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3 Best Windows Laptop with SSD under 60000 Rupees

Are looking to upgrade to a new Laptop, this is the best time to consider a Laptop with SSD memory. Since the arrival of SSD Drive, the HDD memory has been losing its importance because of its slow read, right, index speed compared to SSD. SSD is future. Therefore, SSD is the safest memory type for your brand new notebook if speed matters to you.

Since the SSD memory is in its earlier stage of being mass adopted, it is costly compared to HDD. The price of an SSD memory is almost double than an HDD memory of the same size. Still, while buying a new laptop, the right wisdom says to uncheck the laptops have only HDD storage onboard.

If your concern is about the size of SSD storage, here is the solution. See, the size of material memory wouldn't matter much in coming days. The reason would be cloud computing which could facilitate securely storing data in the cloud and retrieve it as and when needed and at whichever device you wish to. I am using Google Cloud. It is very user-friendly and secure. Thanks to the free 20GB cloud storage which all Android users get I am not worried about hardware and software failure of my smartphone. Once you get used to, you would prefer to have your data in the cloud only, not on the physical memory of your laptop or mobile, which have higher chances of stop working suddenly. Read also Best Internal SSD Solid State Drive This Year.

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Your next laptop would at least — last for three to four years. So plan according to — what is going to be a trend in the coming years. Spending forty or fifty thousand for a brand new laptop looking at what is best in today's time wouldn't help you to race ahead than others. Planning according to present is not the mantra of success in life. Plan according to what would be best in the future and upgrade yourself before the time.

Thus, 128GB or 160GB SSD memory in a laptop is sufficient. If you have a high volume of data, buy Google's cloud storage, which is available at penny rate and store there safely. Or else, buy a 1TB HDD and store there. However, your next laptop should boot on an SSD. Make it this your obligation while purchasing a new notebook.

Considering price and low memory, laptops with SSD may not be fit for family use. Since Bharat is moving towards digitization, every home must have a computer to access government services in no time. A Laptop at home is often best for such limited requirement. But a laptop with SSD may not serve the need of the home users. They should buy a conventional notebook from best laptop brands like HP, Acer, and Asus. Read also Stylish Asus Mini Laptop with 16GB RAM and Full HD Screen.

A notebook with SSD is for businesspeople, corporate executives, professionals, multimedia developers, web developer and others whose daily work demand speed. I am a content coordinator and developer at Gadgets Shiksha. I need speed. Therefore, I hate slowness of my SATA HDD drive on my laptop. I should have a notebook with SSD. That is why I bought a laptop with SSD memory with Asus brand logo imprint on it last week. Now is your turn to switch to SSD and ditch HDD.

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In this laptop review article, I have chosen three best laptops with SSD in the Indian market. In India, since SSD is yet to become mainstream, not many notebooks are available with SSD memory. From ten-odd models, which I could find online and in the computer stores in Chennai I have selected these three. All the three notebooks with SSD are from three different brands and priced under 60000 Rupees. These are “value for money” notebooks, and they would fit in the budget of most Indians.

Acer Travelmate X349-M Laptop with SSD and Windows 10 Home

Acer is the only brand offers three years of free service warranty. In fact, just because of its most extended free service commitment I would recommend the name Acer and its in-demand notebooks to the followers of this technology website. However, here our focus is on Acer's best laptop with SSD currently up for sale below 50000 Rupees. Read also Three Best Tablet Laptop Under 30000 Rupees.

Acer's Travelmate is one among several top-selling notebook series worldwide. Acer Travelmate X349-M is the laptop model with excellent specs for reliable performance, and it boots on a 128GB SSD drive.

Acer Travelmate X349-M Laptop with SSD and Windows 10 Home

The Acer laptop makes the fullest use of its SSD memory by its powerful CPU. The CPU of this portable computer packs the best hardware. Intel i3 Processor is a highly reliable processor, and 9 out of 10 notebook users would agree, this processor ensures fluid performance. On this laptop, Acer has used the 6th edition of this revolutionary Intel processor. That with a 4-GB DDR4 RAM provides best user-experience.

