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3 Best 1.5-Ton Inverter Split AC in India under 30000 Rupees

3 Best Inverter Split AC in India under 30000 Rupees

Demand for air conditioner has picked up following mercury soaring high in most parts of India. On the Gadgets Shiksha website also, review pieces on best air conditioners, fans, and air coolers are now getting massive traffic. Therefore, we at Gadgets Shiksha decided to provide a new piece to guide our followers on buying the best inverter split AC in India under 30000 Rupees. Here I provide a crisp review of the 3 best 1.5-Ton inverter split air conditioners with 3-Star 2018 (or 5-star 2017) BEE rating. You would see top-rated air conditioners of Carrier Midea, Mitashi, and BPL. Read also Six Best LG Split and Inverter AC in India.

For first time buyers, inverter air conditioners are most effective than the regular ac in terms of electricity usages and managing inbuilt resources. Inverter split ac benefits are many.

Inverter air conditioners operate with variable speed. Censors built-in helps the smart system to decide adequate cooling based on the room temperature. When high cooling is not required operationally, the cooling process gets slow down. Such efficient management of resources saves electricity and reduces monthly electricity bill.

In fact, inverter split ac advantages are enormous. The sophisticated operational system of an inverter ac runs compressor at a minimum required speed most of the time. Hence, that besides saving energy also helps in lowing noise.

Since an inverter AC is operationally quite smoother, and the compressor maintains parabolic change in speed as per room temperature, the whole unit has a much longer life than a non-inverter ac. An inverter AC requires less service than a regular AC, withal.

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Further, an inverter ac would cool a room much faster than a regular ac. At first, it would run at the fullest speed to achieve the desired cooling. Once the required cooling achieved, it would smartly slow down its operation — as maintaining a cooling requires less effort.

Thus, the key advantages of inverter air conditioner are:-

  • Smart cooling
  • Variable speed
  • Long life of components
  • Less noisy
  • Faster cooling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less requirement of service assistance

Why you must buy an inverter air conditioner should have been clear by now. Therefore, even if you have to spend 5000 more for an inverter air conditioner, go for it. The extra money spent — you would recover on electricity saving, and money spends on service maintenance.

BEE Rating 2018: From January 1, 2018, 3-Star rating in the year 2017 equals to 1-Star BEE rating in 2018. That is 2-star less. 1-Star and 2-star rating of the year 2017 no longer exists in this year.

With the recent change in the ratings, BEE made a smart move. Rather than creating new energy rating 6-star and 7-star, it just upgraded the existing ratings.

BEE Rating in 2017 BEE Rating in 2018
3-Star 1-Star
4-Star 2-Star
5-Star 3-Star

In this piece, after comparing all the current 1.5-Ton inverter ac under 30000 Rupees with energy rating 5-Star (2017) or 3-Star (2018), I have selected top 3 models. These air conditioners are the best options in the market at present. Standard features on them are a copper compressor and automatic cooling features.

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All the three suggest inverter ac comes with 2018 BEE energy star rating. These 1.5-Ton air conditioners consume less electricity but deliver fast and high cooling. Besides, the smart features make them fit for Indian homes and weather conditions.

► 1.5-Ton Midea SANTIS PRO 3i – 3-Star (2018) Inverter AC with Copper Condenser

In the Indian market, Midea jointly operates with the best air conditioner brand in the World, Carrier. This US brand has a presence in all the major markets. Carrier service quality in India is excellent. Many of my friends have carrier ac, which they bought on my suggestion. They are using their Carrier air conditioner for many years.

While Carrier air conditioners are costly, Midea air conditioners are affordable. Buying a Midea ac lets you own an air conditioner, which also has the blessing of the Carrier brand. Read also Best 1.5-Ton Carrier Split AC for Home.

Midea SANTIS PRO 3i Inverter AC with Copper Condenser

The Carrier Midea SANTIS PRO 3i air conditioner with 3-star BEE rating has two variants in the market – 1-Ton and 1.5-Ton. General features are almost parallel on both the ACs. However, the apparent difference is in the technical specs related to the cooling performance. Since this article talks about the best 1.5-Ton inverter split AC, here I discuss the 1.5-Ton model in detail.

→ Build and Design of the Midea Inverter AC

Product durability is something no expert can affirm by testing a product in the lab. I believe in assessing a brand’s product durability based on earlier experience with its products. Look around –you would not see any Midea air conditioner in use. I know the durability of Carrier ACs so, that becomes the basis to trust this Midea inverter split ac also.

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In India, Carrier-Midea joint venture operates air conditioner production unit. That is another reason to be sure of the durability of this Midea air conditioner. It is a Made in India air conditioner.

The brand offers one-year warranty overall and 9-years extended warranty for the Compressor. Flipkart sells 2-Years of extended warranty plan at 2000 Rupees. It is a good deal. You should buy it.

The operational problem starts surfacing on branded electronics products after 12 or 18 months of use. The same could also happen with this 1.5-ton inverter split ac. Then you would have left with only the condenser warranty. On average, air conditioner repair cost is not less than 500 Rupees. Therefore, the Flipkart 24-months care would save the massive cost of service after one year of the use of your ac.

