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33 Best Electric Shaver for Men in The Indian Market

33 Best Electric Shaver for Men in the Indian Market

In this piece, I take a look to the best electric shavers on sale in the online and local electronics stores currently. After weeks of study on the top electric shavers, I am ready to submit here some 30 plus top-rated shaver (with trimmer) from known and unknown brands. This electrical shaver review article, therefore, is the ultimate destination to select an outstanding shaver in your budget. All the shavers listed here are on sale in the price range of 400 to 4000 Rupees.

In this review study, the GS research team has awarded place only to those products that got approval from users as well as experts. The study period was more extended than usual since the number of the possible shavers was large and the same time was finding electric shaver users a big challenge. However, now we are ready with the data and ready with the list of the top user-friendly shavers that would efficiently provide perfect shave many years to come. Read also Philips Nose Trimmer with Durable Stainless Steel Blades.

Ultra Affordable Shavers for Indian Men in India

Sometimes conserving money by ordering a cheap product leads to eventually spending more money to get a working one in hand. Therefore, I would never propose buying a product of an unknown brand when not sure about its quality but buying just to save money. To be fair to the manufacturer, expecting a lasting product in only 400 or 500 Rupees is too much to ask when the underlying technology to produce the output requires a higher sum of investment.

Still, those willing to buy an inexpensive shaver, coming up next, are some hints to consider. Despite concerns here and there, these affordable shavers have qualities to last some years despite being regularly used.

I begin here with the shaver brand “Clean” and its one top-selling shaver under 500 Rupees “Clean-178“. Priced originally 999 Rupees and now after massive discount, it is on sale for just Rupees 400. The shaver operates on single rechargeable AA battery, which gets charged in 60 to 70 minutes and that gives — up to 45 minutes of its use time. One of the key highlights of this 400 Rupees shaver is — it supports universal voltage meaning it is an ideal shaver set to keep in your travel bag on foreign tours. This shaver looks flawless, and its tech specs are relevant for its current price.

Not convinced with the shaver, want something better? Separate the one from its ideal alternatives. Kemei 3018 and Toshiko 028 shaver for men are also two brilliant shavers under 400 Rupees. I am sure now you can finalize one from the given three shaver options.

For the price of 500 Rupees, Maxel AK – 3017 shaver & trimmer kit is an outstanding choice. In fact, this is the most affordable grooming kit which has some standard. It bears foil shaver head, two trimmer head – one for head shaving and another one for beard shaving. Therefore, this package is also a fitting trimmer kit for saloon shops.

The digital display and LED indicator of this Maxel affordable shaver help a lot to users. You may also consider Maxel's grooming kit model AK952, which is an excellent collection of a shaver, hair clipper, and ear & nose trimmer.

Perfect Shaver for Men in the Price Range of 600 to 900 Rupees

BONUM RSCW-9500 Shaver at the current price of 650 Rupees is an adequate shaver for men. This shaver has the specialties only seen on pricy premium shavers. Apparently, the double head-reciprocating shaver turned out to be very useful in giving a precise shave every time. The blades property of this BONUM shaver, too, is of a standard quality.

From around 800 Rupees price starts Philips shaver and trimmer range. However, in that amount, Philips offers not a whole set instead just one single unit. Therefore, if you are looking for a grooming set that includes trimmer and shaver heads, why not consider POWERNRI M-2020 Grooming Kit. The build quality of this POWERNRI product seems to be impressive, and it bears necessary accessories withal.

For the price of Rupees 800, JIONX JX-PG 100 Shaver is also a remarkable kit for those looking for shaver kit in an affordable budget. What I liked is that even if the shaver is limited in features produces a perfect shave in every use. I eschew fancy features on electronics product that mostly has nothing to do with the central character of the product. Decorative elements on electronic apparatus apparently do not add value instead adds a higher possibility of having an early malfunction.

In the price range of 800 to 900 Rupees, Kemei has two favorite shaver kits: KM-8101 and its successor KM-8102. However, I insist here that must read the product specs well ere ordering one. See the product quality is adequate, and the brand Kemei is a well-known name, too. As a matter of fact, at GS we had introduced the brand while reviewing its one bestselling lady shaver. So I cannot accept that the trademark and its products are faulty, mostly not of standard quality. However, people are complaining about the shaver kit. See, you will get a wrong product if bought without validating the core character and ability as well as limitation of an electronic product. Websites like the GS can only suggest the best products on the market. In no way, I can conjecture what your particular need is.