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The build quality of this Acer laptop is quite impressive. Acer's signature design on the slim profile of this notebook in aluminum cashing has a pleasant appeal. One of the demands of professional users is the keyboard backlit. Neatly designed keys of this laptop bear LED light which makes it best fit laptop to use all the time whether there is light or no light. Moreover, the screen of this notebook, although not touch friendly, but is an IPS display with full HD resolution.

Connectivity Options with this Acer Laptop

Connectivity features of this Acer notebook are somewhat standard. It possesses only those specs which a laptop must have — but that excludes optical drive. Therefore, if a CD/DVD RW drive is a must for your work, which is often not the case, then this is not the laptop model to consider. Lacking optical driver is not much of an issue. None of my computer and notebook has a CD-DVD RW drive. Some of you may see it as a cost-cutting or maximizing profit exercise by Acer, but it is primarily to reduce the weight of this laptop variant.

An optical driver or CD/DVD ROM often adds not less 700 grams weight to the gross weight of a laptop. So you need to carry 700 grams of extra hardware set, which has almost no use in today's time. This notebook with SSD can connect to the internet and other resourceful devices using its connectivity ports. Then what is the inference to carry a hardware set which is limited to just reading and writing CD and DVD? By the way, like the floppy drive, CD and DVD is also now a story of past in the history of digital memory.

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Battery Backup of this Laptop with SSD memory

The beauty of SSD memory is not only limited to working speed of a laptop, but it is also meant to conserve power. This Acer laptop has the same 4-Cell battery, yet it can power up the portable computer much longer than it does on a Laptop with an HDD. The reason is — accessing to data on an SSD memory requires far lesser power than doing the same on an HDD. Why is that so? Gadgets Shiksha has a trending article articulating the differences in SSD and HDD. Moreover, why is SSD the best memory option for your next laptop? Read also Latest External SSD Solid State Drive in Indian market.

  • SSD Drive: YES
  • Windows 10: YES
  • Full HD IPS Display: YES
  • Keyboard Backlit: YES
  • Lightweight: YES
  • Faster Processor: YES
  • Powerful Battery Backup: YES
  • Optical Drive: NO
  • SD Card Reader: YES

Conclusion: Professionals need a laptop in a slim-trim build, with a powerful battery, and sharp display, robust performance, and user-friendly input options. Acer has designed this laptop with SSD memory brilliantly and added only the features that are must-have professionals in their daily use.

If you travel often and need a lightweight laptop in your travel bag, this Acer Laptop with SSD is an answer. It weighs only 1.5Kg, and it has a stylish, sturdy body. Principal Characters such as the super bright screen, capable CPU, powerful battery and light in weight makes this Acer Notebook a superb choice at its current price. Buy: 49500 Rupees


HP x360 Core 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop with 1TB HDD and 8GB SSD

If you are looking for a laptop to use say five years, HP is the best brand. The quality, HP provides on its notebooks – is incredible. However, if you wish to use your new laptop just two to three years, I have another brand to suggest, then.

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Within one and half of years of use, My Dell laptop needed to change the display, Speaker, Battery, and Charger. Whereas my first laptop, which was a Compaq laptop worked effortlessly for close to six years.

HP x360 Touch-Screen Laptop with Intel Core i3-7th Gen Processor

In the category of touchscreen laptop, the HP X360 is the best Notebook cum tablet currently up for sale in the online market. This “favorite to all” 2-in-1 notebook has the necessary wherewithal to be entirely fit for professionals and corporate executive. Undoubtedly, HP X360 is the best convertible laptop around 50000 Rupees budget; have no second opinion about it.

Pre-installed Windows 10 and Microsoft office with Livelong warranty, spaced keys in its keyboard, powerful battery, an elite design, and added accessories is enough to make it the most profound notebook cum table for working person.

Want to become a teacher on YouTube, buy this HP laptop to write on its screen using an ACTIVE PEN in the same way as you write on a blank paper. This convertible notebook is also unique because it has a bunch of sensors to guarantee users have no problem in using it either way: Virtual notepad, Tablet, and a fully functional laptop.

