While you can have a toolkit set for your car and motorbike, then why don't you have a set of essential tools to repair things at home?

Often people have a kit to improve a specific gadget, machine, home appliance, kitchen appliance, or which is near dear and crucial for them. For instance an electrical tester for checking whether electricity supply to the socket is through or not. However, they rely on call-on-mechanic to fix even a minor issue for example in a refrigerator.

Why can't you give a try and fix this fridge–after all it looks like a minor issue? No, I can't because I do not have necessary tools to open the refrigerator. So I come to back to the fundamental question, which I asked at the inception of this article. Why don't you have a toolbox with some essential pieces of tools?

If you can have a thermometer and electricity tester in your home, then you must have a household toolset, too. This review article presents some of the best Tool Kits available below 2000 Rupees. Instead of buying a specific toolset for each gadget, machine, and appliance — buy a set of 100 plus tools that could be helpful in fixing all simple problems in your home.

I can boastfully say that I save close to 5000 to 7000 Rupees every year. The money I might have spent to get on-call service just for fixing minor issues. The saving I made thanks to a Bosch household Hand toolkit I purchased around 3-Years back. Read also Best Impact Drill Machine Between 2000 to 4000 Rupees.

5 Best Home Use Tools Kit under 2500 Rupees

► Stanley Ultimate Household Tool Kit with 242-Tools

Those who work with such tools daily know well the best brands for tools. However, you may not know. Apparently, you don't need to know. Gadgets Shiksha team is here to help you–to find best tools from the top brands you should buy.

Stanley is a USA tools manufacturer with 174 Years of glorious past. This household toolkit set from the US brand is just best in quality. The count of tools, 242, in this household toolbox set is much more than the need for home use. In fact, 242 Pieces of tools is insane in numbers. The Stanley Ultimate tool, therefore, is the best collection of must-have tools made with lots of precision.

Stanley 71996IN Ultimate Tool Kit with 242 Tools

Moreover, quality-wise the tools are top-notch, entirely rustproof. Standley's Lifetime warranty ( for manufacturing defect only) is the cherry on the cake compliment added to it. Further, Stanley gives a good quality bag, too, to keep all these tools in one place in safety. Nice gesture from the brand and logical, also.

Bosch has a similar toolset with 108 essential tools. I am going to review that next. So which one should you buy, then? What makes the brand Stanley, a real competitor of Bosch is product class where it equals — and value-for-money where its toolbox exceeds that of the iconic Bosch.

Stanley tools are top rated on Amazon. That tells the whole story. Stanley started late in the Indian market. German brand Bosch, whereas, has been selling tools here since the sixties. Standley’s operations in India are now in full swing. Buyers can get details of Stanley products by calling to its toll-free number (1800-262-2161). Fantastic!

It looks like Stanley has done a tie-up with Amazon to sell its products in India. A good move indeed. The brand says on its product page on Amazon that if you have this household ultimate toolkit, you have tools to fix every mechanical problem. Therefore, recognize this one the final expense for essential tools in your this lifespan. I rehearse — for home use this household toolbox is perfect. I am in no way saying it is for pro work. For professional jobs, buy an advanced toolkit. Follow Gadgets Shiksha as this is the only website offers a genuine review of best tools currently up for sale.

Price 2400 Rupees
No of Tools 242 Pieces
Ideal for Home Maintenance
Warranty Lifetime


► Bosch All-in-One Hand Tool-Kit with 108-Tools

German brand Bosch requires no introduction. I am using a Bosch home use toolkit the model name is this. Accordingly, I can say with an authority that — buy Bosch products for best-in-class design and farthest quality.

While comparing the toolkit of Stanley and Bosch, product quality is not an issue. Therefore, I am going to direct on “Value for Money” aspect more here. Should you purchase the German brand or have confidence in the “Made in US” product? Hard to say at this point– isn't it?

Bosch Metal Hand Tool Kit with 108 Tools

The apparent difference appears in the solution both the brands offer for storing a bunch of tools. Bosch provides an excellent quality thick plastic box, trust that would last not less than ten years. Whereas Stanley has a flimsy bag, not actually, but when compared to the iconic Bosch Box — the bag is of a fragile quality. Stanley's tool bag would spoil in just a few years whereas Bosch's box is going to be remaining intake for a decade at least.

The 242 tools count is an exciting number. Apparently, you do not need this many tools to do simple repair work at home. However, those who is technician & service executive should go with the Stanley tools kit.

I already have one though. However, if I have to buy a new toolkit for home use, I would go with Bosch toolbox just because of the hard container. What would be your call, please share in the comment box below. Buy: 2400 Rupees


► Black+Decker Hand Tool Kit with 126-Tools

Black Decker is also a US brand and is also a big name in producing hand managed tools. As you can see in the title, the product is a collection of must have 126 pieces of tools for home use.

Much like what Bosch offers in its toolbox, this US brand has kept pretty much the same in its tools box. A secured carrying case and 126 pieces of tools are what makes to this Black Decker toolset. By the way, the number of tools in Black Decker box is 18 more than that of Bosch.

Officially, Black Decker provides only six months of warranty. Isn't this lowering value for buyers? No, because Bosch and Stanley technically have a pretty much same warranty terms. Both the brands have committed to the lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect. So once you noticed manufacturing defects, request for a replacement or repair. You cannot claim for manufacturing defect after a year. Practically, buyers get the warranty for just one week. That applies to all manufacturers, which produces home use toolboxes, not including tools and guns required electricity.

Black Decker Hand Tool Kit with 126 Tools

Build quality of the Black Decker toolbox is not that sturdy. When compared with Bosch, Stanley, the Black Decker toolset appear not that sturdy, and they lack an excellent finishing touch, too.

In spite of all pros and cons, the Black Decker toolbox is one of best household Hand toolkits under 2000 Rupees. The decision part — which one to buy — I live it to you to decide.

Just because of not having a carry case, I undervalued the Stanley Toolbox. However, Black Decker and Bosch toolkit are same, but the apparent difference is in their build quality. Bosch is as always superior in ensuring a greater quality for its products, hence guaranteeing the durability of them.

Price 1700 to 2200 Rupees
Model No BMT108C 108 Tools
Model No BMT126C 126 Tools
Model No BMT154C 154 Tools
Ideal for Home Maintanance
Warranty 180 Days from the date of purchase


► Goodyear Household Tool Kit with 31 Tools

If you are looking for a toolkit at a lower price, say around 1500, I suggest this Goodyear toolbox, then. This toolbox has a collection of 31 most essential pieces of tools for home use. It is a complete collection, and it comes packed in a good quality box, that is sturdy, too. As I can see the quality of tools and the box, both will survive for a decade at least. However, in that duration by then you would have already saved close to not less than 20000 Rupees that might have spent on repairing various things.

Let us know what buyers of this Household Tool Kit has to say because they are the one, who have used it on a real job. The Gadgets Shiksha research team can't keep and use a product every day to draw a conclusion that how well the product functions. Therefore, we pull out responses of those who have used the product for a reasonable period.

Goodyear Household Tool Kit with 31 Tools

While on Amazon this Goodyear Household Toolkit is not on shoppers' radar, it has acquired fantastic feedback on Flipkart. It is, in fact, one top-selling home use toolkit in its category. Moreover, it has excellent 4.3 Point rating.

I give a buy call for this Goodyear Toolkit, purposely designed for home use. This tool Kit has an excellent build quality, its price is so-so, and it comes packed in a sturdy carry case. Buy when some 20% PhonePe discount offer is on at Flipkart. Buy: 1400 Rupees