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25 Best Mixer Grinders under 2000 Rupees in India

25 Best Mixer Grinders under 2000 Rupees in India

What could be an ideal budget for an efficient enduring mixer grinder? Going by the market trend any budget over 2000 Rupees should be appropriate for a good quality mixer grinder from a reputed brand. In fact, this website hosts several such articles wherein “best mixer grinders below 3000 Rupees”, “top-performing 750 watts mixer grinders,” etc. are discussed. Those are popular articles. Therein, we mostly gave preference to branded products. Although — would it be right to right to say that only known names in the market can produce enduring mixer grinder, not others? The GS research team, thus, this time has set a goal to filter out top mixer grinders below 2000 Rupees those are from not so popular brands. For this article, we have examined hundreds of options available in the online and offline Bazaar. Then we selected 25 best mixer grinders in the price range of 1300 to 2000 Rupees.

In less than 2000 Rupees, expecting a top quality mixer grinder to last seven to ten years is too much to ask. Still if used with care, I am sure one of these mixer grinders would continue to operate for many years to come. If their quality is not better than that of top brands, they are not bad either. Regarding build quality and performance, some of the models turn out to be as good as a top-selling mixer grinder variant from Philips. In fact, that motivated us even more — to work on this project as it is going to help buyers like you and others to get home an excellent mixer grinder at the right price. This time brand would not matter our focus instead is in on build quality, features, and customer service by the manufacturer.

All the selected mixer grinders here have a powerful motor with their motor power in the range of 550 to 850-Watt. In fact, one of the next articles on this website this month going to be on most advanced mixer grinders with 1000-Watt or higher capacity of the motor. That piece would also feature some best quality 2000 Watt mixer grinder. If you are looking for a high capacity mixer grinder, the next article in the category of mixer grinder on this website is going be quite helpful.

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Often ordinary buyers have confusion whether they should buy a 550-Watt mixer grinder or a mixer grinder with a 750-Watt motor. Moreover, what is the difference between 550 watts and 750 watts mixer grinder? Can a 750 watts mixer grinder work better than a 550 watts mixer grinder?

See, there is no difference between 550 watts and 750 watts mixer grinder other than the load could be processed in one go. It is evident that a motor in higher capacity could take more loads hence handle more quantity of ingredients in one go than that of the smaller size. On the other hand, a higher capacity motor burn more power than the lower capacity motor. Therefore, you should be careful of the motor power of a mixer grinder. For a family of 4 to 6 members, 550 or 600-watt mixer grinder is perfect. Big size families with 7 to 12 members should buy a 750-Watt or higher capacity mixer grinder to complete mixing, grinding of ingredients in one go in much lesser time. I am sure now the confusion over mixer grinder 550w vs. 750w is settled. Decide the motor capacity by the count of your family members and decide the features by the level of cooking you or your homemaker often do in the kitchen.

► Best Mixer Grinders with Powerful Motor below 2000 Rupees

Do you know the home electronics brand Lifelong? Have you ever used fantastic affordable electronics appliances from this desi brand? Here at GS lab we have tested some of the Lifelong products and found them of good quality. And when compared them with favorite products from top brands, Lifelong brand products seem to have better build and performance despite being so affordable. Therefore, I see good reasons to trust a Lifelong product.

The selected Lifelong mixer grinder for this article has an advanced 750-Watt motor. In fact, it is one of the few reliable mixer grinders with a robust high capacity motor but still priced less than 2000 Rupees. Three stainless steel jars are also a kind of surprise. I was expecting the brand to save cost on jars. Moreover, the features on the Lifelong mixer grinder for performance and protection are the same often seen on all budget mixer grinders.

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Lifelong service is excellent, too. In case of breakdown of the product instead of repairing, buyers would get free of cost replacement. The brand would also provide free doorstep delivery and pick up. Any wise thinking person would say this is thousand times better than onsite service or taking the appliance to a service center for repair. Thus, there is every reason to invest in this most efficient mixer grinder from a 25-Years old brand.

Before proceeding to other prominent mixer grinders with a powerful motor, I share here my personal experience with local brand electronics. Around two years ere there was a need to change ceiling fan of the study room in my home. I accompanied my mother to a local electronics supermarket to buy a budget ceiling fan. We selected a branded model, and the shop arranged a local technician to install for 100 Rupees. Within a week of use, however, the fan started making crazy noise. It becomes unbearable to sit in the study room while the fan was on. On my complaint, the shop sent a new unit for replacement. After two days, there was the same noise issue once again. This time the shopkeeper suggested instead of the branded ceiling fan why not accept a working ceiling fan of a local manufacturer. My mom said do whatever but close this matter somehow. From last two years, the local brand ceiling fan is working fine in the study room. In fact, no malfunction and no noise issue in two years. The price of the branded model was 2300 Rupees, and the cost of this local brand fan is just 800 Rupees.