→ Built-in Smart Features of this 1.5-Ton Inverter AC

The Midea inverter ac has many great features. All its functions are automatic. This air conditioner smartly tunes itself as per temperature and air quality in the room. As a user, your role limits only to press the ON button.

This 1.5-Ton ac lacks some features: “SLEEP MODE” and “ADVANCED AIR FILTER,” “4 WAY SWING”. Since it is an inverter AC, SLEEP MODE becomes less relevant. Instead of the 4-WAY SWING for all round cooling in the room, Midea provides “AUTO SWING,” a smart automatic function.

For improving air quality in the room, this Carrier Midea air conditioner has limited feature. It can only filter out PM2.5 particles. It lacks essential air filters such as “Anti-bacteria Filter,” “Dust Filter,” and “Active Carbon Filter.”

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Convenience features of this Carrier Midea AC are enough; it includes all the must-have features. It also has “Auto Restart,” “Timer,” “Memory Features,” and the feature self-diagnosis, correct, and then restart. The often-useful “LOUVER POSITION MEMORY” function is present as well. This feature enables the AC to reposition louver after it is being restarted.

To maintain smooth working, keep the inside of your air conditioner clean and dust-free. Cleaning inside out of an air conditioner could be tedious. However, on this Midea 1.5-Ton inverter split air conditioner, it is easy.

Follow the user manual on how to clean the filters, and run the built-in program “Auto Cleanser.” This program removes dust, bacteria, and fresh up the entire unit to serve with sustained Himalayan fresh cooling.

“Refrigerant Cooling” is an exciting feature on this Midea inverter ac. In general, a budget air conditioner would never have such a feature. What the unique feature does is that it maintains cooling inside the air conditioner system hence ensures optimum efficiency of all the system components. The complete list of the features of this 1.5-Ton inverter split ac is at here.

→ Is this Midea AC is the Most Smart Inverter AC in Low Cost?

My answer is YES. Almost all the features of this air conditioner are in auto mode. From cooling, convenience, cleaning, all the features are automatic, self-managed. As a user, you only need to start it and let the air conditioner to decide the rest.

Pro Features:-

  • Fully Smart Air Conditioner
  • Great convenience features
  • Fast Cooling and All around cooling features
  • Basic Air Purification Feature
  • Cleaning, cooling, and error detection mechanism built-in to keep the AC Unit in order and working with optimum efficiency
  • Faster Cooling
  • Less Noise
  • Stabilizer-Free Operation
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Conclusion: – The best inverter split AC is from Carrier Midea that assures on its durability. It comes with more than expected smart features. It is an entirely smart air conditioner. Thus, it is an excellent choice at this price.

The Midea 1.5-Ton investor split ac can run without stabilizer. Still, you should use it with a stabilizer. That would ensure smooth power supply to it. As a result, it would remain working years without significant malfunction. At 30000 Rupees, the Midea Inverter Air Conditioner SANTIS PRO 3i is indeed a great buy. Read also AC Voltage Stabilizer with Triple Booster Technology for Indian Homes.

Price 30000 Rupees
Capacity 1.5-Ton
Cooling Capacity 5400-Watt
Full Load Power Input 1990-Watts
Half Load Power Input 620-Watts
Power Inputs (High/Rated/Low)(Watts) 2100 / 1990 / 700
Bee Star Rating 2018 3-Star
Air Flow Rate(Cfm) 550
Indoor Noise Level (H/M/L)(Db) 40/35/33
With Connecting Kit Pipe YES
Hd Filter Yes
Pm 2.5 Micron Filter Yes
Refrigerant R410a
Air Direction Control Yes
Remote Control Type LCD Remote
Remote Backlit Yes
Auto-Off Timer Yes
Auto On Timer Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Sleep Mode NA
Refrigerant Leakage Detector Yes
Louver Position Memory Yes
Dry Mode Yes
Auto Fan Speed Yes
Intelligent Crf Alert Yes
Auto Swing Yes
Auto Cleanser Yes
Follow Me Yes
Auto Mode Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Gear Function Yes
Refrigerant Cooling Pcb Yes
Temp Display On/Off Yes
High Ambient Working 52°C
Stabilizer Free Operation Yes


► Other Best Rated 1.5-Ton Inverter AC Below 30000 Rupees

30000 Rupees for a 1.5-Ton inverter ac with 3-Star 2018 rating is too less. Hence, not many models are on sale in the market. The best model is the one I discussed above, the Carrier Midea inverter AC. Besides, there are two other models by Mitashi and BPL. They are not as excellent as the Midea air conditioner is, although.

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You should consider both the best inverter split air conditioner only when the Midea AC is out of stock. Moreover, give priority to the Mitashi smart inverter ac and if it is also out of stock then consider the BPL ac.

The rational besides the suggested order is that Mitashi is now an established brand for ACs whereas the first time I see a BPL ac on sale. Since buying Air Conditioner is an investment for at least five years, not only product, the brand name is also an important factor while selecting the best inverter split ac in your budget. The brand name in case of an air conditioner defines several things more prominently the product durability, installation service quality, and post-sales service.