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Durable Shaver for Men under 1500 Rupees

The brand NOVA has been a favorite of budget customers. With hundreds of electronics product in the online market, this Indian brand has been able to position itself successfully among the fastest growing middle-class consumer base.

Nova has two successful shaver kits under 1500 Rupees: Nova NAV-710, its successor NAV-730. See if you try to compare NOVA products with that of Philips, it wouldn't be a fair comparison. Philips shaver costs big money. Still, not all the Philips products are a top favorite of buyers.

The build quality of the Nova Shavers is impressive and enduring. Getting a perfect shave by using one of them — is apparently easy thanks to an ergonomic design both the shavers have. All one has to do is that to switch it ON, then shave, and then switch it OFF— done. In fact, if you are going to use a shaver for the first time, this NOVA shaver range is best for you.

For pro user, I suggest Nova NAV-730 for its competent 4D Tech Blade system. In fact, this 1400 Rupees shaver is just mind-blowing because of precision and comfort it provides while barbering. Here an important point must come to your notice is that Nova awards two years of service on the NAV-710 shaver whereas only one year of service assurance for NAV-730 model. Nova also combined a nose trimmer with this kit. The reasons to buy the Nova shaver kit are many: enduring build quality, easy to operate control buttons, and washable & changeable 4D Tech Blade system.

Search online “Body shaver for men,” and you wouldn't see several quality options to choose from. Philips BG1024 and its heir BG1025 is first and last and in fact, the final body shaver that is less pricey and of superior quality. We have already done an independent review of this body shaver: go through that to learn more about this best-selling Philips body shaver.

Who does not want to save money? Out to buy a body shaver & trimmer, to save money buy the Orbit 5010GK kit at 1500 Rupees. You are definitely saving money on this buy. This package is a complete set, and it consists of trimmer, shaver, and clipper — required to look gentlemen in-and-out. There are five light attachment heads with this grooming kit.

Having this Orbit grooming kit in your travel bag means you need not look for a hair salon for body shaving, beard trimming, hair trimming, regular shaving, and trimming unwanted hair in your ear & nose. Apparently, it is just a perfect and a complete kit. If I am not wrong this the cheapest package with all essentials that too in standard quality. You can reliably invest in this Orbit brand grooming kit. Trust the most robust Titanium alloy blades for a precision cut.

At the price of 1400 Rupees, UMANAC SH9000 Shaver for Men is an excellent substitute. This shaver looks elegant, efficient and it has a three head architect on top that smoothly slides on user's face during a shave. The three precision rotating head of this shaver provides a perfect shave in much lesser time. It requires being in charging mode continuously for 7 to 8 hours for offering 45 minutes of shave time. “Flipkart Assured” certifies the build quality of this premium shaver for Indian men. Thus, this UMANAC shaver despite being a product of unknown is safe to venture in.

Shaver for Indian Men in the Price Range of 1500 to 2000 Rupees

At the price of 1600 Rupees, Vega VHST-01 is a value for money Shaver. It comes with advanced traits and is fit for a wet and dry shave. Meaning electric function of this cordless shaver is protected under a waterproof shell. This Shaver has five levels LED indicator, and its one hour of quick charging gives close to 45 minutes of use. With three rotating heads, this efficient shaver not only provides a perfect shave in less time but also it is a body shaver. Apply gel or foam on your stubble and use this trimmer get a sharp shave in just one go. VEGA is a famous brand for such personal appliances and identified primarily for making brilliant hair dryer and straightener for women.

Nova's washable Shaver For Men is a genuine alternative to the VEGA shaver. The NOVA shaver is also an all body shaver as well as an ear & nose trimmer, too. Further, it is also a cordless trimmer & shaver and has the hair lift, trim, and cut function for adding hair styling.

