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4 Best Gaming Monitors below 25000 Rupees

4 Best Gaming Monitors below 25000 Rupees

Gaming has had quite a more prominent role to play in each of our lives. It’s something every one of us yearned since our very childhood. Remember the times when we enjoyed our entourage with the home consoles of Nintendo and others. Wasn’t that a lovely time?

Since then, gaming has gone through an enormous technological evolution with modern PC gaming, consoles and more. And it was this thought that made us sit up and be aware of the gaming monitors that are making their way into the markets. So we thought of looking into the plethora of gaming monitors and pick the best of the lot in our specifically designated review series. As for our set parameters, we pitched these below-mentioned gaming monitors against different factors like pixel resolution, refresh rate, panel size, video inputs and much more to come up with the best.

But before dipping into it, a question might pop up as why gaming monitors? Well just because gaming monitors are the gateway to transporting yourself into some other virtual world. And nothing beats the thrill one derives via the immersive gaming action on the screen. Read also 20 Best Full HD Computer Monitors below 12000 Rupees.

So let’s head downstairs and have a look at these top-line gaming monitors that are sure to offer you the best gaming experience you can ever seek.

27-Inch Samsung Gaming LED Monitor S27F350FHW

We will be starting off our list with this piece from Samsung, a company well known for its mobile as well as computer offerings. Samsung has been offering pretty good gaming monitors down the years, and the trend continues along with this one.

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  • Monitor Type- LED
  • Screen Size- 26.5 inches
  • Dimensions- 62.6 x 24.7 x 46.2 cm
  • Resolution- 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Response Time- 4 ms
  • Brightness- 250 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio- Mega
  • Display Colors- 16.7-million
  • Viewing Angle- 178 degrees (Both Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Computer Interference- HDMI
  • Weight- 4.8 kg

Design: Monitors, either gaming ones or normal aren’t always an apple to the eye adhering to their large, bulky frame and looks. This one treads between the line of exciting and boring at the same time. It comes with slim design supported by glossy back and a brushed metal rear panel but the base lefts a lot to be desired. It seems to assemble pretty easily but remains wobbly when set up. Read also 4 Top Gaming Monitors below 15000 Rupees.

Further, this Samsung LED monitor comes with single control system along with a four-way control stick placed just below the LED power light. It has HDMI port, VGA port and a headphone outlet on the rear side. However, all things aside, this isn’t wall mountable, something that would have made such a difference.

Samsung 27 Inch Gaming LED Monitor S27F350FHW

Performance and Functionality of this Samsung LED Monitor

Samsung has equipped this monitor with Full HD resolution that nicely sits when put to use. It’s contrast ratio at 1000:1 is a good one and the response time of 4ms is decent at this price range. It comes with a color temperature of 7471K via default mechanism that can be calibrated as per the need. But the calibration as a whole seems average on this piece.

It offers refreshing color accuracy with a measure of deltaE of 2.29, something which should be more than enough for average gaming. As for major gaming, this won’t answer your call. However, there’s a thing that redeems all of it, the viewing angles. It’s 178-degrees viewing angle on both horizontal and vertical stance provides a much better outlet.

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What we loved about it:-

  • Great viewing angles
  • Easy to use control mechanism

What we disliked about it:-

  • Inconsistent brightness and consistency
  • Wobbly base

The Bottom line: Available at Rs 17,599 at Amazon this does make up for a good investment. But that’s how far it will go. If you want to experience top-line gaming arcade, go for other options listed in this review series.

Buy 17500 Rupees


25-Inch LG 25UM58 Ultra-Wide Desktop LED Monitor

Speaking of top gaming monitors and not including LG would be such a crime. And we couldn’t commit such a misdeed. Here’s us with a review of LG’s very own 25UM58 piece which has been revered as the most exceptional Ultra-Wide monitors around. Read along for more.

Technical Briefing:-

  • Monitor Type- IPS LED
  • Screen Size-25 inches
  • Dimensions-61 x 18.8 x 38.4 cm
  • Resolution- 2560 x 1080 pixels
  • Response Time- 5 ms
  • Brightness- 250 cd/m2
  • Display Colors- 16.7 million
  • Computer Interference- HDMI
  • Viewing Angle- 178 degrees
  • Weight- 3.99 kg

Design: With a pretty much nice, black design placed on a steady stand, this one from LG is a beauty to the eye. It’s ultra wide resolution makes for a great viewing and a certain time spent on this one will mean you’ll never to want to use the normal monitors once again. This is a dream come true for those professionals and gamers who love using the wide screens. Read also Samsung LED Computer Monitor with Inbuilt Audio System.

