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32 Inch Full HD TV – Best LED TV under 35000 Rupees

32 Inch Full HD TV Best LED TV under 35000 Rupees

The ideal screen size for a LED TV in India is 32-Inch. Sales of 32 Inch LED TV accounts more than sixty percent of all other screen sizes put together. Therefore, at the Gadgets Shiksha, we decided to present an exclusive piece on the best 32 Inch full HD TV presently in the market. This article would help you to select one fitting full HD LED TV in your budget.

While there are hundreds of models with HD resolution, 32 Inch LED TV with Full HD screen resolution are just a few. Prominent brands that are producing excellent quality LED TVs are only Sony and Samsung. With many top-rated variants on sale, Samsung leads the segment in the Indian market. However, Sony sells the best full HD 32-inch smart led TV.

Branded 32 Inch Full HD LED TV price in India is in the range of 15000 to 40000 Rupees. However, here I am going to review the models, which are outstanding options under 35000 Rupees.

Often people ask us to suggest an ideal screen size for a LED TV that would fit well in their home. To install in a bedroom, I recommend a 32 Inch Full HD TV. However, for drawing room or the main hall in your house, order a LED TV with screen size not smaller than 40 Inch. I think a Full HD 43-Inch or a 49-Inch LED TV would be perfect.

Viewing angles do not matter much in a LED TV for bedroom use. However, the LED TV you are going to install in the living room should have excellent viewing angles.

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Next is the best-LED TV brand in India. For a great picture and sound quality, Sony LED TVs are the best option. Following Sony is the brand Samsung and then comes LG. In the low budget, my favorite brands are Onida and Vu. You could also consider products of Sanyo and BPL although.

If you are looking for a LED TV under 20000 Rupees, then first look for the best model of Vu LED TV. Not only the brand Vu sells excellent quality products at less price, but also Vu service quality is winning customers’ heart.

If post-sales service matters to you, then the best brand for a LED TV is Vu. Other recommended brands in the order are LG, Samsung, and at the end Sony. A bitter fact about Sony service is — I am yet to find a happy customer. Sony has a reputation for producing LED TVs with excellent audio & video function and high-quality build. A Sony LED TV would entertain your family for years. Users find themselves in trouble, however, when their TV unit gets an issue.

With most of the LED TV variants, Vu offers up to 3 years of warranty. In case of a major malfunction in your Vu TV unit, instead of repairing, the brand ships a new unit to your address. For customers, it is a win-win case. Wouldn't you be happy if after using a LED TV for ten months, getting a fresh piece instead of the old TV is being repaired? The rest of the brands although would send their technician to fix the TV. Thus, Vu is the best brand for LED TV. Read also Premium Bluetooth Speaker TV Soundbar and Subwoofer.

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► Vu 32D6545 – The Cheapest 32 Inch full HD TV

The brand Vu does not have many 32 Inch Full HD LED TV on the market. There is only one model on sale. Let me inform upfront that the Vu LED TV is now a two-year-old model. In spite of being on sale for more than two years, it is still one of the best-selling LED TVs on Flipkart.

I recommend it here because of its excellent features. Its price is unquestionably accurate as well. You need to pay only 15500 Rupees to get the 32 Inch Full HD TV home. Those looking for a full HD 32 Inch LED TV under 20000 Rupees are still buying it.

The features, which makes the TV special is inbuilt media player, auto volume leveler, High brightness in the Screen, and digital noise reduction feature for better clarity on the screen. Furthermore, you can play movies right from a pendrive on this Vu full HD 32 Inch LED TV.

Vu 32D6545 Cheapest 32 Inch full HD TV

You can also use it as a computer monitor. However, it may not be a fit monitor for playing gaming. The reason is its high response time. For gaming, you need a LED TV or a Monitor with 5ms response time whereas response time of this cheapest 32 inch full HD LED TV is 8ms.

The Vu TV has a sturdy, stylish build with narrow bezels and all the connection ports are easily reachable. The picture & audio quality is stunning, natural. In fact, Vu somehow manages to push the quality close to what the top brands provide on their LED TVs using their exceptional signature technologies.

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Cons: The booting time of the TV is a bit longer. Another concern is lacking screen-mirroring feature. The function to connect it to a smartphone is absent on this full HD 32 inches TV. That is a needed function since most of the contents people keep on their smartphone.

Comparing this Vu 32 Inch Full HD TV with a Samsung or Sony LED TV would not be fair. The 32 Inch Full HD LED TV price is only15500 Rupees. However, no Samsung and Sony LED TV with 32 Inch Full HD Screen are available under 20000 Rupees. Thus, the Vu TV is a total Paisa Vasool.