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See, my point is buying a local brand electronics product, which works on a primary circuit, could be a worthwhile decision. However, in case of electronics product with a sophisticated circuit – consider only top brand products. The reason is local manufacturer employee technicians to assemble its products. That works fine for electronics product like Mixer grinder, fan, iron box, etc. However, where precision is required to build a complex circuit, there is need of an advanced assembly line where semi-automatic robots assemble the products. Buying a primary electronics of a local brand often saves cost.

Next are some fantastic mixer grinders with a powerful motor from not so famous brands. The first among them is the Sunmeet brand mixer grinder with 600-Watt motor for 2000 Rupees. The build quality of this desi brand mixer is not that impressive. But it works well for the long run. If used with care it will run without malfunction for many years to come.

Are you someone who can risk with a new brand product, and by that avail better quality product at a much lesser price? I often do. If your answer is YES, then I suggest here a brand new mixer grinder which is efficient because of a powerful 600-Watt motor inside and has an impressive build quality and a great design, too. Even top brand mixer grinders would appear dull in comparison of this 600-Watt mixer grinder of a new brand, Jusal. In fact, the product line up of this label is worth considering. Jusal's 1000 watts mixer grinder is also very impressive in build, design, and performance. I am sure in the coming time that heavy duty model is going to be a top-selling mixer grinder. If you are looking for a 1000 Watts mixer grinder, consider the Jusal MG.

Jusal's 600-Watt mixer grinder is one of the fabulous alternatives in the market under 2000 Rupees. It comes with an ISI-certified sturdy build and has a relatively less noisy operation with overload protection. Further, the mixer comes with three standard real stainless steel jars with stainless steel hard blades. For 2000 Rupees, a brilliant, stylish mixer grinder the brand Jusal provides with a powerful motor. With 600-Watt Motor, Jusal has two models in the market. The first is Jusal Black Beauty, and another is Jusal Amaze. Both are top-selling mixer grinders currently on the market. So pick the one that comes with an appealing design.

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Jusal Ultra is also an ideal mixer grinder with an 800-Watt motor. The variant has been promoted online as one suitable apparatus to use in the kitchens of small hotels and restaurants. However, it is fit for home use as well. The mixer grinder has a sturdy build and a powerful motor that can operate with a heavy load for a fine quality of output in much lesser time. All one has to do is – fill the jar with ingredients, fix the lid properly on top and lock the jar on the motor base and give just 5-seconds of the first run at speed one then 10 seconds of the second run at speed level three. Only 15 seconds run would be more than enough on this powerful mixer grinder to mix and make spice ingredients ready for cooking. Such is a performance of this 800 watts Ultra mixer grinder.

If 650-Watt and 750-Watt motor are not fit for you, here is a reliable mixer grinder with certified performance, which comes with an 850-Watt motor. The Prolife Matka MG03 is a fantastic mixer grinder with three different jars for Dry Grinding, Blending, Grating, and Mincing. Two of the jars have a stainless steel build, and one is a transparent blender. Besides products in excellent quality, the brand Prolife also offers hassle-free post-sales service. Customers of Prolife products can contact the brand at toll-free number 1800-200-1577 for service assistance. For a family of 3 to 5, Prolife has a basic variant of the Matka Mixer grinder called “Mini Matka” with an efficient 450-Watt motor. Flipkart has, in fact, certified the simpler option for an outstanding build quality hence operational efficiency.

Next in the line is the best affordable mixer grinder with a powerful motor from an Indian home electronics brand BMS lifestyle. The name is famous for providing affordable home use appliances with essential features in an enduring build. What goes in favor of the mixer grinder with a 600-Watt motor of BMS Lifestyle is an appealing design and two years of free service warranty. A basic funda is longer is service warranty better the build quality of the product is. The motor in mixer-grinders is the most important thing. The rest of the attachments and components own much lesser value. Therefore, on this BMS mixer grinder to boost the motor power and make it enduring — copper winding is used and still, to protect it from overload a built-in monitoring system is there. Thus, at the current price of 1800 Rupees, BMS Lifestyle Eco, a 600-Watt mixer grinder is one prominent mixer grinder and juicer on the market today.

