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29 Best Windows 10 Laptops under 35000 Rupees

29 Best Windows 10 Laptops under 35000 Rupees

The price range of 15000 to 35000 Rupees is the market segment in India that sales highest number of laptops every year. Therefore, the GS team has decided this time why not present an informative piece on the best selling budget laptops with best of the best workable specs. This laptop review article selects some 29 robust laptops currently on sale in the online and offline markets after measuring the specs, features, performance, and build quality.

Should you buy a Laptop with Windows 10 or get your desired Windows OS installed locally? Our interaction with potential laptop buyers hinted that they prefer a laptop with preloaded Windows 10 operating system and productivity applications. According to the buyers even if installing locally those mainstream software is a money saving proposition, prefer to have a cute notebook with everything preinstalled. First buy a computer and then wait to use it until a technician comes and installs all the licensed applications is not something new age customers are open to.

Therefore, for this laptop review article, we decided to have only the selected laptops that come with pre-installed Windows 10. If the computer also has the latest version of MS office preinstalled, that would be the cherry on the cake. Here, only two laptop models here come with the most recent MS office version preinstalled with a lifetime license.

The selected Laptops in this article have minimum 4GB RAM. As far as the processor goes, that varies from AMD to Intel Processors. Further, according to the price, laptop models have an Intel or an AMD Processor.

The next important topic is – which is the best brand should you trust for a long-lasting, reliable laptop? Which name is the best for a personal computer? Going by my experiences while working on various projects for Gadgets Shiksha is — HP is the all-time favorite brand for Laptops. Often Dell has been given the second place, but I disagree. I favor Asus at the latter position. At the third spot is Acer, then Lenovo, and at the last Dell. The durability of Dell laptops is a big ZERO. Here is the final order to prioritize while purchasing a laptop: HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell.

► How to Make Affordable Laptops as fast as Premium Laptops?

The Performance of these ultra-affordable laptops is not going to extra-ordinary pleasant. Not only battery backup, in fact, the overall experience is also going to be lame. So what is a solution? A single hack that requires an investment of around five thousand Rupees can make even dull laptops ultra fast. In fact, all these laptops despite having an outdated processor in their CPU can offer the same excellent performance as expected from a premium laptop with the most advanced Intel i7 Processor. Also, the battery backup of these ultra-affordable laptops would significantly improve as the result of the hack. The hack would make an SSD the primary storage on your computer. You can use the HDD as a backup storage to secure — not so relevant — daily use data.

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Do you not believe that SSD can make a Celeron dual Processor as fast as a Laptop runs the most advanced Intel Core i7 Processor? Check the comparison of a two-generation old Pentium processor with SSD vs. the Most Advanced Intel Core i7 Processor with HDD Laptop. Also, check a fair comparison between Intel Celeron Processor + SSD vs. Intel Core i7 Processor + HDD.

Just by replacing 2nd generation storage solution HDD to an SSD, a laptop even with Celeron processor can be as fast as a Laptop with Intel i7 Processor. This is not black magic or some wired imagination rather a hard fact. In fact, I would say if you are here to buy a laptop just because of your current laptop has an outdated processor, no my friend — spend 5000 Rupees, get an SSD of 120GB size, replace the HDD with this ultra fast and reliable storage.

If you can migrate data and screw tight the SSD on the laptop by yourself, then do it or look for a local laptop professional do the same. Once SSD with mirrored data installed, your current laptop would be up to date and can match any laptop with Intel i7 Processor in performance. In fact, just by changing to SSD, an outdated laptop with poor RAM and battery backup gets a new life. Try!!!

While you have the solution to replace HDD with SSD, saving money by buying a Celeron or Pentium Laptop is the right decision. The only caveat, however, is next one year from the date of purchase you have to manage somehow with the same outdated HDD since the official service center will not accept to swap the Hard drive to an SSD. If you do it or get it done locally, then the one-year warranty on the laptop is OVER. I have detailed out everything; now you need to step forward and decide: a Pentium laptop with SSD in 26000 (21000 + 5000) or 65000 Rupees for an Intel i7 Processor-based notebook, which would be still not as fast and reliable as a laptop with SSD storage.

