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4 Burner Gas stove Online under 6000 Rupees

Glen Glass Manual Gas Stove With 4 Burners Online

GLEN glass manual gas stove with 4 burners- Is it a worthy buy? Find out!!!

As the saying goes ‘we eat to live and not live to eat’. What that implies is that though we aren’t supposed to spend much time thinking about our kitchens, kitchen affairs are still paramount to our lives. How you prepare your food and the time you spend doing the same is somehow going to dictate how successful or time conscious you are going to be. Basically, food is a basic need that any human being cannot do without. Regardless of this fact, time is money and with the current economic crises, our stomachs have gradually become an ignored part of our daily living.

Now more than ever, people don’t want to waste even a single minute, especially in the kitchen. Using wrong cooking gadgets is perhaps one of the most feared menaces, especially for many of us who are obsessed with our jobs.

People want to cook rice, stew, and boil some tea all at the same time; and the only way this is possible- is by having a multi-cooker. A multi-cooker has more than one burner operating at the same time. Apparently, in this capitalistic era, the more burners you have, the more time you save and probably the richer you become. Read also High Capacity Easy to Clean Rice Cooker below 3500 Rupees.

About our Prize product: GLEN is one of the companies that have brought a lot of change as far as cooking devices are concerned. This company has shown great interest in producing multi cookers, especially for the Indian market. Obviously, being among the fastest growing Asian countries, India has a good demand for multi cookers since the people here want to “save time” and get richer, as highlighted earlier. As a result of this, Glen India has developed a very practicable cooker, the GLEN glass manual gas stove with 4 burners.

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This cooker was purposely made to get rid of unnecessary delays while cooking. In a country like India where cooking is not just a matter of boiling and frying, a 4-burner cooker is essential for any small or big sized family. The Indian culture indicates a people who cook several dishes for one meal, not to mention that most Indians live in extended families.

GLEN, being an Indian based company understands all these needs for the Indian market and has over time built a reputation in building Indian valid kitchen equipment. These equipment include items like sandwich makers, blenders, electric kettles and cooking burners. The GLEN glass manual gas stove 4 burners can be termed as the company’s brainchild. This product is designed with a lot of art, taste, and beauty in it, which makes it one very viable product for India as well as for other surrounding regions. Exclusive!! Pigeon Stainless Steel Gas Stove below 4000 Rupees.

Features of Glen glass manual gas stove 4 burners

A perfect balance between aesthetics and sturdiness: Everyone, regardless of which part of the world they are from, loves beauty. GLEN designers knew this and that’s why they built this product to be appealing to the eye. The cooker is made up of a brass metal which is shiny, especially when polished. Brass not only complements the product in terms of aesthetics, but it also adds on to its durability. The metal is heavy and so it cannot be squashed or damaged by mere kitchen operations. Moreover, the brass material is easy to clean to clean thus making the product a good item for any kitchen.

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This Glen glass stove comes in black color and has dimensions of 55 by 12 by 55 centimeters. The compact design means that it occupies less space on your kitchen counter.

Gives you value for your money: The item is quite affordable since it’s currently priced at 4034 Rupees.  Judging from the fact that some of its parts are made of stainless steel, (which is resistant to rust) you can tell that the thing lasts for some years before you need to replace it.  The burners are well positioned to promote efficiency. With this product, cooking is quickened and serving done at the right time since the 4 burners are always functional. Their correct positioning ensures that heat is distributed evenly on your cooking pans. This way, there are no delays in case you want to prepare several dishes.

GLEN Glass Manual 4 Burners Gas Stove Review and Specifications


Uniqueness and Safety

The Glen glass manual gas stove with 4 burners has some fiber plastic Knobs that are well designed giving it a unique look. It has a pan support which is coated so as to withstand high temperatures when cooking. On another point, the burner is ignited manually, meaning that toddlers can’t burn themselves since they can’t be able to turn the knobs. The upper surface is made of a strong glass which is less demanding in terms of maintenance, plus it gives the whole item a fabulous look.

The designers of this product included some drip trays on this device. This prevents overflowing cooking pots from messing up your kitchen, thus maintaining some level of hygiene around the cooking area. The drip trays are made of stainless steel making hence they can be cleaned effortlessly.

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The burner has pan supports that can hold different pot weights. These pan supports are powdered coated to prevent them from wearing out after many hours of usage. Weak pan supports could wreak havoc in your kitchen. At their worst, frail supports have caused serious burns to people, especially when they can’t hold cooking pots full of hot liquids firmly. What happens is that such pots usually cause the cooking pot to topple and burn the user.

 Pricing and Verdict: The current price of the burner is 4034 Rupees with a warranty of 2 years. On the bright side, this burner is affordable, but on its weaker side, you can’t detect when the gas is almost running out on you. So it’s highly advisable that you always have some cash with you, for refilling the gas. I recommend this burner to any person who is on a seriously tight budget yet needs all these burners. Otherwise, you can buy a better but smaller burner with the same figure. Also, consider Wonderchef Gas Induction Oven Friendly Cooking Pots.

Buy 4000 Rupees
Brand Glen
Product Niche Kitchen Appliance
Model GL 1041 GT
Weight 10 Kg
Product Dimensions 56.5 x 60 x 11.8 cm
Body Material Brass
Upper Surface material Glass (Easy to clean)
 Pan Support thickness 4 mm
Number of burners 4
Average User Rating 4.0/5 stars

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