You must have seen Syska LED ads on television. Have you ever thought of trying a Syska shaver? Syska ProShave Shaver For Men is finding enough appeal in the market to be in this best shaver review article. Even if this Indian brand shaver is not that impressive in features, it gives a perfect shave without hurting skin. There are multiple variants of this electric shaver. Measure them as well, before saying YES to anyone. The ultra-Blades of this shaver is made out of real stainless steel hence no effort is required during shave and trim. Heads of this Syska budget shaver is washable. With so many great features, two years of warranty from the brand Syska makes this shaver a good deal at its current price.

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Syska has also launched a sister product Acusharp Reciprocating Shaver, and to make it appealing sale at the current rate of 1950 Rupees, included much-needed nose & ear trimmer head, too. This Acusharp shaver, however, got a red flag from users and experts for thin blades quality and the overall design it has which is not that effective in giving a proper shave. So, there has to be an alternative. Instead of the Syska Acusharp shaver try Panasonic ES3833S – a battery operated pocket shaver. We have previously reviewed this efficient shaver. You can trust the Panasonic shave as thousands of buyers have already done by ordering it online market.

Moving to the next around 2000 Rupees the Flyco Wet & Dry Shaver for men is a perfect shaver. This shaver so far sold in good number and got high ratings, too. We were, in fact, the first website to put out a review of this in-demand shaver. Check the review of Flyco FS373IN Wet & Dry shaver here.

Cordless Shaver in the Price Range of 2000 to 3000 Rupees

In this price segment, the favorite brands have many best-selling shavers on sale. The first shaver that is worthy enough to be listed here is one from Panasonic, priced around 2500 Rupees. This is a top rated shaver, and its build quality is just mind-blowing. The foil shaver head of this Panasonic champ (model : ES-SA40-K44B) is useful. Its power backup is just mediocre, though. That requires eight to nine hours of continuous charging for using it for only 20 minutes. Buyer's favorite shaver it is with a sub-standard quality of battery backup. Still, I recommended this Panasonic shaver for its precision in shaving and light in weight build.

In the price range of 2000 to 3000 Rupees, the brand Syska has three favorite shavers currently on sale in the India market. All the three shavers listed here have the same specs. However, the apparent difference is in their design thereby comfort ensured while in use. Syska has relied on the use of the technology “360 Degree Complete Acute Shaving System” for a perfect shave in less time. And everything comes down to how innovative is the use of three rotating heads.

On all the Syska shaver the time required to charge the battery is relatively less, and the stored fuel lasts longer. Understand the efficiency of the cell backup by this calculation magic.

A close to 2 to 3 hours of charging results in eight to ten minutes of perfect shave time. As a result, a quick charging session would give comfortable two shave meaning work done for a week at least.  In fact, the same is the opinion of those who have been using Syska shaver. This is obvious since Syska is a noted UPS and power bank brand. The Indian name has mastered in the technology to shrink the size of battery yet hold the maximum possible power in it.

Not to forget Syska offers two years of free service on all its shaver. So you have another good reason to consider a Syska shaver. To buy a Syska shaver online, click here.

Impactful Premium Electric Shaver for Precision Shaving

Braun is the only brand for which personal appliances is the core business hence this US brand should be called a specialist name in personal appliances market. While in western market Braun is the first preference of buyers, in India Philips holds that reputation. The apparent reason is the product price of both the foreign brands. Braun's personal appliances kit sell at the rate of 8000 to 15000 Rupees. Therefore if Braun shaver for men is available at just 2500 Rupees, it is news. I did not expect that Braun would ever make its product so affordable in the Indian market.

Braun Series-3 3040 Shaver For Men is a brilliant kit. The key highlights of this trimmer include waterproof build, cordless use, pop-up trimmer, easy to recharge and a more prolonged use time.

Further, the blade precision and the design of the blades on the head is also a factor as to why buyers should consider this Braun shaver kit. A sub-standard shaver often fails in giving shave if tried to shave within three days from the last shave. However, this Braun shaver can. And, it can efficiently shave without hurting skin. Itching and irritation because of the use of an electric shaver are a real concern. That happens when shaver blades — to reach hair root forcefully make scratches on the skin. However, this Braun shaver follows the advanced precision shaving technique that gets you gentlemen look in few seconds.