There’s no inbuilt speaker in this one but comes with headphone outlet for connecting with outside speakers. It has a bunch of buttons on the rear side like power connectivity, a couple of HDMI ports and all.

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LG 25UM58 25-inch Ultra-Wide Gaming LED Monitor for Desktop

Performance and Operation of this LG Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

It’s IPS panel grants 99% RGB spectrum with richer detail than ever. The optimized presets mean you can define the brightness and color conditions as per your liking. The viewing angles of 178 degrees also make up for a great option. The only downside, it’s response time being 1ms slower than that of Samsung’s S27F350.

LG 25UM58’s ultra-wide monitor means there’s 21:9 aspect ratio integrated within. Not just that, there are several modes which the users can set-up as per their liking. The two FFP modes will make the settings more attuned towards fast-paced shooter games with sharpened backgrounds and brightness. Other than that, you can also set up your custom gaming modes, and further different presets like Photo, Cinema, Reader, and Custom with it.

You can control the screen with LG’s exclusive On-screen control allowing you to adjust the settings via a mouse which is much quicker than via button navigation. It also has Screen Splitter feature, which is perfect for multi-tasking. All you need is to install the software, and you’re good to go. Read also Samsung LG Computer Monitor with IPS Display.

What we loved about it:-

  • IPS LED screen with Full HD resolution
  • Ultra-Wide Display
  • Split Screen 2.0

What we disliked about it:-

  • Lack of built-in speakers
  • Not every game supports 21:9 aspect ratio

The Bottom line: With a price tag of Rs 15,990 at Amazon, this one does spell a bargain buy when things considered. With Full HD resolution, IPS LED display and ultra-broad monitor build– it’s an excellent choice to invest in. It’s perfect for gamers and professionals who love the split screen feature.

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Buy 16000 Rupees


BenQ ZOWIE Console eSports Gaming LED Monitor for Desktop

BenQ has been setting benchmarks for long with their excellent monitor offerings, and this series primarily known as the ZOWIE console tops the list for many. The ZOWIE Console eSports series includes different variants like that of RL2455, RL2460 and RL2755. We here would be briefing RL2455, the 24-inch variant as for our review.

Technical Briefing:-

  • Monitor Type- LED lit
  • Screen Size- 24 inches
  • Dimensions- 18.9 x 57.9 x 43.5 cm
  • Resolution- 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Response Time- 1 ms
  • Brightness- 250 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio- 1000:1
  • Computer Interference- HDMI x 2
  • Weight- 4.08 kg

Design: BenQ has kept the design as minimalistic as it can with an all-black look. There’s a small red strip on the bottom part that speaks of BenQ’s trademark ZOWIE design. It shares the curved base as that of its senior RL family members but lacks in the rubberized controller or headphone stand which is only present in the RL2755 model.

The monitor can be titled as per the liking with up to 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees on the front side. It’s pretty lightweight and also sits up nicely on the desk unlike that of Samsung’s wobbly stand.

It has a couple of HDMI ports along with line-in port, DVI port, D-SUB input and headphone jack as part of the connectivity options. The front side of the monitor has five different buttons along with power switch for navigating through the settings. However, you won’t find a dedicated sound button something which is a slight downside.

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BenQ ZOWIE Console eSports Gaming LED

Performance and Functionality of this Gaming Monitor

Just as the name relays, it’s made primarily with real-time strategy gaming in mind and does it job quite perfectly. You won’t find any issues in all of the real-time strategy games adhering to detailed close-ups and intense color saturation. It’s wholly optimized for console eSports games and is a most adopted piece in entire e-Sports tournaments and competitions.

Moving onto the brightness aspect, BenQ has put in impressive numbers with this gaming monitor. The color comes along as reasonably accurate on most levels and is well optimized for. There are further two real-time strategy modes as default set-ups, one for games like StarCraft and another for those battle games.

Apart from that, you can also use the neutral settings — which are perfect for any of non-strategy games. Along with that, you will even have your hands full with movie mode, eco mode and gamer presets. Not to forget, the quick responsiveness which makes it safe to say that this is one of the fastest monitors around. Read also Elite Computer Monitor for Gaming and Productivity.

