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Here are 26 Advanced Water Purifiers for this Year

Here are 26 Advanced Water Purifiers for this Year

Respecting our website followers’ demand, in this article revisiting the advanced air purifiers reviewed on this website so far. Some twenty-six water purifiers are going to be addressed here. For readers’ convenience, the order of listing is according to the market price of these premium purifiers.

These master water purifiers fall within the price range of 10000 to 25000 Rupees. Designed for maximum user convenience, and with the best of the best water purifier technologies onboard – these branded purifiers are the ultimate solution to purify water from all kinds of water supply. During the article, however, I would mention the ideal water source for each of them. If you wish to go through a detailed review of the listed purifiers here, then click on the associated link given. That redirects you to the review page of the water purifier on Gadgets Shiksha.

Here is a brief introduction to the accessible water purifier technology currently being used in water purifiers. The RO filter operates as the first level of purification, and it removes only hard impurity. However, almost 20 to 40% of water is wasted in this filtration process. If water is chargeable at your place, then do consider whether your new purifier should have an RO filter or not. Moreover, the RO filtration does not eliminate harmful bacteria and germs from the water.

Only a clinical test can confirm — which level of impurity exists in the water supply to your home. Therefore, before buying a purifier just check — what is the quality of water supply at your place. Just to add here, the water, purified only by an RO water purifier is not safe for pregnant women and infants. A water purifier must also have the UF filter to purify water for pregnant women and Infants. Why is that so?

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The UV filtration method requires a power supply to operate and kill those harmful bacteria, germs, viruses that still left in the water after the RO purification. At this stage, depending on the quality of the UV system of the purifier, 90 to 99.99% of malignant single cell living beings are eliminated, and the water becomes safe for drinking. Really! Technically YES, but NO. The dead body of those living beings is still there in the water. That has to be removed to make the water 100% pure. How to remove them? Here comes the UF filter which does not require electricity and is a somewhat a technology that mimics nature's purification process.

Often dirty, the smelly water we pour into trees and plants' root. Green plant while observing the water, purify the water to the maximum. Suppose trees and plants fail to purify the water, then the fruits and grains that would later grow on them would have the virus and bacteria which was in the water. Essentially green living things have incredibly miniature pores on its root that stops all kinds of living, nonliving impurity and allows only the pure water to enter in its cell. The same is the functioning of the UF filter. It allows only the natural freshwater to reach the attached storage tank, not the dead body of the bacteria, germs, and viruses.

I am sure you understand now the importance of all the three significant filters and their role in the water purification process. The rest of the features you see on a purifier are just add-on filters, plays a role as designed to do that.

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Premium Water Purifier below 25000 Rupees

With the 6-stage water purification technology on, the water purifier Pureit Ultima is undoubtedly one of the most advanced water purifiers in the Indian market. It looks premium, too. It only supports wall mount installation. Its striking design and color pattern is such that adds to the beauty of a decorated kitchen. However, due to the limitation of its technology to purify water and its high price, this HUL purifier is not a top favorite. Its high storage tank although makes it an ideal water purifier for a big family. Read more about this HUL Pureit water purifier at RO UV Water Purifier with Ozone Bubble Technology.

The HUL Pureit Ultima is an ideal purifier for corporation water. It is up for sale with two variants in the market: one with OXY Tube and another without the OXY Tube. The Oxy Tube is an add-on for cleaning pesticides from veggies and fruits.

The Oxy Tube regulates Ozone gas to kill and clean odd materials from fruits and veggies while soaked in the water. At Gadgets Shiksha, we strictly prohibit using any Ozone based appliance in a closed ambiance. Ozone gas can cause suffocation. Thus if you wish to get the HUL Ultima Purifier home, buy without the Oxy Tube. That would also save you a close to 5000 Rupees. To wash fruits and vegetables, removing pesticides, germs, and bacteria, here I have suggested natural methods, follow them.

A suitable alternative to the HUL Ultima is the Aquaguard Geneus, a Eureka Forbes purifier with RO, UV, and UF technology. However, my favorite feature of this purifier is its mineral guard protection. Eureka Forbes's mineral guard technology is unique and also practical. So It does make a difference to the quality of water when the protection is active. Only high-end water purifiers of Eureka Forbes have this remarkable add-on technology.

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The Aquaguard Geneus purifier also has the multi-stage purification system. How that purifies the water, to find out visit at Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV 7-Litre Water Purifier.

Top Aquaguard RO Water Purifier below 20000 Rupees

Below 20000 Rupees and above the price of 15000 Rupees, Eureka Forbes has two popular water purifiers. Both the purifiers are the best selling at present.

The Aquaguard Superb RO comes with UV and UF technology. It has a mind-blowing design and also the silver-ion technology in the form an extra security layer. Other features of this purifier include advanced warning and smart notification system. Experts recommend this purifier model for high TDS water. The mineral guard protection is also active in this RO purifier. And, thanks to its reliable purification system and smart features, it is in hot demand currently. Read more about this water purifier at Aquaguard Superb Green RO Water Purifier with UV UF Technology.

