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3 of the Best Maharaja Whiteline Gas Cooktops

Maharaja Whiteline Ignitio Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove

Basically, the world is moving from traditional ways of doing things, to a much more modernized way of achieving everything in all facets of society. This era is far much radical than what Britain experienced during the industrial revolution and we are calling it ‘The information age’. So as to stay efficient and up to the date in this ‘Information  Age’, one has to make a sober decision from a variety of choices of electronics, clothes, food and even cooking gadgets that he or she is to use.

Nowadays, cooking is not just a matter of slapping a cooking pot on a stove. Instead, people have come to appreciate the need for economical cooking appliances, plus a collection of other factors that would otherwise be considered irrelevant in the 19th century. Here I am talking about things like design specs, color shades and how well a stove blends with the stuff in your kitchen. Today, people don’t just want to cook on a stove, rather they want to choose one that cooks efficiently and still fits seamlessly with their taste of colors and design. Read also 4 Burner Gas stove Online under 6000 Rupees.

Maharaja Whiteline Ignitio manual gas stoves are some of the most renowned cookers in India. It’s almost a guarantee you will find one of this in any Indian home. Owning one of these Maharaja Cooktops means you have to select from one of the three models given below. The models vary in specifications and features as described:

Maharaja Whiteline Ignitio “2 Burner” Glass Manual Gas Stove

Ideally, this model is best suited for households that do not require lots of cooking, especially those situations that involve cooking at once. This stove is a two model manual ignition type.

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Design specs: I would recommend it mostly because it’s portable and it weighs only 5 kilograms. If you are a bachelor or live alone, you can move it wherever you feel like it will be convenient in your house.

Actually, the cooker is highly advantageous to those people who own small houses. If you live in a small house maybe due to financial incapacity, or you cannot afford to live in a luxurious and spacious house, then this is for you. This stove occupies little space as its dimension are 69 by 49 by 15 centimeters in (L x W x H).

Long-lasting: Definitely, everybody would like to purchase a durable item. To ensure that this burner remains sturdy, the designers made it out of a tough glass, 7mm thick. This glass can neither get damaged nor get scratched easily.

Convenience: Moreover, these designers knew that the general hygiene is paramount in every household. The glass top on the cooking stove saves time when cleaning it. The cooker has a glass-brass finish at the top of the service burner which is not only easy to clean but also it gives the whole appliance a fabulous look. Read also Pigeon Stainless Steel Gas Stove below 4000 Rupees.

Maharaja 4 Burner Glass Gas Stove

Well, there’s not much difference between this stove and the model with two burners, discussed above. Essentially this is like a big brother. This gas stove weighs 9 kilograms and has dimensions of 15 by 55 by 15 centimeters in (L x W x H). It still houses a manual ignition system and its top surface – is finished in 7-mm of glass.

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Durability: Just like in the smaller model, the glass minimizes breakage cases and durability is assured. The burners are made of brass and come in different sizes. One relentless enemy of gas stoves- is rust. Rust gives cookers an ugly look, not to mention that it eats away into the sturdiness of the stove. To keep off this unremitting enemy, Maharaja built the body of this gas stove out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is waterproof and hence not easily affected by rust.

Maharaja Gas Stove Review and Specifications

Maharaja Whiteline GS 105 “4 Burner” Manual Gas Stove: This type of gas stove is rectangular in shape. Actually, bigger households can use this type of gas stove as it can accommodate heavyweights. This cooker weighs 9.8 kilograms on average and has a height of 150 mm. Such minimalistic dimensions reduce the space used by the cooker significantly, especially considering that this product could still be used as a commercial cooker.

With this cooker, cooking is made very easy as you can prepare all your foods at a go with all its four burners. The burner is made of thermal efficient brass and also has a glass finish at the top. Despite being a large cooker, the designers never opted to do away with the glass covering. Of course, this adds beauty to the item, plus it keeps it free from rust. Read also Wonderchef Gas Induction Oven Friendly Cooking Pots.

The Good and the Bad side of these Maharaja Cooktops

The disadvantages of the above-mentioned cooking stoves – is that they require gas as their primary fuel. As we all know, petroleum gas is not pocket-friendly. All the same, you can still use biogas if you have access to a biogas system. On the brighter side, all models of this stove can be acquired at an affordable price, plus they are compatible with biogas systems.

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Pricing: The price for Maharaja White line Ignitio 2 “2 Burner” Glass Manual Gas Stove is 2,960 Rupees with a warranty period of 24 months. Any other manufacturing defect is also covered in the warranty. The Maharaja White line Ignitio 4 4-Burner Glass Manual Gas cooker, on the other hand, is priced at 5,298 Rupees, but this time with no warranty guaranteed. The Maharaja White line GS 105 4 Burner Manual Gas Stove is priced at 4,799 Rupees and also has no guarantee of warranty.

Verdict: Maharaja being one of the most reputable cooker manufacturers in India – is a reliable brand and I actually can’t see anything wrong with owning one of these cookers. Furthermore, the company has given you a choice of three cookers to pick from. This is a good thing since you can always have the one that fits the size of your family. Read also Preethi Whirlpool Elite Induction Cooktop Below 4000 Rupees.

Maharaja Whiteline Ignitio Manual Gas Stoves
Price 3000 Rupees 5300 Rupees 4800 Rupees
Models Whiteline Ignitio 2 “2 Burner” Whiteline Ignitio 4 “4 Burner” Whiteline GS 105 4 Burner
Toughened Glass top Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 69 by 49 by 15 cm(L x W x H) 15 x 55 x 15 cm (L x W x H) 150mm height
Weight 5kg 9kg 9.8 kg
Convenience features Removable Drip trays, Aluminum Mixing tubes, varied sizes of burners, Anti-skid rubber, Strong pan support
Warranty Yes 2 years Not guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Number of burners 2 4 4
Burner material Brass Brass Brass
Body material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel

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