Do you work with documents and projects where every data file is relevant, cannot afford to lose them, then you should be the first to migrate to SSD. In general, SSD failure is almost NIL. Even in case of a fatal accident, SSD storage with data would survive. Suppose laptop slipped out of your hand, is on the floor now in multiple pieces, poor luck but the good news is your data is 100% safe. Place the SSD into a new laptop; you are ready to fly again. Had the storage been an HDD, the poor mechanical drive, with the laptop, all your data would have gone in vain. So recognize the safety, security, and performance aspect of SSD.

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► Low Cost Windows 10 Laptops under 22000 Rupees

Now you understood precisely what should be done and what is the right way to upgrade a laptop. So should we start our discussion on ultra-affordable laptops with Windows 10 preinstalled under 22000 Rupees?

I am going to place here total six brilliant laptops with great features. Assuming that you are enthusiastic to switch to SSD storage, processor type and RAM size of these laptops are not much of concern, then.

I start with the cheapest Asus laptops under 20000 Rupees. In this price band, only an AMD processor is possible. The Asus Quad Core E2 X540YA-XO290T Laptop comes with a 1TB hard disk, 4GB RAM, and Windows 10 Preloaded. A fantastic laptop from my favorite brand Asus, go for it.

From the house of HP, with two years of warranty, the model number 245-G5 is a fantastic laptop. It has a 14-Inch HD screen, 4-Cell battery for ensuring close to four hours of backup, an AMD processor, and 4GB DDR3 RAM as well. The specs would let you through to fantastic performance once 500GB HDD is replaced with an SSD. Purchase a drive case to protect the HDD and use that to store your regular data.

Below 22000 Rupees, Acer has two popular laptops: one with a 14-Inch and another with a 15.6-Inch screen. Acer One-14 Laptop is a pretty reliable laptop for everyday use: it comes with 14-Inch HD display with Pentium Quad core processor. Everything about this laptop is copacetic except the smartly limited connectivity options. Strangely, LAN port is not present on this Acer laptop. But why? However, this does not mean you cannot connect it to broadband or a data network. Either USB or Wi-Fi can be handy in getting data service to this Windows Laptop. Not having LAN port though makes no sense but it is not a considerable disadvantage.

I do not remember when I used LAN port on my laptop to connect to the Internet service. However, the real downside is only 1-Year of service offered. Acer, on the rest of budget and high-value laptops, tags a 3-Year of service commitment.

An excellent alternative to the Acer champ is the Acer ES1-521-40L7/ES1-523-49C0 Laptop. It is an AMD processor-based laptop with 15.6-Inch HD display, 4GB RAM, close to 5 hours of battery backup. This laptop variant comes with Windows 10 Preloaded, and it has the RJ45 Port installed as well. The build quality of this model is awe-inspiring.

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If you can take a risk, for your brand new laptop Micromax is not a wrong brand either. The Micromax Ignite is a 14-Inch Laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed. In its CPU reside a 4gigs of RAM and the latest version of Pentium quad-core processor. The 4500 mAh battery of this budget Indian brand laptop is just awesome in giving a long working time.

Only the Asus Laptop and this Micromax laptop has 1TB HDD; the rest other models discussed above are limited to just 500GB HDD. However, remember, to make your laptop fast, the primary storage HDD has to be replaced with an SSD.

► Ultra Affordable Asus Windows 10 Laptops under 25000 Rupees

Asus offers a maximum number of options to choose from in the price range of 22000 to 25000 Rupees. Under its X-Series, laptop variants with familiar and model-specific features have been a center of attraction for customers looking for a reliable laptop with Windows 10 at an affordable price.

Asus X541NA-GO008T and Asus X541NA-GO017T have similar specifications though the latter comes with the Flipkart Assured tag. What does that mean is that Flipkart tested the build quality and features of the laptop model. Flipkart assured Tag has its value and helps buyers to distinguish the right product from hundreds of similar options online. From your home, you cannot judge the quality of a product listed online.

