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27 Best Convection Microwave Oven below 15000 Rupees

Best Convection Microwave Oven under 15000 Rupees

Have you got bored eating the same Daal Roti and gravy chicken regularly, you should now invest in a smart, affordable microwave oven to make your food even more interesting, tastier and healthy. Cooking is not about the count of ingredients it is all about how one makes the use of those elements. A microwave oven makes precise use of ingredients, grains, and energy, and by following preprogrammed methods prepares tasty & healthy food in much less time.

In this microwave oven review article, meet 27 best convection and convection + Grill type ovens in the price range of 6000 to 15000 Rupees from seven top Indian brands. These desi brands are known for retailing reliable home appliances. Therefore, this piece is an ultimate destination to select your next convection microwave oven, which must have automatic cooking features, and an enduring build, too.

Among the three types of the microwave oven – Convection, Grill, and SOLO — the convention type are the best for cooking the maximum number of recipes. Currently, no convection microwave oven is on sale around the budget of 5000 Rupees. If you are looking to buy best microwave oven under 5000 Rupees, you can only buy a SOLO-type oven. For a convection microwave oven, although a reasonable budget in today's market is around 10000 Rupees.

Since brand matters in the selection of the right microwave oven, here all the selected convection ovens are grouped as per their brand names. Jump to the section where your favorite brand's ovens are discussed and choose the one that has the features you are looking for in the new oven. For readers benefit, I have followed an alphabetic order. So, the first reliable electronics brand with affordable microwave ovens get featured here is the Indian electronics brand, Bajaj. Read also Onida Smart Convection Microwave Oven with Calories Meter.

Bajaj Convection Microwave Oven below 9000 Rupees

Bajaj has only one model of convection microwave oven with two variants in the market. One is with the capacity of 23 Liters and another with the size of 25 liters. Both the ovens have digital notification bar and touchpad to set a cooking program according to the recipe. Moreover, both the variants have essential features like defrost, preheat, reheat, steam cleaning, and digital display. They are fit for baking cake and making grill chicken withal. So, select the one, which has an appropriate capacity for cooking in your kitchen. Having one of these two Bajaj convection ovens in your kitchen is undoubtedly going to add significant variation in the daily food serves on the plate. Read also 4 Latest Best Microwave Ovens for Cooking Tandoori Dishes.

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We tested the 23-Liter variant for cooking Andhra-style light gravy Chicken. It turned out to be comfortable, and the taste was excellent. In fact, this Indian brand oven is fit for cooking regular dishes of all Indian cuisines. Thus, having this convection oven would expedite preparing a variety of Indian cuisines every day with much ease. Now you can have sambar idly in breakfast, Gujarati Thali in Launch, and in dinner Chapati with testy, healthy gravy. Prepare all of them in this Bajaj convection oven by following its auto cook menus.

All those functions I wish to have in my oven — has in both the Bajaj convection ovens. You need to pay less than 9000 Rupees to get one of the ovens home. Among all the features Bajaj provided, my favorite is steam cleaning. That is a great help in keeping the stove neat & clean and hygienic. Bajaj 2310ETC in 23-Liter capacity and Bajaj 2504ETC in 25-Liter capacity are two brilliant convection microwave ovens under 9000 Rupees.

Both the convection ovens have lots of convenience features which are the essential requirement in today's modern time. Moreover, because of the steam wash feature, you would not have to waste energy and effort in keeping the oven clean, hygienic, and ready for next session of cooking.

30-Liter BPL Microwave Oven is best for Big Size Family

For the price of 11000 Rupees, BPL offers a high capacity convection oven with lots of cooking features. It is ideal for a family of five to nine members. BPL BPLMW30CIG is a convection microwave oven, and its primary functions onboard set it to be a perfect all-in-one smart cooker.  Grill chicken, bake birthday & flavor cake, auto cook Indian recipes, prepare pizza, bake Italian cookies, and the list goes on.

BPL offers baking plate, Glass Turntable, and Roller Ring with the oven. Manufacturer's warranty on it although limits to just 12 months, less than the current trend in the market for three years of warranty. Read also Should you Buy an Usha Halogen Oven? Find out.

Control buttons on this BPL convection oven are tactile buttons instead of touch. That does not make much of difference in its performance, but still, some of the buyers may not prefer it since they want their new oven should function much like a smartphone.

As far as build quality is concerned, BPL is one of the most reliable Indian electronics brands. Therefore, in a way, it settled that BPL products would have a long functional life. We have reviewed many BPL washing machines and LED TVs on this website. Following our suggestion, whoever has bought BPL appliances — thanks to us for suggesting a reliable solution that is still in the same condition despite many months of use as it was on the day one.

