewing machine to transform from a beginner to a master. Therefore, before you break one needle after another just to learn to thread, Singer 1304 sewing machine guides users through a threading diagram. So set-up this sewing in no time for the first use. Still, find threading difficult – follow Singer's YouTube Video guide on Easy Threading.

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Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine Review in India

6 Built-in stitches of this Singer sewing machine for neophytes are enough to get to the next level in sewing and fabric designing. Using these six patterns intelligently – produce hundreds of design patterns. The six Built-in stitches include straight, Zigzag, Scallop, Satin, Blind Hem, and a 4-step buttonhole. You must know that not all the sewing machines designed for beginner’s use will have the feature the 4-step buttonhole trait.

My favorite feature on this sewing machine is “Easy Stitch Selection,” and “Automatic Tension.” As the name hints, the singer sewing machine makes a change in stitch pattern utterly easy. Sewing is art. When a smart machine makes the application of the art so easy, call that no less than a wonderful. So is true with the feature “Automatic Tension” which ensures straight stitch regardless of fabric quality. Users will find it quite valuable while sewing an embellished dress like a Lehenga Choli.

The Singer 1304 sewing machine also comes with many additional features to make sewing a child's play. I will list them in the Pros section below. In detail, you can read them on the official website.

→ Built and User-Friendly Design for Singer 1304 Start

The looks of this Singer sewing machine is stunning. Well-rounded design in a slim profile, it indeed has a cute look to fall in love. Easy to carry and easy to setup, the heavy metal frame of this sewing machine says I am for a long run use, not feeble to break into pieces just by a kick or in a fall.

Operationally it is not that noisy, so its LED Light specialty helps in sewing anytime anywhere. Another nifty feature I would recognize with this sewing machine is the extra lift in presser foot essentially assisting novices to sew with ease. Moreover, that is also salutary when want to add stitches to bulky costumes.

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  • Free Arm Convertible
  • Dual Spool Pins for Twin Needle Sewing
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding System
  • Three Presser Feet (All-purpose, Zipper, and Buttonhole) included in the Sales Box

Conclusion: – Everything about Singer 1304 Start Sewing machine is copacetic: its price in India, the set of traits it carries to make beginner's sewing perfect, and the slim looks yet a solid built it has. Therefore, the Singer Sewing machine is one of the marvelous sewing machines for sewing at home and to use by learners.

Lamentably, Singer has not made the 1304 Start sewing machine available in India. Therefore, one can only buy it from outside the Indian Territory. Amazon provides the solution to obtain this sewing machine in India, but wouldn't carry the lucrative 2-Years warranty from Singer India, a big disappoint admittedly.

Should you buy it in India by importing it from the USA? I do not think that could be a worthwhile decision. The 1304 Start model is the new entrant in the sewing machine market, so it will take time to be available in India. I foresee it to up for sale in India soon that too with 2 Years of warranty commitment. Buy: 800 Rupees


► Singer Tradition Fashion Maker 2250 Sewing Machine

The Singer 2250 sewing machine is appropriate for those who know well how a sewing machine works. Moreover, the users must also know how to follow stitch patterns and make a use of various function and features of modern sewing machines.

In Lehman's terms, if the Singer 1304 Start is for Nursery Students, the Fashion maker series machine is for students of 5th or 6th standard. Read also Low Budget Sewing Machine with 10 Stitch Patterns in 5000 Rupees.

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Is this sewing machine priced just 10000 Rupees a must buy? Nope! The segment of semi-advanced sewing machines is complex since hundreds of sewing machines from top brands listed carry almost the same set of characteristics. Therefore, when exploring on Gadgets Shiksha a perfect sewing machine in 10000 to 15000 Rupees budget – first weigh what is best for your requirement.  Not all sewing machines are meant to be useful for all users’ priority; this is a fact. Recognizing your need will help you to decide what the best is for you.

→ Essential Traits of this Fashion Maker Sewing Machine

Adjustable stitch length with 10 Built-In stitch patterns opens up enormous opportunities for giving a personal twist and turns to design patterns.

However, for the specialty, I would rate high this fashion maker sewing machine is the concept of “Snap-On Presser Feet.” Changing presser feet never been so easy: singer's innovative feature eliminates the need for a screwdriver to change presser feet.

Singer Tradition Fashion Maker 2250 Sewing Machine Review in India

The rest of the features are the same as explained with the one from the Start series Sewing machine above. Further, the built and design of the Singer 2250 is remains the same as often being seen on other popular models by the USA brand. Based on a heavy metal construction but neatly finished exterior yet with a slender profile layout makes it a superior choice for the most advanced users. Travel often then consider this quick patterning machine to be in your travel briefcase next time.

→ Other Advanced Features of Singer 2250 Sewing Machine

Four-Segment “Feed Dog” system although a standard feature but Singer has made it quite compelling. While going through a test run of this model I observed fabric pick up from the front to the end required almost no intervention – entirely accurate feeding. Advantageous feature this is if earning from daily sewing works contributes to one's home income.

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  • Super Easy Stitch selection and Stitch Length Adjustment
  • 10 Built-in Stitches
  • 4 Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding
  • Extra-High Presser Feet Lifter
  • Four-Segment Feed Dog System
  • Multiple Needle Positions
  • Onboard storage
  • Free arm features to make a more comfortable reach to challenging to reach areas like cuffs collars, trouser hems, etc.