Another water purifier from Eureka Forbes that has been a real best-seller since its launch is the Aquaguard Enhance. With 7 Liters of a storage tank and the clever arrangement of filters makes it all weather ideal. It requires minimal electricity to function and has the TDS regulator, too. Hence, this Eureka Forbes water purifier is also fitting for bore-well and tanker water. With three variants in the market (one with UV+UF only, second with RO+UV only, and the third variant with RO + UV + UF), this Aquaguard purifier is one of top 5 water purifiers in the Indian market. Read more about this Purifier at seven Liters Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance water Purifier with RO + UV + UF and TDS Regulator.

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The RO filter is a must for hard water. However, if you get corporation water supply, then only UV and UF technology would purifier the water to the maximum. RO purification method often wastes lots of water, in fact almost half of the total input.

Top Kent Water Purifier below 20000 Rupees

Kent Pearl RO is a perfect alternative to the Aquaguard Enhance. Moreover, the Pearl purifier is also the all-time best selling water purifier from Kent. Hence, Kent introduced a lighter version the purifier that does not include the UF filter. However, that is a poor decision. The UF technology is essential to make the water nature pure. One can argue that the mineral protection adds advantage instead of a UF filter but the fact is – the role of UF filter, the mineral guard protection cannot administer.

You can trust the Kent Pearl purifier to filter water from a corporation, bore-well, or tanker supply. This purifier is for all-weather use. Moreover, tabletop or wall mount — whichever way you like installation it — is permissible. This Kent purifier also comes with the TDS controller.

The Kent Grand features all the three essential water purifier technologies. Therefore, it is the right purifier for purifying – hard and soft water. Made of food-grade material, it also has a built-in SMPS, and its entire operation is automated, too. Only wall mount installation is possible for this purifier hence it may not be the best purifier for those who often change habitation.

Around the price point of 15000 Rupees, Kent has three simplified water purifiers: Kent Supreme, Kent Wonder, and Kent Ace. Wherein the Kent Ace has a second variant, too, that emphasizes on the mineral protection technology. The incredibly long list of pro traits on the Kent Supreme admittedly makes it a preferred water purifier. However, the use of a crystalline container is a smart decision as people can see the pure water collected — feel fulfilled while drinking the water. I would also recommend the Kent Wonder despite the absence of a UV filter. Not having a UV filter is not much of a concern when the UF filter does the last stage of purification. The absence of the UV filter on a purifier saves water, electricity, money spends on membranes, and also the time needed for water filtration. However, the water should be from a healthy source.

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At 15000 Rupees, both the Kent Ace Mineral RO TM with UV and UF technology and the Kent Ace Plus with UF and TDS control technology are very distinct in their basic working. Though the core design of both the water purifier is same so the traits. Between them, the RO variant can purify hard water whereas the purifier with only UF filter is best-suited for municipality water supply or the water supply from a clean source that requires minimal purification. Further, the purifier with only UF filter saves water and electricity also. So first collect the authentic details of the quality of the water at your place and then decide which Kent purifier is the best fit.

Other Popular Branded Water Purifiers in 15000 to 20000 Rupees

While Eureka Forbes and Kent are two leading brand in the Indian water purifier market, there are other noted brands, too, sales innovative, reliable and smart water purifiers under 20000 Rupees.

Whirlpool is a well-followed consumer electronics brand, and it also sales water purifier. The Whirlpool Minerala comes with only RO and UF technology hence it is not for purifying polluted water. However, some useful smart features it has — so it gets a unique place among the elite efficient water purifiers in the market.

With an enough big 8.5-Liter tank, the Livpure Touch Plus 2000 is a water purifier with an RO, UV, and UF Technology. At the price of 16000, it has been one of the best – selling purifiers around 15000 Rupees in recent time. What adds to its success is the user-friendly customer support from its parent brand, Luminous.

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The water purifier from a Bangluru-based brand became famous primarily because of the review we had published on Gadgets Shiksha. Even the high-end purifier has either 5, 6, 7-stage purification whereas this Leaupure purifier had 14-stage purification and its latest upgraded version has the 16-stage purification process inbuilt. On top of that, the Alkaline water technology, which although is controversial as there is no absolute opinion whether Alkaline Water is good or bad but this purifier has it, but not as the primary specialty. To have absolute clarity about this revolutionary water purifier, check its comprehensive review here on this website.

RO Purifiers under 15000 from HUL KENT TATA Aquaguard

Under 15000 Rupees and just above 13000 Rupees, Gadgets Shiksha features review of the four dominant reliable water purifiers. The purifiers are from the famous brand HUL, KENT, TATA and Eureka Forbes.