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If your budget is around 10000 rupees for a brand new oven, consider this BPL convection microwave oven. It lacks my favorite feature, steam wash, however. Cleaning is a terrifying job in the kitchen. I love to be in the kitchen for cooking and can do any work other than cleaning and washing jobs. That somebody else must do, not me. Read also Perfect Alternative of Microwave Oven: Usha OTG below 7000 Rupees.

However, on the contrary to my thinking, the steam wash function may not be that relevant for many buyers. Therefore, I leave to the buyers to decide. One thing is for sure though the BPL microwave oven is undoubtedly one of the best ovens in the market with tons of features. It is fit for all kinds of cooking you could think of. It comes with all primary automatic cooking features.

Best Godrej Convection Microwave Oven in 8000 to 23000 Rupees Price

In the consumer electronics market, Bajaj and Godrej are two prominent brands with hundreds of top-selling rated products. In fact, for the security system & lock, Godrej is only brand that public trust today. Moreover, Godrej is also a prime favorite of buyers while shopping for smart kitchen appliances. In the microwave oven business, though Godrej is yet to make a significant presence.

In this section, I look at some selected convection microwave ovens from our home brand Godrej. The ovens those qualified for this article is definite to have a sturdy build as well as the regular features. However, whether they are value-for-money or not — that I am going to discuss next.

If you are a family of “Hum do Hamare do,” Godrej convection oven GMX-519-CP1 with 19 liters capacity at the price of 8800 Rupees is a fit choice. It comes with preheating, reheating, grilling, baking, defrosting, auto cooking, and steam cooking functions. Even an advanced convection microwave oven has only 60 to 90 auto cook menus preset, but, this Godrej oven has 120 auto cooking menus. Moreover, it also has cooking completion bell alert. Also, the combination of preset and combination cooking provides the option to test user's creativity with food by providing pace to create thousands of fusion recipe.

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The 20-Liter variant comes with 11 power levels, one more than that of the 19-Liter oven. It also has three years of service warranty for the magnetron. The rest of the features are more or less same, however. In the sales box of the 20-Liter variant come Glass Turntable, Roller Ring, Grill Rack, and Crusty Plate. Although the oven can bake cookies and cake, Godrej does not provide ideal pot for that. You need to buy cake-baking pots if you are purchasing this convection oven. Hither, a favorite article on the Gadgets Shiksha could help in the purchase of essential kitchen tools to bake testy cakes in your home kitchen. Read also For Homemade Cakes First Collect These Appliances and Essentials.

The latest models from Godrej with 20-liter capacity are GMX-20CA6-PLZ and GMX-20CA5-MLZ although. Both the ovens are on sale currently at the price of 8300 Rupees. They come with the regular features of the convection microwave oven, but the number of auto cook menu differs. Godrej offers one year of warranty overall and two years of extended warranty for the Magnetron. Express and Quick Start are two features on the Godrej ovens that appeals to some extent.

Both the Godrej ovens let the end user start and end basic cooking in just a few minutes. Such functions are crucial in today's time when work-life dominates our private personal life. Further, 141 Auto cook menu with combination cooking and multi-stage cooking is a great help in giving one try to your cooking creativity every day. Mirror door of the ovens allows see-through inside while cooking is maturing.

Moreover, the Jet Deforest technology is another excellent relief when you want ready the food before time. It enables to fasten deforest of the items and prepare the meal before guests arrive. All in all both the budget convection oven from Godrej are excellent products with a robust build and almost all general use features. Also, the price of both the ovens is entirely appropriate according to the current trend in the market.

Top-rated High Capacity Convection Microwave Oven from Godrej

In this section, the selected microwave ovens have a higher capacity and have more cooking features, too. Although in the market there are many efficient models from the Indian brand, I liked only the three since found them to be adequate for healthier cooking.

With the capacity of 25 Liters, Godrej GMX-25CA1-MIZ seems to be a promising convection oven. The Key features of this oven include preheating, reheat, setting a timer, cooking completion bell, auto Reminder, and auto Deodorizer. Further, the cavity material of this stove is of stainless steel. The door of this convection microwave oven has mirror hence what is cooking inside — monitoring becomes a lot easier. In cooking features, the oven comes with a total of 11 temperature levels and 40 auto cook menus. The count of auto cook menu is less despite the fact that the oven is not so affordable.

