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27 inch LED Computer Monitor between 19000 to 30000

27 inch Full HD LED Computer Monitor between 19000 to 30000 Rupees

Samsung LS27D590CS/XL 27-inch LED Monitor

Samsung is the real hero of the curved display market. In fact, Samsung was the first brand to introduce curved display TV and computer monitor a couple of years back. The curved display products are being very costly, they are popular in the Indian market. For an instance, you need to spend at least 50000 rupees to get the cheapest curved LED TV home.

However, in the world of monitors, the scenario is much different. Recently, Samsung unveiled its LS27D590CS/XL LED monitor that offers a curved display and you can purchase it under the price cap of 30,000 rupees.

Interestingly, Samsung focuses more to attract the gaming community than the regular users like me for this curved screen monitor. If you are into gaming, then be sure to have a look at this premium efficient monitor.

Samsung LS27D590CS Curved Full HD LED Computer Monitor Specifications

Good Build Quality

Samsung has tried everything in its capability to make this monitor sturdy and durable. The brushed metal finish of the outer shell does offer a nice appeal to the eyes. Its bezels are much thin and do not interrupt the viewing experience of the users. The monitor itself is just 59.5-mm thick and looks amazing on the desk. I am sure that it will enhance the beauty of your workspace. The whole setup is impressively light and weighs in at 5.6 KG only.

I am really disappointed with the design and build quality of the stand. It is made of plastic and feels cheap. Moreover, it fails to hold the display panel properly because of which the whole setup starts vibrating even if you touch the display with a finger. In addition, you cannot swivel or adjust the position of the monitor. In my opinion, Samsung should have shipped a standard and normal looking stand with this product.

Gaming Monitor: The manufacturer is vocal about the selection of hardware and the design element keeping in mind the resource requirement during a high voltage gaming session. However, I am not convinced by this claim as I notice a few downgraded specs. The motion refresh rate, which stands at just 60Hz, is a big disappointment for a gamer. You cannot expect extraordinary frame rates on this monitor.

The display panel of this Samsung LED monitor is not that bad. In addition, four milliseconds response time is quite impressive and is a guarantee of top-notch gaming performance. The LED-backlit that lights up the panel is phenomenal and offers brightness levels of up to 350 nits. Its 27-inch display panel packs in a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, which is enough to generate detailed graphics.

It offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which is the maximum you can get on any product in this price segment. The viewing angles of 178 degrees in both the direction come as a surprise as it is a gaming monitor. Overall, it will give users an immersive and premium gaming experience.

One of the main benefits of curved display panels is that they can be used to create an efficient and continual multi-display setup. This type of setup will make users feel that they are part of the game itself, as they will be surrounded by displays from three sides.

However, the color reproduction of the display panel is a bit disappointing. It fails to produce true colors. I cannot recommend this monitor to the professionals like video editors, graphic designers, and photographers.

Samsung LS27D590CS Curved Full HD LED Computer Monitor Review Connectivity

Limited Connectivity Options

This monitor offers only a few connectivity options. You will find only one HDMI and DisplayPort on the back. It lacks DVI port and MHL connectivity features. But you do get an audio port that can be regarded as a good thing for gamers as they will be able to connect headphone to it.

Comes With Built-In Speakers: Samsung was kind enough to put two 5-Watt speakers on this monitor. Although these speakers are capable of producing loud audio but their quality is not satisfying. The inbuilt speakers are only good for vocals. Those people who like deep bass levels and high treble are advised to use headphones or an external speaker system.

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Power Efficient: This huge 27-inch monitor consumes just 24 Watts of power in typical conditions. Your electricity bill will hardly witness any increase because of this LED monitor. In standby mode, the power consumption drops to 0.3 Watts, which is impressive indeed. Another good thing is that its inner circuitry is capable of resisting power fluctuations.


  • 27-inch curved display panel
  • Inbuilt speakers offer stereo effect
  • Attractive design
  • Really high contrast ratio of 3000:1
  • Great viewing angles
  • Low power consumption
  • Display modes


  • Bad color reproduction
  • Quality of stand is not impressive
  • Low motion refresh rate
  • Connectivity options are less

Verdict: Samsung has done a great job of offering a curved display in 30000 rupees price bracket. Although the motion refresh rate of this monitor is a bit low but other features, surely enhance the gaming experience. While it is a fine gadget to have, I would not recommend it to graphic designers and video editors.