The HUL Pureit Marvella WPNT100 is an RO and UV water purifier with a 10-Liter storage tank. Hence, it is a suitable water purifier for a family with 5 to 8 members. Although HUL is not the well-regarded name, when comes to providing ground service, the public, however, likes its valuable water purifiers. The RO UV purifier is one among several top-selling HUL Purifiers on the market. Furthermore, this Pureit Purifier is also different because of its sturdy build, intelligent indicator, and 6-stage water purification operation.

The Kent Pride Mineral RO with UF filter as the second level filter saves vital minerals in the purified water. Since this purifier supports a wide electricity input rage, it is fit for using across India including the rural Bharat. In fact, in the village area, it would operate excellent, as the water body there is not as polluted as in our cities.

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The Tata Swach Ultima RO is also one top-rated water purifier around 14000 Rupees cost. This water purifier is proper for hard water. Instead of UF filter, the use of Silver-ion also makes sense. The performance of this RO purifier is also absolute. It can purify 15-liter water per hour and has a suitable 7-Liter storage tank attached, too. Hence, this purifier is an ideal case for every Indian family in India.

Moving to the next is the Aquaguard RO with UV filter technology and TDS controller system. This purifier makes water pure using its 6-stage efficient purification method. Besides, its 8-Liter tank capacity and 8-Liter water purification per hour make it best for a medium to large size families. Especially when TDS level is high, this Eureka Forbes purifier is quite relevant. In fact, it can make water pure even if the water has the TDS level-up to 2000 PPM.

Budget Water Purifiers with Premium Features below 13000

On Gadgets Shiksha, the maximum number of water purifiers that often is sold fall under 13000 Rupees price. Since the water purifier technology has evolved in half decades, the technology in use has become cheaper hence owning a water purifier is affordable nowadays. In delivering value, water purifiers priced above 13000 Rupees more or less remains same. The actual difference becomes apparent from 12000 to 13000 Rupees price point. Therefore, whether you buy a 13000 Rupees purifier or a 19000 Rupees Purifier– makes not much of difference in the quality of the water. Yes, there is possible because of some innovative add-ons traits the high-end purifier might appear fitting for your requirement, but the efficiency at the core remains the same.

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The quality of filters – RO, UV, UF, becomes apparent after the price point of around 13000 Rupees. Yes, it sounds nice that your purifier has the primary filters but is they competent enough to make the water pure. Mere having all the three filters would not make much of difference. I have explained above in the introduction section that the UV filter kills germs, bacteria, and viruses. Can you be sure that the UV filter of your low-cost water purifier can eliminate 100% or even 95% germs present in the water? Here the branded product, which guarantees the quality of filters, comes in the picture as a reliable alternative.

Reliable RO Purifier with Mineral Protection Technology

In the budget segment of the water purifier market, while Eureka Forbes and Kent rule the realm, Livpure offers substantial competition with its small but top-selling purifiers. Also, the ground service of Livpure is customer-friendly. Livpure RO and Livpure Pep Pro are two popular purifiers under 12000 Rupees. However, I would favor the Livpure Pep Pro. This purifier has three more variants in the market. At the core, all the four variants are nearly the same. However, every model features unique technology to make a noted change in the quality of water drops in your glass. Go through the features and details of the best-selling Livpure Models and select the one that is most relevant to the water source at your place.

While working on many purifier review project, the majority of HUL purifiers users shared that HUL service sucks. Though the providers HUL has on the market is hit, and public trust them to get real pure water. Hence, the Gadgets Shiksha hosts reviews of many HUL purifiers, but with a warning that to avail HUL service, one must have tremendous patience. So, here are two cost-effective, efficient water purifiers from HUL: Pureit Marvella RO with 10-Liter storage tank and Pureit Mineral Classic RO with the technology to retain essential minerals during the purification process.

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Kent's Super Plus Mineral RO is also an active water purifier at the price of 12500 Rupees. The UF filter on this purifier is very-very efficient. Nowadays, Kent relies on its patented TDS control technology that provides water nature pure while retaining minerals. Moreover, this purifier is also an automatic water purifier with auto-start and auto shut-off function. Further, Kent has made it quite energy efficient as well. Thus, it consumes a lot less power than the regular water purifier does.

The last water purifier in this article is the Tata Swach Platina RO. This Tata Purifier comes with a 7-Liter storage tank. It can make water pure and testy despite having TDS level-up to 2000 PPM. It also comes with voltage spike protection, and its filter membranes are certified. Tata provides free wall mount installation for this purifier, one of the most rated budget RO purifier.

Conclusion: All the water purifiers explained here come with fantastic performance, long-lasting build, and valuable add-ons for filling your glass with nature pure water. Buy the one that best fits your requirement. In-depth study of these water purifiers is already live on this website. Follow the link attached to the purifier name. If you need assistance in buying a water purifier, comment here, GS team would provide a suitable response.

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