My colleague Vivek has done a depth analysis of this laptop. Do check it out to discover this marvelous notebook in its entirety. Read more at 3 Best Touch Screen Laptops Under 50000 Rupees.


Lenovo Ideapad IP 520S 1TB HDD+128/256 GB SSD Windows 10 Laptop

Next in the line is a product of not my favorite brand but one of the top three notebook brands in the world today, Lenovo. Lenovo's this laptop variant with SSD memory comes under its top-rated series the Ideapad. Read also Portable Lenovo Ideapad Laptop with Original Windows 10 Operating System.

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The Lenovo Ideapad is one among few laptops with robust setup and SSD built-in as its internal memory. Moreover, this personal computer is also light in weight hence a perfect choice to carry in a bag pack while traveling.

At the price of 57000 Rupees, this Lenovo machine could be a great buy. It has fabulous specifications. It sports 14-Inch IPS display with full HD resolution. The CPU of this portable computer possesses 8GB DDR4 RAM, Intel i5 Processor in its 7th Edition, and Windows 10 Home Edition OS. Thus, if you are looking for a gaming laptop, here it is. Going by its most elite specs, this Lenovo Notebook should count in the list of best gaming laptop under 60000 Rupees. Not to worry about speed while gaming or developing projects since that is to do with the performance of the SATA drive, this is unquestionable SSD on this laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad IP 520S with HDD SSD Memory and Windows 10 Laptop

The Acer laptop discussed above as the first recommended laptop with SSD lacks an optical drive, and the same is the case with my second recommendation the HP X360, and rightly so. This Lenovo laptop, too, does not include the CD-DVD writer. In fact, this has become a trend in the laptops designed for travels. Why that is being done deliberately by brands, I have given a fitting reason above. Since it does not include a CD-DVD RW drive, this Lenovo Ideapad laptop weighs only 1.7 Kgs.

Multimedia and Connectivity Features of this Lenovo Laptop

Laptop speakers have its limitation yet the set of two Harman Speakers with Dolby Audio, and their capacity of 4W produces crystal clear, powerful audio on this Lenovo notebook. Therefore, this model is also fit for high voltage entertainment.

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There are three connectivity ports on this gaming laptop: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB-type C.  Further, the card reader is not 3-in-1 rather 4-in-1 and can read memory types SD, SDHC, SDXC, and MMC.

Conclusion: The Lenovo Ideapad IP 520S has two variants in the market: one with 128GB SSD and another with 256GB SSD storage. Both the models have the same set of hardware and software specifications. The only noticeable difference is the size of SSD they possess.

Summing up what has been discussed so far about this Lenovo Laptop. Going by the specs, unquestionably it is a mind-blowing laptop meant to be an ultimate choice for developers, gamers, and professionals. However, the keyboard of this notebook is not typing-friendly. In 60000 Rupees notebook, Lenovo provided such fragile keyboard is just unbelievable. If typing is your passion, you wouldn't like working on this Lappy. Moreover, the quality of keypad does not look they would remain actionable very long.

Final Submission on Best Windows 10 Laptops with SSD Memory

These were my top three picks for Windows 10 Laptop with SSD under 60000 Rupees. HP X360 is a super-selling laptop/tablet and having it the trait of touchscreen helps in maintain your speed decorum while working with three different platforms at the same time: Desktop, Laptop, and Smartphone. Thanks to the very responsive touchscreen of this HP interchangeable laptop, user's working experience remains intact. Read also Premium Reliable #Asus Gaming laptop Review in India.

Thus, HP X360 is the best pick followed by the Acer laptop. The quality of the Acer laptop is quite standard. If — having it a small memory size is not a big concern, then this notebook with SSD memory could be your best buy. Not to forget, among HP, Lenovo, and Acer, only Acer offers three years of warranty.

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In the order of favorite, the Lenovo has to be the last on, hither. I do not trust the durability of Lenovo laptops. Moreover, the keyboard on Lenovo laptops is of sub-standard quality. However, the Lenovo Ideapad with SSD has a long list of hardware specifications, hard to ignore them. If that matters to you, then the Lenovo laptop with SSD drive is for you. Buy: 57000 Rupees

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