Price 30000 Rupees
Display Size 27 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 3000:01
Response Time 4 ms
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Connectivity 1 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, Audio In, Audio Out and VGA
Power Consumption 24 Watts


LG 27MP77 27 inch Cinema Screen Display

These days LG has become quite famous in the market of desktop monitors. Its products have impressed many experts around the world including myself. The one thing that I like very much about this brand is that its monitors are always available at a reasonable price.

We are here to discuss the LG 27MP77 monitor available in the online market for a price of 25867 rupees. Considering many productivity features and a long list of connectivity options, yes, this monitor is affordable. Its features are highly impressive both on paper as well as in reality. I was amazed to use this display and it blew my mind on the very first look.

LG 27MP77 27 inch Cinema Screen Monitor Features

Pleasing Design: LG calls this monitor as a “Cinema Screen Display” and the reason behind that is the size of its edges. The bezels of this device are so thin you would not even notice them while working. Its outer shell is made of sturdy and durable materials. The monitor gives a much premium feel to the eyes. It is just 52-mm thick and looks amazing on a table.

One thing that caught my attention was its stand. The base of this stand is made of metal on which rests a vertical piece of transparent glass. This unique design makes the user feel that the monitor is hanging in air. However, you have to take good care of wires because everything on the back can be seen from the front.

The stand does not allow a lot of freedom. You cannot adjust the height of the monitor nor can you rotate it. However, the good thing is that LG also ships a Vesa mount setup in the box.

Gorgeous and Productive Display

The 27-inch screen of this monitor is attractive. Its glossy finish eliminates all types of reflection and offers a perfect working environment to the users. The display comes pre-calibrated, so there is no need to adjust the settings. You can start working on it just after connecting the cables. I was also impressed by the color accuracy of this monitor. I am certain no other device in this price range can match it.

It is a great display to work on graphic and video editing software. Screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels helps in generating sharp graphics. This monitor successfully eliminates flickers and ghosting.

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It also comes loaded with tons of extra features. The 4 Screen Split feature divides the screen into four parts for easy management of windows. If reading WebPages and eBooks is priority, then the users can turn on the Reader Mode that filters out harmful frequencies of light.

LG 27MP77 27 inch Cinema Screen Monitor Review

Good For Multi-Display Setup: This monitor offers a great solution for creating a multi-display setup. You would not need to spend a lot of time in adjusting the colors of each of the displays because it comes pre-calibrated. Moreover, the thin bezels result in greater continuity. You would just love working on the multi-display setup created by with this monitor.

Good for Gaming and Movie Watching: In general, monitors made for professionals use considered bad for gaming, but this device tries to break that myth. It offers a motion refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is not a standard spec but is not bad either. The response time of 5-ms will offer a decent gaming experience to the users.

I would also recommend use this monitor for movie watching because of its high color accuracy and great viewing angles. This device is fully equipped to give you theater-like experience.

No DisplayPort

The LG monitor comes with one VGA and Two HDMI ports on the back, which is good for the users who do not use many devices in their setup. However, professional people will find this device limited on the connectivity front because it does not come with a DisplayPort. Moreover, it also lacks DVI interface.

Generates Decent Quality Audio: LG has equipped this monitor with two 5-Watt speakers. However, keep in mind that the outer shell of this monitor is quite thin, which forced the manufacturer to use small driver units. The audio that it generates is decent, but not of that high quality. But hey! At least, this monitor comes with a pair of speakers.

LG 27MP77 27 inch Cinema Screen Monitor Specifications


  • IPS display panel
  • High contrast ratio and accurate color production
  • Full HD resolution generates crispy graphics
  • Joy stick allows for easy navigation
  • Colors are pre-calibrated
  • OSD menu gives a lot of options
  • 4 Screen Split feature to easily manage the desktop
  • Low power consumption
  • Attractive and sturdy outer shell
  • Transparent stand


  • Audio quality is not impressive
  • No height adjustment

Verdict: If you were someone who works a lot on graphic editing software and likes to do casual gaming, then this monitor would prove to be a great solution. It offers more features than you are actually paying for. You will certainly love the design of this monitor and the fact that its display comes pre-calibrated is just awesome.