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However, a smart cook can make great use of this Godrej oven by using its jet deforest, express, multistage, and combination cooking features smartly. In fact, use this convection microwave oven with its advanced functionality to create easy but innovative cooking method and get appreciated. The cooking process is a tiresome work so added the steam bowl function comes handy in cleaning the interior of the oven after the cooking is completed. Read also IFB Microwave Oven with 71 Menu and Steam Cleaning Feature.

Ideal for large families the next Godrej convection microwave oven comes with 30 liters capacity and has the features to prepare things, which you could not dream of eating home-cooked ever. Three mode of cooking is possible in this advanced oven: Grill, Convection, and Bake. Some 50 Insta cook menus come preloaded on it. However, it becomes even more resourceful because of the given accessories and cooking modes.

Grill Cooking is one of the leading highlights of this oven as it comes with not just a grill stand, but also Vertical Rotisserie. Besides, Roasting and Barbequing are also made possible on this 13000 Rupees convection oven from Godrej. Apparently, with this many features, Godrej SIM-GMX-30-CA1 seems to be a better choice over the 11000 Rupees oven with limited cooking function. With the same features but 175 Insta cook menu function, Godrej GME-34CA1-MKZ convection oven at the current price of 22650 Rupees is also worth considering.

Kenstar's high capacity Microwave Oven at Affordable Prices

Your search for the best microwave oven in India under 8000 Rupees would get no result from the brand Kenstar. The reason is — much like Bajaj, Kenstar sells smart convection ovens above 8000 Rupees price. The first model that the GS research team approved for this article is on sale currently at the cost of 8500 Rupees and, the second oven is priced around 10000 Rupees. Both the convection oven possess the features that are must for healthy & testy cooking on time, in less time, and by putting less effort. That is why the public has been ranking high the Kenstar convection microwave ovens for their brilliant cooking function. Both the ovens are top rated and best-selling kitchen appliances on the market today.

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Kenstar still sells its microwave oven at relatively less price than top brands do. The Kenstar KK25CBB250 oven at the cost of 8500 Rupees is a good solution for most homemakers in India. It comes with the features such as Grilling, baking, Auto cooking, reheating, defrosting, and 250 auto cook menus. Until now, we saw microwave ovens with 50 to 140 auto menus. This Kenstar oven, however, has 250 auto cook menus. You can make thousand of fusion recipe by more excellent use of its advanced cooking features such as express cooking, combination cooking, and multistage cooking. I do not think one need a convection oven more efficient than this one. Even if tried one menu for lunch and one menu for dinner, after six months only you would get to repeat the first recipe.

Moreover, with the combination and multistage cooking, thousands of cooking method could be created in this super smart convection oven. Other features that would encourage further to buy it for sure are the five power levels, ten temperature levels, and double grill technology. With this convection oven — prepare grill chicken in a few minutes every day. Plus, while cooking you need not wait near the stove instead complete other works. The Kenstar Convection microwave oven has the feature to alert when cooking is finished.

The Kenstar convection oven KJ25CSG150, which is on sale currently at the price of 10500 Rupees, has the same features, which the 8000 Rupees variant has. Apparently, the 8000 Rupees variant is the latest in the market whereas this one is the predecessor of it. Which one should you buy is quite apparent, therefore. Order the one that is latest and best on the market.

Onida Convection Microwave Oven in the Indian market

There is no denying to the fact that over the years Onida has successfully built a superb trust among electronics buyers by selling top quality reliable products.

Our desi brand Onida has just one convection microwave oven in the market. Country to what I had expected the stove is not that popular choice among buyers. In fact, it is not the first preference of the preponderance of customers. Buyers ratings for the convection oven on all significant shopping sites is just right, not excellent though. Read also Cook Oil Free Food in Multipurpose Haier Microwave Oven.

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The 20 Kg of the size limits this microwave oven to be a fit choice only for small families. However, its features are extraordinary. No convection microwave oven being priced below 9000 Rupees could ever be come up with 245 auto cook menus. The Onida convection microwave oven has not just the same number of auto cook menus but also has many advanced cooking features.

In fact, this convection microwave oven is a real value for money because of features such as preheating, reheating, weight defrosts, time defrosts, and my favorite “express cooking.” Along with some excellent convenience features, this Onida oven is also relatively silent, noiseless.

All in all the Onida oven is an excellent choice around the price of 10000 Rupees. Its build is of high quality, and the design of this stove has an appeal. Onida also provides a starter kit, so you also save money here.