The notebooks are a perfect solution for immersive entertainment. Both the laptop runs on the Celeron dual-core processor with 4GB RAM alongside. Regarding looks, weight, design, and other critical features such as Asus's unique speaker solution, both the variants are almost identical. Still, I would strongly advise considering to advance the laptop storage if you are going to invest in one of them. Windows 10 on a Celeron Dual Processor powered Laptop will not run flawlessly. However, replacing the HDD to SSD will undoubtedly solve all the performance-related concerns.

Not OK with Celeron processor, want something better, then Asus has two more laptops, powered by Pentium Quad core 7th Gen Processor while keeping the same specs but hard drive size this time is 1TB. Battery backup of these laptops is excellent. Asus X541NA-GO121T and Asus X541NA-GO125T are two brand new laptop models in the market with no superior features but stable performance. They are light in weight machine and have a solid build. The first is priced just 25000 Rupees, and latter is only 25195 Rupees. Both the laptops would offer better experience thanks to the latest seventh generation Pentium Processor at the helm.

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You can save a whopping 110 Rupees by opting out for the same specs and with the same Pentium processor but only 500GB Hard Disk instead of 1TB. It sounds funny but is a reality, though. The laptop referred is the model Asus X541NA-GO012T. This variant is on sale at 24890 Rupees; just 110 Rupees lower than the price of Asus X Series X541NA-GO125T Laptop, which comes with 1TB HDD.

Based on the processor in use, group these six Asus Laptops into three. The first is Asus Windows 10 laptops based on a Celeron dual-core processor. In the second group, laptop models have the Pentium Quad-core processor hence 3000 Rupees expensive.

The last group of this section has only one model that is, by the way, a fantastic machine. Asus X540YA-XO106T Laptop has advanced resources to ensure a fluid experience for the end users while gaming or doing any hectic project. With thousands of rating point in its favor along with Flipkart Assured tag added, the Asus AMD laptop is a good deal at the current price of 24000 Rupees.

If you want to save money, yet get a good laptop, which should work in good condition for four to six years then invest either in the laptop with AMD processor or one of the laptops with Pentium Processor. For fluid performance, no lag and extended battery backup set your priority to SSD storage.

► Top HP Laptops for multitasking under 35000 Rupees

There are many good HP laptops under 35000 Rupees. However, I liked the selected four that possess the right build quality at the right price. The first is a Celeron processor powered laptop from HP’s Imprint series. The HP Imprint Laptop 15-BS548TU comes with the same essential specs: 500GB HDD, Windows 10 Preloaded, and 4GB RAM. Since it is an HP laptop, it is quite apparent that it would have a solid build and a standard stylish look as well. As expected and noticeable — in fact, like any Celeron processor based laptop, this machine is slow. However, it bears adequate features. Its current price stands at 24500 Rupees.

The specs of the budget HP laptop are not fit for you. Why not select the same specs but with a reliable processor? The alternative of the HP imprint laptop comes with an Intel Core i3 Processor (6th generation). This advanced laptop requires buyers to pay 33000 Rupees. Apparently, The HP Imprint 15Q-bu013TU with Intel Core i3 Processor is a fitting choice at its current price.

I suggest here laptops with an outdated processor like Celeron or Pentium on the condition that the users would consider SSD as the primary storage to improve and stabilize their laptop’s performance. The cost of 120GB SSD is as less as 4000 Rupees in the Indian market. Let your budget laptop, which is slow due to an outdated processor be fast by placing an SSD in it. Store your collection of movies, songs, and other essential data on an HDD.

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To install SSD, however, unscrewing a laptop, which is yet to complete 12 months of use, will violate warranty terms. However, what can we do — if you want to save money, this is the only way. Alternatively, you have to spend 35000 or 45000 Rupees for a laptop based on the Intel Core i3 Processor. Even that would not have the best of the possible speed due to an HDD inside as the primary storage.

At the price of 34000 Rupees, HP 15-BS-617-TU Laptop looks promising. Do not fall for the added additional 128-GB EMMC Storage. It is all right to say that the storage is many times faster than the regular HDD still in practical use it behaves the same. Understand this with a multilane high way, which allows free driving of vehicles but limits entry of vehicles to only one or two at a time. The same is the character of the EMMC storage. EMMC storage communicates with fewer GETS which restricts its READ & WRITE speed, and that defines its performance eventually.