Price 24000 Rupees
Display Size 27 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Response Time 5 ms
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Connectivity 2 X HDMI, 1 X Audio Out, 1 X Audio In and 1 X VGA
Dimensions 5.2 x 61.4 x 36.9 cm
Power Consumption 26 Watts


27 inch LED Monitor AOC I2769VM with inbuilt Speaker

AOC offers a number of monitors in the premium segment of the market. One of its bestselling products is the I2769VM LED Monitor that comes at the price of 19,839 rupees. This monitor is famous for its display quality and premium design. The product also comes loaded with a bunch of extra features that take user experience to a completely new level.

Futuristic Design: The pitch-black display gives a feel that there are no bezels when the monitor is turned off. Even the actual thickness of the side bezels is much less, which brings the user closer to the display. The metallic brush finish of the back panel offers a premium look. The outer shell of the monitor feels solid as AOC has used high-quality materials in the making. However, the same is not true about the stand, as its design feels a bit old.

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One interesting thing is that this monitor supports wall mount installation and you can attach a Vesa 75 X 75 mm bracket on its back.

AOC i2769Vm 27 Inch Screen IPS Frameless Full HD LED Lit Monitor in India

IPS Display Panel: In the market, it is one of the few monitors below 20000 rupees, which comes with an IPS display panel. IPS technology helps a lot in improving the color reproduction that is why the graphics on this monitor appear to be rich and amazing.

The viewing angles are wide and measure 178 degrees in both the direction. In this segment, it is a perfect monitor if your primary goal is to watch movies, edit videos, design graphics, and post-process images. Its 27-inch panel is huge offer you a wide work-space.

AOC’s special Clear Vision image processing engine improves the picture quality. It is so impressive and efficient that it makes SD videos to like HD content. Another feature called Screen+ helps in splitting the display into 4 parts for better management of different desktop windows. Interestingly, the users can browse through the OSD menu via their mouse using the I-menu software functionality.

The monitor is also good for casual gaming. Its response time of five milliseconds is not that bad and the contrast ratio of 1000:1 is highly impressive. However, the people who are into gaming industry will not like its display because of the low motion refresh rate.

Features Inbuilt Speakers

Surprisingly, this monitor comes with two inbuilt speakers, which are placed, on either side. The produced audio also offers stereo effect. However, the low availability of space stopped the manufacturer from featuring huge speaker setup. You will not experience deep bass levels. My advice would be to use a pair of external speakers instead.

AOC i2769Vm 27 Inch Screen IPS Frameless Full HD LED Lit Monitor Review

Modern Connectivity Features: On the back, this device features all the connectivity ports that you can expect at this price point. There are two HDMI ports and one of which supports MHL connectivity. You also get a DisplayPort capable of transferring UHD videos. A pair of Audio In and Audio Out ports are located on the right side of the connectivity panel.

Energy Efficient: In the active mode, this monitor consumes just 35 Watts of power and this number drops to a mere 0.5 Watts when it goes in standby mode. It also supports a wide voltage input range of 100 – 240 Volts. This energy star certified product will not increase your electricity bill.


  • Great picture quality
  • Pitch black display
  • Offers immersive experience to the users
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Stand can be tiled
  • Monitor also supports wall mount installation
  • Consumes much less electricity
  • Wide viewing angles and high contrast ratio
  • Two HDMI ports and MHL connectivity
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • OSD menu can be accessed using a mouse


  • Audio quality is not that impressive
  • Low motion refresh rate

Verdict: This AOC monitor is a perfect solution for professional and home use. On it, you will be able to process images and graphics more accurately. High viewing angles allow the users to watch movies and music videos from any side. Although the audio quality is not up to the mark, but at least, you are getting inbuilt speakers.

This monitor also packs some extra features like Screen + and I Menu that help in usability. Moreover, the end users can even cast the screen of their smartphones on the bigger display of this monitor using an MHL cable.

AOC i2769Vm 27 Inch Screen IPS Frameless Full HD LED Lit Monitor Specifications

Price 20000 Rupees
Display Size 27 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 1000:01
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Connectivity Audio In, 2 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort and VGA
Power Consumption 35 Watts

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