The only feature it lacks although is the steam wash. That is essential to clean an oven thoroughly and make it ready for next session of cooking. Since cooking tasty Indian cuisine in the Onida MO20CES12B oven is a lot easier, and it comes with unbelievable features, I wholeheartedly recommend it to newly started families and bachelors.

Indian Brand IFB Convection Microwave Ovens in Your Budget

IFB is one of the top recommended brands for Washing machines. If the same name also launches smart convection ovens in public's budget, shouldn't it be apparent to review its best models on sale currently?

IFB's convection microwave oven range starts from 8000 Rupees and the top model with hundreds of feature is priced at 15000 Rupees. Until now we saw that every Indian home appliance brand has just one or two convection ovens on sale whereas the GS research team has filtered out some 12 best stoves in convection type from IFB. Read also 21 Liter Samsung Convection Microwave Oven Below 12000 Rupees.

The first convection oven from the brand IFB that pleased us is the model no 20SC2. It comes with the familiar convection oven features, but the real catch is the 6-pieces of a starter kit included in the sale box. That makes you start cooking as soon as the oven installed in your kitchen.

The touch panel control of the oven allows you to programme it and use it as a smartphone. The LED display shows what is being cooked inside and how far the process has completed. From Preheat to reheat all good features this oven has. It also has ten power levels and ten temperature levels. However, only 24 auto cook menus might drive some buyers to change their purchase judgment. That is apparent since we just discussed above convection microwave oven below 10000 Rupees with as many as 245 auto cook menus provided. Therefore, the 8500 Rupees IFB 20SC2 oven did not impress me much. As far as its build is concerned, that is top notch for sure; in fact, quite obvious since the oven is from IFB.

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The IFB convection oven 20BC4 with 20 liters capacity has pretty much the same features, which the previous model has. However, due to some apparent variation, it appears to be a better choice. One has to spend close to 11000 Rupees get this upgraded model home. I just let you know the enhanced features of this model. The first is Deodorize, which was not there on the 8500 Rupees model. Enabled fermentation is also an excellent feature for better cooking. The increase in the no of cooking function from 24 to 76 withal. Still, I am not fully convinced that why one should pay 11000 Rupees for a convection oven with this little features. However, if you are a fan of the brand IFB, it could be assuredly a good buy nonetheless.

By paying 500 Rupees less, precisely 10500 Rupees, one can get IFB's top-rated model with all the regular features and in a 23-Liters capacity — home. The IFB 23BC4 is a convection oven with some consistent and some added features. However, other brands offer the same features at the same price with pretty much similar build quality as this IFB appliance has — but with the 25-Liter capacity. Thus, carefully should you decide whether to go with the brand IFB oven or with a specific model that has been top-rated for exceptional features.

With 23-Liters capacity, IFB has one more convection microwave oven. Close to 11000 Ratings for this IFB convection oven on Flipkart declares it a super hit and the best selling oven of all time. However, my question is — for the set of traits at the price of 9500 Rupees, is this model genuinely worth that many ratings from buyers. In fact, the stove is like any other convection oven on sale below 10000 Rupees.

The number of auto cook menu is the most critical factor in oven selection. This top-rated model has only eight auto cook menus. Still, it is in public demand because of the starter kit IFB includes in the sale box. Another thing that falls for the model is the nametag. IFB is a big name in the market today with millions of customers using its reliable products. In fact, at the start, I made the point. Now the question is should you buy an oven just because of some seven pieces of the starter kit included in the sales box? I do not agree with the notion.

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25 Liters IFB Convection oven Under 15000 Rupees

Next, I am going to review an affordable IFB convection oven that comes with 25-Liters capacity. An excellent choice for small families this convection oven looks perfect and has all the resources to cook extensively. However, the number of auto cook menu is not even near to what other brands provide on their convection ovens. The key features of this oven that should count are the LED display, weight deforest, ten temperature levels & power levels.

The inbuilt overheat protection saves food and often the appliance itself. In the convenience features of this convection microwave oven has three essential features Child lock, Overheat Protection and Deodorizer. IFB also sends a complete starter kit. At the price of 11300 Rupees, IFB 25SC4 is the right oven with the aforementioned brilliant traits for fundamental to extreme cooking.

Around the price of 15000 Rupees, IFB has two more hot ovens in convection type with essential and unique characteristics. First is the IFB 25BCS1, a 25-Liter convection oven with air fryer or oil-free cooking technology. Additional features on this stove are Deodorizer, Weight Defrost, 71 Auto Cook Menus, Multi-Stage Cooking, and my favorite Steam clean. Over-heat protection and keep warm are advantageous features for me, in fact, gives me the freedom to cook and eat as and when I wish to. It lacks timer function, although. That does reduce convenience in doing small-small things with the oven. Time function allows you to set your own time for a cooking process. How the timer function is useful, explains this exciting video thoroughly.