Conclusion: – The inadequacy of LED light could lead to it being not preferred by some users with a particular need. Other than that the Singer Sewing machine for sampler and sewing, the Fashion maker 2250 by name is a perfect choice at the current price of 10000 Rupees. But before placing an order, search on Gadgets Shiksha which other sewing machines with a set of super specialties available in the same price range. Buy: 10000 Rupees


► Singer 3229 Simple Sewing machine with 29 Built-In Stitches – My Pick

This sewing machine review article looks at the novel sewing machines from the highly reputed brand Singer. I started with a sewing machine for neophytes, then reviewed a Fashion maker model and gave reasons why one should look at other models before placing an order for it. Now I will move a step further and present you a review of the Singer 3229 Simple, a sewing machine meant to be an ideal machine for students of advanced sewing. Read also Best Rated Singer Sewing Embroidery Machine for Fashion Designer.

Only the name of this sewing machine is “SIMPLE,” but it is an exceptionally smart sewing machine. Going through the features of it will let you understand why I was enforcing that look for alternatives before you firmly decide to buy the Singer sewing machine 2250.

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The Singer 3229 is priced higher than the Singer 2250 is. The difference in price is just about 2000 Rupees. But the first consists of the double amount of features than the latter. Therefore, the Singer 3229 SIMPLE is one of the best selling sewing machines around 12000 Rupees budget.

→ Principal Features of Singer 3229 SIMPLE sewing machine

Singer 3229 is a sewing machine with all in one feature; this is what I really like about this sewing machine. Not all sewing machines can sew Jeans but this model can. Further, it can do needlework, not automated though but hundreds of variations are attainable from a design concept.

Singer 3229 Simple Sewing Machine Review in India

29 Built-In Stitches, Adjust Stitch length, and Automatic Reverse Stitching – is features often alien to sewing machines those priced around 10000 to 12000 Rupees. There are only handful sewing machine models in the market, which is genuinely all-around perfect. This Singer sewing machine is assuredly one of them. The reason being the three traits I mentioned in the inception of the paragraphs and while elaborating them, I would list out other nifty features as well, in next sections.

How fitting is this sewing machine in sewing designer fabrics? Here is the answer. The 29 Built-in stitch patterns consist of a set of four types of stitch patterns: namely 6 Basic, 15 Decorative, 7 Stretch, and 1 Buttonhole. Furthermore, the stitches can have a maximum width 5 mm. Measuring these features in a totality let to perceive it a sewing machine with an immense possibility of doing simple to design stitches.

→ Sewing Speed of this SIMPLE sewing machine

In general, sewing speeds falls between 700 to 1100 stitches per minute. The best sewing machine I have ever seen in my life, that one from the brand Singer could execute 1100 stitches per minute. 750 Stitches per minute is lightning fast and, in fact, no less than a wonder if that is executable by a roughly 12000 Rupees sewing machine.

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Such lightning sewing speed coupled with the set of advanced tailoring features makes this Singer Sewing machine above perfection. Thus, I would not hesitate in rating it A MUST BUY.


  • Easy Threading and Adjustable Stitch Length and Width
  • Heavy Metal Built Construction is a guarantee for durability
  • 29 Built-in Stitch Patterns include 15 Decorative Stitch patterns
  • Simple Stitch Selection
  • Automatic Reverse Stitching
  • Tune Stitch width up to 5 mm
  • And lots of free accessories in the sales box

Conclusion: If one is already proficient in sewing should invest in an advanced sewing machine like this one. Singer 3229 is not a semi-advanced sewing machine. It, in fact, comes with all mandatory features a sophisticated sewing machine would often have. Being priced reasonably goes in favor of buyers. That is not lowering the qualities of this sewing machine. Singer 3329 SIMPLE sewing machine is a value for money product. Do not miss it! Buy: 12000 Rupees


► Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine with Twin NEEDLE

Not much is a variation when comparing the Singer 3321 with Singer 3329. The only significant difference, which, by the way, makes a lot of influence on decorative sewing, is the “Twin NEEDLE Function.” Want to know what the twin needle function is – check this video.

Just because of the Twin Needle feature, the Singer Talent 3321 Sewing machine is tilted more towards embellishing stitching than the basic including the regular sewing. Here your requirement is the one will command which one to buy. Price-wise and the other set of features ditto matching pardoning the number of built-in stitches both the models have.

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The 3229 Model comes with 29 Stitch patterns whereas the 3321 model has just 21 wherein only ten stitch patterns are decorative, a five less than the number of decorative stitch patterns built-in with the earlier model. However, the 3229 sewing machine lacks twin Needle function, not to miss the role of this feature in decorative stitch.

Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine Review in India

→ Which one to buy Singer 3229 SIMPLE or 3321 TALENT Sewing Machine

As it is apparent from the names of the sewing machines, the variant from Singer SIMPLE series is all-weather solution whereas the variant from the TALENT series requires a driver with some talent in sewing to take thorough advantages of all its features. Read also Sewing Machine with 37 Stitch Patterns below 11000 Rupees.

I like both the sewing machines. Therefore, even for me, it is tough to decide for which one to vote. I have pressed on one should measure their requirements first. That can be done by answering what one wishes to do in a long run while using a sewing machine. I am good at sewing but do not consider myself creatively wild. Therefore, if I were to buy one, I would go with the Singer SIMPLE sewing machine. What would you prefer? Take a call. Drop a comment with your requirement below if you are not able to take a call on which sewing machine to buy. We will help you. Buy: 12500 Rupees

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