Price 15500 Rupees
USB Yes, 2
Headphone Jack Yes, 1
Brightness 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 1000000:1 (Static)
View Angle 178 Degree Horizontal
Panel Type ADS Panel
Audio 16-Watts, Audio Output to Connect with Speaker, AVL
Power Consumption 65-Watt


► Samsung 32M5100 – The Best 32 inch Full HD LED TV below 25000 Rupees

Because of smart share features, the Samsung TV is an attractive choice at the current price. The 32 Inch Full HD LED TV is not an entirely smart LED TV. It has many useful features, although. Well designed for today's requirement, Samsung 32M5100 is an ideal semi-smart TV at an affordable price.

Not only the Samsung 32 Inch Full HD TV comes with screen mirroring, but it also has sound mirroring function. Thus, you can cast your smartphone to it as well as you can use the two down-firing speakers of the TV to play favorite tracks from your smartphone. Besides, the sound mirroring feature is also useful to connect it to a Home Theater system wirelessly. You can connect and disconnect it with a speaker system on a click. You do not need to move physically to plug and unplug. That is a great convenience, hence a pro factor.

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The smart share function on this Samsung LED also includes copying data from your smartphone to a Pen Drive attached to the TV. Therefore, I insist you should increase your budget and get this Samsung LED TV home.

Samsung 32M5100 Best 32 inch Full HD LED TV below 25000 Rupees

Next, Clear view feature on this Full HD TV ensures detailed picture quality with the right depth and natural color. Colors in the frame seem so close to the reality that the whole screen appears alive. Trust the LED TV for the enthralling watching experience.

The two down-firing Dolly Digital speaker produces clear static and dynamic sound with well-balanced BASS reflection. You might think that 10-Watt audio output is less but trust that this 32 Inch Full HD TV is loud enough. More you can read about this full HD 32 Inch TV at Best Sony and Samsung Smart LED TV for Indian Homes.


► Sony KLV-32W672E – The best 32 Inch Full HD TV under 35000 Rupees

Whenever I write a review piece on LED TVs, the word “Incredible” I use only to rate the picture and audio quality of Sony LED TVs. There is no match for the video and sound quality — Sony provides to its LED TVs. If class matters to you, then buy only a Sony LED TV. Even if Sony TV models are costliest in the market, they are the best option.

The 32 Inch Full HD LED TV has three more variants on sale in the market. All four options are smart LED TV and have parallel features. Besides the one recommended here, the model KLV-32W622E is also a 32-Inch LED TV with HD Ready screen. The model KLV-40W672E, a 40-Inch Smart TV, is an ideal option to install in your drawing room. For a big hall in your house, I suggest the model KLV-49W672E, which is a 49-Inch Full HD LED TV.

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Sony’s in-house developed picture engine the X-Reality Pro is by far superior technology to produce incredible picture quality with brilliant contrast with natural color. It also bears the best technology for upscaling picture frame for the extraordinary viewing experience.

Sony KLV-32W672E best 32 Inch Full HD TV under 35000 Rupees

A LED TV should have incredibly broad viewing angles to be well fit in a living room. All the models of the Sony smart LED TV series come with brilliant viewing angles. Got place far left or right of the TV, no problem still you would watch the program in the same clarify, as others in front of the LED TV would see. Irrespective of your sitting position, the picture quality does blur, lose color, or appear noisy.

Brilliant audio quality of the TVs would impress you. The LED TVs features Sony’s Clear Audio Plus technology and have built-in Woofer as well. I have reviewed many LED TVs from premium to budget but never seen an integrated woofer as the third speaker on a LED TV.

The three dominant speaker together produces terrific 30-Watt audio with excellent clarity. The woofer enforces incredible deep BASS. Together with excellent picture quality, they ensure grand viewers’ experience. Trust the LED TVs for saving your money on your monthly movie excursion expense. If at home, you can watch a movie in far better quality and with lots of comforts, why would you waste money outside then? Astonishingly wide viewing angles of the LED TVs also makes them a perfect choice to enjoy a movie in a crowd.

The Universal remote for all the variants including this 32 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV features dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix. Thus, on one click, you can tune to YouTube Videos. You can also do internet browsing on this LED TV.

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All in all the 32 Inch full HD smart TV is an excellent option with excellent features at the right price. Here I would repeat once again that you should increase your budget get this 32 Inch full HD TV for your home. It is the best full HD LED TV under 35000 Rupees. Read also 6 Best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 Rupees This Month.

32 Inch Full HD TV Sony KLV-32W672E 33000 Rupees
32 Inch HD Ready KLV-32W622E 30000 Rupees
40 Inch Full HD KLV-40W672E 49000 Rupees
49 Inch Full HD KLV-49W672E 60000 Rupees
Internet Browsing Yes
Headphone 1
Audio Out 1
Refresh Rate 200 Hz
Screen Mirroring YES
Speaker 3, 30-Watt
Power 78-Watt

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