What we loved about it:

  • Crisp and clear visuals
  • Multiple presets
  • Great performance
  • Affordable price tag

What we disliked about it: Absence of height adjustment

The Bottom line: BenQ has made this gaming monitor available at just Rs 13,897 which is a great steal in comparison to the host of other monitors. With such high graphics and visual rendering, ample preset options and modes and all that you can seek in a perfect piece of gaming monitor, BenQ RL2455 deserves all the top plaudits. And you’d be making a excellent choice with this one.

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Buy 14000 Rupees


24-Inch LG 24GM77 Widescreen LED Gaming Monitor

Well here’s another one from LG making the cut into our list and this one to say the least is one of the most ergonomic pieces you’ll ever encounter in your life. It’s a high-end variant in a long line of LG’s gaming monitors and is much better than the one we listed above, i.e., 25UM58. However, the price spectrum is also on the high note. But that’s something we’ll look into. First things first, let’s have a look at what we make up about this monitor in our review. Join in.

Technical Briefing:-

  • Monitor Type- Twisted Nematic (TN) LED, wide array
  • Screen Size- 24 inches
  • Dimensions- 56.8 x 24.9 x 40.1 cm
  • Resolution- 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Refresh rate- 144 Hz
  • Response Time- 1 ms
  • Brightness- 350 cd/m2
  • Viewing Angle-170 degrees
  • Computer Interference- HDMI x 2, VGA x 1
  • Weight- 5.8 kg

Design: LG has improved the design and look factor with this monitor that on the previous model but you’ll still not find it stylish or suited as like that of BenQ. It has a black body which provides the gaming feel and comes with a non-reflective panel. The monitor is held in place by a plastic base which features height adjustment too. The display can be titled along to 25 degrees and can turn fully into portrait from the landscape in a 90-degree swivel. A thing to like about this one is the option of wall mounting, something not present on other pieces.

The front side features control panel that has that has buttons like arrow ones, Black stabilizer, game mode and dynamic action. Black stabilizer helps along in brightening up any dark images and scenes while the dynamic action helps minimize any lags that may appear. It has a couple of HDMI ports along with VGA cable connector on the rear side of the monitor.

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LG 24GM77 24-Inch Widescreen LED Gaming Monitor

How expressive is this LG LED computer Monitor in Daily Use?

On this Gaming Monitor (24GM77), LG’s awesome setup makes up for one exceptional gaming experience to the users. Its Full HD resolution paired alongside the 144Hz means you’ll never go back to the 60Hz set-up ever again. However, if you ever connect this via HDMI, then you’ll have to quench your thirst with just 60Hz. This gaming monitor also comes with Motion 240 blur-reduction, but it can’t be used when running on 144Hz set-up. Read also 24 inch Dell LED Monitor below 17000 Rupees.

As for brightness, the colors are quite accurate and a slightly warmer. The contrast part works wonder with black and grays performing perfectly. The viewing angles are great when in landscape mode and the colors appear sharper and more. Although, when you change into portrait mode, you may find a slight decrease in image brightness and accuracy.

LG has offered different Game modes with this monitor just like those provided by BenQ and comes with different settings that can be amped as per the liking. All the presets can be either used as provided by LG which is Gamer 1, Gamer 2, RTS, FPS 1 and FPS 2 or changed via on-screen adjustments.

What we loved about it:-

  • Great resolution aspect
  • Presence of 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Brighter color accuracy

What we disliked about it:-

  • Portrait mode isn’t that right
  • Viewing angle performance lefts a lot to be desired

The Bottom line: LG’s 24GM77 is a fine choice for anyone seeking a top-line 24-inch gaming monitor with adequate resolution and that 144Hz refresh rate. Its performance is pretty smooth and great to play either of your live-action or real-time strategy games. But barring that, the presence of portrait mode isn’t all that great. It’s currently available via Amazon at a price of Rs 23,990.

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Buy 24000 Rupees

With a market flooded with gaming monitors, the choices come thick and fast. Amidst all these, getting to know the best piece around with the best value for your money is a tough task. But it’s a task which we enjoy to the core. We hope you’ll find these gaming monitors fit for your purpose. Share your view on this one with us down below via the comment box and let us know about it.

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