On this HP Laptop, therefore, has 1.2TB of storage instead of regular 1TB or 500GB, nothing special. Additionally, this HP laptop has many features worth considering: a glossy design, a robust CPU, up to 5 Hours of Battery Backup, and Ample Storage to host all your media collections at one place. I like the laptop it comes with excellent specs at its current price. You can buy it.

AMD processor-based laptops are always cheaper than those come with an Intel processor. For everyday use and gaming, AMD processors are the perfect and affordable solution. In nonprofessional’s term, AMD processors are best for single-tasking whereas Intel Processors are multitasking friendly. Assuming you are looking for a laptop for everyday use, trust AMD processor and save money. If you can change the HDD to SSD, then the laptop would make an unbeatable performance. Not to forget, out of four HP budget laptops suggested here, only this model comes with 2GB Graphics. If the laptop is not able to match the speed of your work, then switching to SSD memory is the only solution. The HP 15q-by002AX Laptop with an AMD dual-core processor at the current price of 28000 Rupees could be a great buy if the laptop is for everyday use.

► Asus Budget laptops with Premium Features around 33000 Rupees

Here I have selected three great models with brilliant specs that are on sale online at the right price. Two of them are from the top-rated Asus's Vivobook Max series whereas one model is from an independent series, but it packs some unbelievable specs.

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Both the laptops from the Vivobook Pro come with great specs, eye-catching design, premium build, and light in weight body. The standard features of both the best-selling laptops include full HD display and latest Intel Core i3 Processor. Moreover, both the laptops also have an optical drive. What is interesting though despite having all hardware onboard these notebooks weighs just 1.9 Kgs. However, saving on the gross weight resulted in a fragile built on them.

Further, both the Vivobook Pro laptops have all the essential ports. Battery backup is in the range of 4 to 5 hours. These 64-Bit machines come with 5-in-1 card readers and have the designed powerful sound card for crystal clear sonic master audio output. Asus Vivobook Pro X541UA-DM1358T and X541UA-DM1232T laptops are available in the market at just 1000 Rupees price difference. One is at present priced 32500 Rupees, and another one, which is slightly older than the first one has been on sale at 33500 Rupees. Both the laptops are best: choose the one that looks appropriate to you.

Below 35000 Rupees, among the Asus laptops with Windows 10, the Asus A555LF-XX257T laptop is the only model, which has 2GB Graphics card added. Hence, the model could be an excellent option for those looking to buy a gaming laptop or a laptop that would support top-line applications such as Adobe Photoshop. In the offline market I got the model to test, but in the online market, this fabulous laptop is out of stock currently. At the current — on the sale price of 33000 Rupees, the laptop looks perfect to me. To this variant, Asus also provides Power2Go application free of cost, which a top-rated app to customize media burn to storage.

Best Windows Asus X-Series Laptops around 30000 Rupees

Around the price of 30000 Rupees, I liked the Asus X-Series laptops because of their fluid performance due to Intel i3 Processor-based CPU. In fact, there are some four variants are on sale today of the well-made Asus brand Laptops. All the modifications fall in the price range of 28000 to 34000 Rupees. Additional, on all these Asus laptops the core specs are same, but change is in the Intel Processor. Each of the models has the Core i3 Processor of a deferent generation. Does that make a difference? YES, but NO! Such a slight variation in the processor version practically makes no difference when the laptop is being used for general purpose. Yes, that would make some influence on regular users’ experience, but not to occasional users.

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From the four selected models with Core i3 Processor, Asus X-Series X540LA-XX596T Laptop at 28000 Rupees has the i3 Processor in its 5th generation. Its 15.6-Inch screen has HD resolution. However, if you want your new laptop should have a Full HD display, spend 2000 more and book Asus X-Series X541UA-DM1233T laptop with Core i3 Processor in its 6th edition and the 15.6-Inch screen in Full HD 1080P resolution. Those buying this Asus laptop with full HD screen have only praise to offer. I think 30000 Rupees for this Laptop model is appropriate.