The Braun shaver requires an investment of 4000+ Rupees. What if I need a perfect shaver around 3000 Rupees. Indian brand Havells has an answer. The Havells RS7101 Shaver For Men bears some latest technology in electric shaver hence it is nowadays a top attraction among customers. While other shavers just rely on three rotating head, this Havells shaver has an additional feature, the dual tracking system that resides within each rotating head. This ensures maximum and faster coverage hence results in precision shaving in much lesser time.

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Want to try shaving under the rain! You might have heard about the IPX7 technology; Sony had introduced the waterproof technology to the public through its Xperia Smartphones. This Havells shaver has the same certification to prove its protection from moister and running water. Thus, this the best shaver to use under a running shower. The lithium-ion battery of this electric shaver is not that resourceful takes close to 8 to 9 hours in getting encumbered 100% that could last however only 25 to 30 Minutes. In that time though you can do no less than 5 to 8 shave. Therefore, even if you do one shave in every three days the Braun shaver has to powered up once is 15 to 20 days only. Isn't this Cool?

A good quality pouch to keep the shaver and its accessories safe in one place, universal voltage support, and easy to wash under running water are together become enough reasons to make this Havells shaver cum trimmer a must-have for you. The shaver is a product of a highly reputed Indian brand, and it comes with lots of unexpected but great features, too. A successor of this shaver is the latest version, Havells RS7131 Shaver For Men. However, the newest version would cost little more money.

Top-Rated Philips Shaver for Men under 4000 Rupees

Philips's shaver range starts from 1500 Rupees price. The first shaver that became a mass hit was the model no AT600. This Aqua Touch shaver has the design of two moving heads, and by that, it gives a perfect shave in every use. It operates on a single rechargeable battery that requires close to 8 hours of charging and that results in close to 60 minutes of use. This means once fully loaded the shaver would work for at least a whole month. The affordable Philips shaver is made for wet and dry shaving. However, what makes this budget shaver, a pro is that a total of 3 years of service warranty on it. Succeeding the model is the latest AquaTouch AT610, and its successor AquaTouch AT620 and further its successor is AT621, and eventually, the newest model in the AquaTouch shaver series is AT756.

Essentially, with every successive model, Philips has upgraded power and improved designed, made Ergonomic Easy Grip even better, and secured blades precision. This has resulted in a better performance guaranteed by every successive shaver model. The shaver models are available at five different price points: 1600 Rupees, 2000 Rupees, and 2500 Rupees, 3350 Rupees, and 3000 Rupees. Buy the one that fits your budget for a new electric shaver.

At the current price of 3350 Rupees, Philips QS6140 model has been buyers favorite because of its 2-in-1 shaver cum trimmer function. Essentially Philips advertising it a dedicated shaver for trim, style, and shave.  So it can be termed an all-in-one shaver, however, when compared with — what Philips has the latest in the market in the same price, it fails to satisfy on the value for money measures. The key features of this shaver many: the durable metal trimmer head can be adjusted to 12 different lengths, and there is reversible trimmer function withal. Not suggesting this shaver to be the best buy but you must consider it if the budget for a new shaver is around 3500 Rupees.

The next-generation shaver from Philips bears the flexibility of 5-direction flex head and rapid skin protection system. The Philips S5050 Shaver for Men, currently being sold at the price of 4000 Rupees is a next-gen shaver. To reach 100% onboard power the shaver requires 8-hours of continuous charging whereas a quick charging session of 10 minutes collects enough fuel for a complete shave. Nothing fancy in terms of shaving features even though it is a costly shaver. However, by its use, it becomes evident that Philips has designed it for faster performance, better user control, and ultimate skin protection. Philips also has added a trimmer head in the sale box for styling mustache, and sideburns, a course of action following a perfect shave.

Now an obvious question is should you buy it? See there is either similar or even better shaver from Philips at a lesser price on sale currently. Then investing 4000 Rupees for this shaver has no justification. It comes with nothing extraordinary. I had expected it to have a better power management at least, but it fails despite being a costly shaving apparatus. Going by the current standard in the market, its price Rupees 4000 is just too much. So I leave it to you to decide whether to buy this or not.

I would love to see your response to this shaver review article. Shaver your review below in the comment box and share this article with your friends.

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