If not that then you should consider IFB 25BCSDD1, which has one additional function, fermentation besides the characteristics discussed for the variant above.

High Capacity IFB Microwave Ovens under 15000 Rupees

There are four great models IFB has in the market with the high capacity for heavy-duty performance. Three of them have the capacity of 30 Liters, and the fourth one comes in 38-Liters capacity, which is ideal for large size families. Let us evaluate them one by one and see whether they are value for money convection oven or just another convection microwave oven in the market.

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IFB 30BRC2 in 30-Liters capacity is one best selling heavy duty model in online as well as in offline markets. Going by the features, I must say I am very impressed with this convection microwave oven. It comes with all great features I wish to see in my oven. At the cost of 14000 Rupees, it is an affordable and rightly priced product. There is no essential feature that this IFB convention oven does not have. It comes in a striking design and some 101 auto cook menus along with Multi-Stage Cooking, Quick Start, and Express Cooking functions makes it unique. Alternatively, consider the IFB 30FRC2, which is also an efficient convection microwave oven with the same features just discussed above.

Not convinced with IFB's high capacity ovens suggested above I am sure you would appreciate the next model. The IFB 30SC4 convection oven at the price of 12500 Rupees — is the most efficient and robust oven from the brand IFB. Name the features this oven has. Our expert also agrees that the “30 liters IFB oven” is one among few most efficient convection ovens on sale at the right price at this time. For cooking creativity, which requires an oven to be supportive of multi-stage cooking, this IFB oven is an excellent choice.

It also comes with a special feature to detect a malfunction in sensors. Microwave ovens have to use several sensors to detect the readiness of the food being cooked. Therefore, it is essential to have all the sensors up and in action to alert at the right time when the food is ready. Other features of the oven are brilliant, too. All in all, the IFB 30SC4 is a hot microwave oven with 30 liters capacity at the right price. The same model is also available in 38 liters capacity (IFB 38SRC1) for large families.

Should you buy Flipkart's MarQ brand Convection Oven?

MarQ is the fifth in-house brand at Flipkart. It seems MarQ is going to be a prime mark in large appliance category. Flipkart has also launched the brand Billion, a favorite brand now for top quality light appliances.

MarQ has launched so far two convection microwave ovens. Both are heavy-duty ovens with 25 liters and 30 liters capacity. Thus, both the variants are ideal for small to large families. “Flipkart Assured” blue tag confirms their absolute build quality thereby a smooth performance.

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Let us start with the 25-liters variant (EW925ETB-S) that besides the regular features surprised me with two advanced functions “Easy cleaning” and “Jet deforest.” The body of this oven is made rest proof. So it would remain functional for many years to come if used with care. For efficient heating, it has a stainless steel cavity, and it designed well for perfect 360-degree cooking. However, the Flipkart oven performs better on the front of the safety.

There are numerous safety and security features on the ovens. The first is the ISO 9001 certification for following standard practice in manufacturing the products. Second is the BIS certification for supporting a high standard in the build quality of the convection ovens for better efficiency. If I am not wrong, only MarQ ovens come with the BIS certification. Also, over-voltage protection and humidity protection are the next levels of appliance safety. In fact, according to the product description, every model reaches to customer's door after a total of 368 quality and performance tests. Isn't this incredible? The 30 liters variant has the same features but because of higher capacity is a better option for large families.

The start by the MarQ brand in the microwave oven market is quite promising. On the front of the product build, design and long-lasting performance, Flipkart delivers significantly. According to media reports, Flipkart has promised to launch large appliances under the MarQ brand at 20% lesser price than the top player's sales their products in the market today. Read also Top 7 Convection Microwave Oven Under 13000 Rupees.

Despite the fact that everything seems to be great about MarQ ovens I am still reluctant in confirming it, a must buy. The reason is MarQ is a new brand; there is no user's testimony to assure how long the product would last. The set of features MarQ is offering with its ovens — Onida, IFB, and other Indian brands have already provided on their products, which are available in the same price range in fact. Since both the convection ovens by MarQ performed significantly well in our test, we decided to include them in this exclusive review article that centered around best convection oven under 15000 Rupees. In general, a convection microwave oven has five to size years of life. Therefore, I would still insist, a convection oven of an established brand is always a wise decision than trusting a product of new brand because of some fancy features.

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