With the same specs, Asus has launched one more laptop that being currently priced 2000 Rupees less. Asus X-Series X541UA-DM1295T Laptop comes with the same specs what Asus X-Series X541UA-DM1233T laptop has. If you find any de-similarity, which we fail to recognize, please report that in the comment section.

So far, we covered Asus's X-Series laptops with Core i3 Processors in the fifth and sixth generation. Next is one powerful notebook with the i3 processor in its 7th generation. Yes, Asus's X-Series X541UA-DM1232T Laptop is a well recommended for hard masters. For a price of 34000 Rupees, the specs of this powerful machine are aspiring. Besides, despite having an HDD primary storage and Optical drive, the weight of this Asus laptop is incredibly light, just 1.9Kg.

At this price, expecting a laptop to have keyword backlit is too much to ask. All the hardware and software of this model and the laptop models discussed earlier are up to date. However, build quality of these laptops could be a matter of concern. That is apparent from their light in weight body. In general, laptops with the same specs have weight minimum 2.16 or 2.21 Kgs. However, if you have the habit to manage gadgets with care, then one of these top laptops is undoubtedly the best fit for you.

► Affordable Acer Laptops with Windows 10 Pre-installed

Acer Laptops are affordable, have the durable hardware, and also come with many essential preloaded applications. Acer offers from one to three years of excellent service support. In fact, this is contrary to the restricted one year of service commitment by all other brands. Here I would also acknowledge Asus's one year of international warranty. Though that has absolutely no meaning for 99% buyers in India, still it is worth mentioning.

Acer A315-21 is the laptop model you must consider if looking for one reliable Windows 10 machine. It has 1TB HDD drive, and its CPU central is an AMD processor. If your last laptop had an Intel Core i-series processor, then you look for either a laptop with same CPU architecture or else give up on HDD and opt for an SSD as the primary storage solution on your brand new laptop.

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The specs of this affordable Acer Aspire laptop are best for the price, which falls below 30000 Rupees. For a moment, allow me to keep aside doubts over the CPU performance because of an AMD processor.

The Acer laptop is one of the few models that come with the latest MS office with a lifetime license. The cost of MS office License is 5000 Rupees. Therefore, you save 5000 Rupees on MS office license and 2500 Rupees on Windows 10 OS license. Isn't this mind blowing? Further, Acer promises for close to 5 hours of backup by the two-cell battery attached to this model. About the speaker management on this model: a dual stereo speaker with the noted Acer TrueHarmony Technology boosts sound frequency and clarity as well. The other regular features are as it is — as often any Windows 10 laptop has. For RAM though the laptop has just one slot, the slot can handle up to 12GB of capacity, however.

Do not miss this Acer laptop: it is one of the rarest laptops under 30000 Rupees has pre-installed Windows 10 and MS office with a lifetime license. At the current price of 29000 Rupees, this hardware-software bundle is one of the best deals in the market.

► Best Lenovo Laptops with Lots of Features under 35000 Rupees

While setting the preferred brand orders to select the best budget laptop, I had lowered the value of brand Lenovo. However, when it comes to providing top-notch specs at an acceptable price, there is no match for this Chinese brand.

Here I have selected four top Lenovo laptops to suggest readers. They are the value of money smart machines with many great features. However, the problem with Lenovo laptops is on the front of build quality hence durability. What I learned by the testimony of many Lenovo laptop users is that in just eight to ten months of good use hardware failure on Lenovo laptops begins. As a result, in every quarter, 4 to 5 thousand Rupees has to spend to replace faulty hardware. Moreover, the same is the case with Dell Laptops.

My new laptop is an SSD based Asus notebook with a touchscreen. Before this Asus laptop, I was using a Dell Vostro variant. Within 18 months of minimal use of the Dell laptop, its display, speaker, charger, and battery had to be replaced. That is why I dropped both of the brands at the bottom of the chart of preferred laptop brands. If HP and Asus laptops look costly to you invest in an Acer laptop.

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Lenovo Ideapad IP-320E is one best selling laptop currently under 35000 Rupees. A stylish look, pre-installed Windows 10 Home and MS Office 2016 with a lifetime license are some of the features that make it the best laptop deal at its current MRP. If you decide to upgrade to a brand new laptop within 15 to 24 months, Lenovo + Flipkart will offer a discount of 10600 Rupees under buyback guarantee for this model. However, if you understand why I am arguing to upgrade to SSD, you would never fall for this small deal. If you analyze the buyback offer carefully, you would understand Lenovo wants buyers to pay them minimum 10000 Rupees every year.