BPL has an arrangement with Amazon for retailing of its products across India. So its products are exclusively available online only, on Amazon. You cannot get the BPL air conditioner in a local electronics store in your city.

→ 1.5-Ton Mitashi INA318K50 3-Star BEE Rating 2018 Inverter AC with Copper Condenser

Mitashi brand air conditioners are in good demand in the market currently. Why that so defines this inverter split ac and its smart features.

An excellent alternative to the Midea inverter split ac is this Mitashi inverter split ac. In some areas, it has more features, and in some areas, it is less advanced than the Midea AC is. Therefore, deciding between them becomes a bit difficult. Still, you should buy the Midea AC only. The reason is the name Carrier and the built-in features of the Midea AC.

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Mitashi INA318K50 Inverter AC with Copper Condenser

The air purification system on this Mitashi inverter ac is efficient and advanced. Built-in anti-dust and anti-bacterial filter remove dust mites, bacteria, pollen, and other dangerous gases. Further, built-in Dehumidification Process removes moisture from the air in the room to get freshness and purity.

Cooling and convenience features of this Mitashi inverter ac are similar to what the Midea ac comes with. It is also less noisy and saves lots of energy duration operation. It also has “Sleep Mode” and “Turbo Cooling” function. To check that what other features this air conditioner has, visit the official webpage.

Brand’s warranty terms for this best inverter split ac 1.5-ton included one-year service for the whole product and added four years warranty for the compressor. Included “Two Way Drainage” makes its installation a lot easier. Those stay in a small flat or buying an air conditioner for a room located on the side of the road, should consider this 1.5-Ton inverter split ac. It comes with many smart and air filter features to be a perfect solution in such cases.

Price 30000 Rupees
100% Copper Pipe YES
R410A Refrigerant Gas YES
Two Way Drain YES
2 Way Swing YES
Turbo Cool Function YES
Multifold evaporator coil YES
LED Display YES
Sleep Mode YES
Auto Restart YES
Bluefin Coil YES
Dehumidification process YES
Energy Saver YES
Silent Operation YES
Rotary Compressor YES
AC Capacity Tonnage 1.5 Ton
Star Rating 3 Star
Cooling Capacity Full 5200 Watts
Cooling Capacity Half 2500 Watts
Power Consumption Full Capacity 1825 Watts
Power Consumption Half Capacity 580 Watts
Air Circulation Indoor (Flow) 850/730/600 m3/h
Moisture Removal 1.5 lts/hr
Indoor Noise Level 36~45 dB(A)
Outdoor Noise Level 55 dB(A)
Refrigerant type R410A
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→ 1.5-Ton BPL A18KI3C8A 3-Star (2018) Inverter AC with Copper Condenser

This year BPL has made entry to the air conditioner segment with two models and six variants. BPL inverter AC is available with 3-star-2018 and 5-star-2018 energy rating and in two capacity, 1-Ton, and 1.5-Ton. However, the only variant on sale in the market is the model no A18KI3C8A, which is a 1.5-Ton inverter split ac with 3-Star-2018 energy rating. BPL offers a one-year warranty on the overall product and only 4-year of extended warranty on the compressor.

Now let us talk about the features and performance of this BPL inverter split ac. It is a smart air conditioner hence most of the features are automated. That means the inbuilt mechanism of the ac resets itself according to the cooling requirement in the room.

BPL A18KI3C8A Inverter AC with Copper Condenser

The BPL inverter ac is less noisy compared to other non-inverter ac, but it is noisier than the Midea inverter split ac. The entire coil setup is made of copper. Therefore, one thing is for sure that the build quality of this BPL ac is excellent and lasting. Anti-corrosion painting safeguards the external build of this ac. Besides, it can work without stabilizer, too. Still, I would insist that you must use it with a stabilizer to ensure its smooth working many years.

To keep air clear the inverter ac comes with washable air filter. The filter is not adequate to remove fungus from the air, however. On a regular interval, you should open the front panel, takes out the filter, and after washing places it back. Take help of the user manual if you are finding difficult how to do.

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The 1.5-Ton Inverter AC comes with natural cooling and convenience features. It has “Auto Restart,” “Timer,” and “Sleep Mode.” Still, not as best as the Midea inverter AC but it is a good air conditioner for a medium size room in 120 to 180 square feet size. I recommend it only when the Midea and the Mitashi Air conditioner are out of stock.

Price 30000 Rupees
Type Inverter-Split-AC
Capacity 1.5-Ton
Energy Rating 3-Star, 2018
Ideal for Medium Size Room 120 to 180 Sq-Ft
Unique Features Arctic breeze technology delivers fast cooling
Wattage 1770-Watt
Stabilizer Not Required
Horizontal swing NO
Vertical swing YES
Warranty One-Year on the Whole Product and Four-Year on Extended Warranty on Compressor
Customer Care [email protected] | 8880301111
Auto Restart YES
Sleep Mode YES
Air Filter YES, Washable
Auto Cleaning YES
Noise 47 dB, Noisy
Temperature Minimum temperature = 16 degree

Maximum temperature = 31 degree

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