A decent alternative to the laptop is the model IP-320 Laptop at 2000 Rupees lesser price. It comes with 2TB HDD. Now, you have to decide whether your need is the best performing laptop with 1TB HDD or the laptop with ample 2TB storage. I suggest the 1TB model because having that high volume in a single piece is not an ideal way to store data. A Disk failure would mean 2TB data gone.

To address the lower price segment of the market, the Lenovo IP-320 Series has a model based on the Pentium Quad Core (7th Generation) Processor, too. The build quality of the affordable laptop is the same and also the rest of specifications are ditto matching. The only difference is the use of a Pentium series processor instead of an Intel Core i-series processor. However, the use of Pentium processor lowers the price of the laptop by 3000 Rupees. Should you save 3000 Rupees for an outdated processor? The answer is a BIG NO. Had the price difference anything between 7000 to 10000 Rupees that would have made the laptop with the slow processor a better deal. I think here verdict is clear, go with the first model with an Intel i3 Processor even if it is 3000 Rupees pricier.

Now let us discuss an ultra-affordable Lenovo laptop for budget customers. The IP110 variant has 4GB RAM, and Windows 10 Pre-installed and its performance is so-so. This model despite all great features is affordable; purchase it to save your money. Trust the laptop for stable performance. Other essential elements, too, of this budget Lenovo laptop make it an excellent choice at its current price.

► Reliable Dell Laptops under 35000 Rupees

From 20 odd models on sale currently, only two Dell laptops found to be worthy enough to be in this article. The first runs on an AMD processor whereas the most preferred processor for budget laptops, Intel Core i3 powers the second one. The variant with an AMD processor comes with only 500GB HDD, and it is on sale currently around 26000 Rupees. Buyers have to pay 33000 Rupees for the Dell laptop has an Intel i3-5th Generation processor, whereas. Are both the laptops the best deal in the market? No! I have already suggested lot better laptops in the same price with many essential features from HP, Asus, and Acer. Therefore, you can safely ignore these Dell laptops.

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I had excellent experience with an HP Compaq laptop, and letter terrible experience with a Dell Laptop, and now enjoying working on a touchscreen laptop with SSD from Asus. Therefore, I can argue from a position of strength — select your favorite and a next-generation notebook from one of the top brands for budget customers HP, Asus, and Acer.

Conclusion: Well, all the laptop models discussed in this piece are just mind-blowing, you can be sure about that. If you want to purchase a next-generation laptop, then buy one with touchscreen and SSD storage. Mere upgrading to the latest processor and boosting RAM size is not going to help. That is, in fact, a foolish way to waste money.

SSD is cool. Once you get to use an SSD based laptop, trust me, you would hate a laptop has an HDD as the primary storage. Likelihoods of SSD failure are 25 times lesser than HDD. Moreover, since SSD is not a mechanical drive, even a flat battery on a laptop would yield 4 to 5 hours of backup.

Understand the working of a laptop then only you would get why it is essential to update to SSD. While working with a laptop or desktop, a user initiates hundreds of tasks for the Processor. Due to HDD's limitation regarding Read & Write speed, the processor would not get a timely response hence it would not execute scheduled tasks at its optimum processing speed. Meanwhile, the RAM storage is filled with added tasks planned and eventually leads to a complete system hang. This would never happen when the primary storage is an SSD.

Therefore, my advice would be buying a laptop with SSD, not HDD. If you can invest in a touchscreen laptop with SSD, your working speed on a laptop would significantly improve. We have recently published some articles on best laptops with SSD and touchscreen laptops with SSD. The laptops reviewed in the articles are of top quality and currently on sale at the acceptable price. Currently, SSD manufacturers provide a data migration kit that includes software to clone HDD to a new SSD as it is. Once SSD becomes popular and affordable, I do not think manufacturers would continue to include the particular migration kit with every SSD sale package. So hurry!!

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