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With two years of warranty, there is one more mixer grinder with a powerful 600-Watt motor from a brand not so famous, UNITED. The United 004-Fabia comes with the regular features, and it is on sale currently at the price of 1700 Rupees. So, what is special about this MG variant and why even am I suggesting it here. The reason is the two years of warranty that United offers exclusively for the motor part. Having more alternatives would help you in the selection of the right mixer grinder with great features for your Kitchen.

The last MG of this section is a product of a famous brand, Pigeon. The mixer grinder model “Torrent” of this Indian name comes with a 750-Watt motor and has a design that wins users' heart. How and why style matters — only those would understand who like to be in Kitchen and feel excited about the smart, stylish appliances there. On Flipkart, this 750-Watt mixer grinder is currently a top-selling mixer grinder with thousands of positive ratings. Meaning the Pigeon mixer grinder is indeed a master MG with a best-in-class build and performance. As far as the features are concerned you know now that all mixer grinder has more or less the same features. But on this MG only Pigeon offers something better in its durable build. Instead of using recycled plastic, the outer shell is made of virgin plastic, which is row plastic hence considered sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, the motor of this Pigeon mixer grinder offers impressive 11000 runs per minute at full-load speed. That is impressive, too. With one year of service warranty commitment from the brand, the TORRENT 750-Watt mixer grinder at the current price of 1700 Rupees is an excellent choice. Do not miss it.

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► Top 550 Watts Mixer Grinders below 2000 Rupees

Having a high-capacity motor on a mixer grinder is not always a pro factor. A mixer grinder with more than 550-Watt motor capacity is ideal for a big family where lots of spices and other things have to be ready in lesser time for daily cooking. If your family has only four to six members, then buying such a high performing mixer grinder is just waste of money. Here a mixer grinder with 500 or 550 Watts motor would serve the purpose. Therefore, in this part, I discussed best mixer grinders with a 550-Watt motor. The selected models here are not from well-known brands but are still excellent because of the set of features, performance, and a lasting build quality they have.

With two efficient and top-rated mixer grinders, Desi brand Pigeon leads the affordable segment of the market. The first favorite product from the Indian brand under 2000 Rupees has the model name “Amaze.” With an appealing design over a sturdy ABS body, and included a suitable 550-Watt motor, the MG machine of Pigeon offers every reason to buyers to be their next favorite. At the same price of 1800 Rupees, the mixer grinder with the name Gusto is also a brilliant mixer grinder from the house of Pigeon. In fact, this model performs better than the first one, Pigeon Amaze. That is why Flipkart has awarded its blue certification “Flipkart Assured” to this model only. Even though the build quality of Pigeon Gusto looks fragile, it works well — hence it is a safe buy at the current price.

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Prestige is one of the top five home appliance brands in India. In fact, Prestige is also famous for robust, innovative smart appliances. Is your kitchen is a bit congested having not much space to keep a complete set of an apparatus? You should purchase Prestige Racer mixer grinder with a single multipurpose jar. The Prestige Racer is a brand new mixer grinder in the market with just one stainless steel Jar and three uniquely designed lids. The lid determines — the heavy jar is — a mixer, or a blender or a chutney maker. There is no need to make extra space for three jars on the congested kitchen racks. One master jar of this Prestige mixer grinder is sufficient for doing everything, doable by a regular mixer grinder with three jars.

Inalsa requires no introduction to budget customers. This Indian brand has a prestigious position in the market with some distinguish mixer grinders and related appliances. Here I suggest an Inalsa mixer grinder, which is a fit option for wet grinding. Soak rice or daal for few hours and then blend them well in this efficient mixer grinder. 550-Watt motor powers this smart MJ. Generally, for wet grinding, you need a specialized machine, primarily built for it. However, this Inalsa mixer grinder is for all-purpose use. It achieves such efficiency because of its stable motor, which comes with copper winding and can run for 15 to 20 minutes non-stop. At the price of 1800 Rupees, Inalsa Astra Lx Mixer Grinder with multipurpose three jars could be a great buy.

► Mixer Grinders from Flipkart and Other Brands under 1700 Rupees

Flipkart's brand Billion has launched some brilliant mixer grinders in the market at acceptable, affordable prices. On top of that, there are two years of on-site warranty.

There is nothing special about Billion brand mixer grinders other than these four:-

  • Billion is a Flipkart's brand so we can trust its product
  • Billion mixer grinders look stylish and have a build that seems to be enduring
  • Two years of warranty is something must influence your purchase decision
  • The motor of the mixer grinders comes with a copper winding and is made in India.
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The brand billion has so far launched multiple variants of its mixer grinder range around the price of 1700 Rupees. All the MG variants that come with a 550-Watt motor have identical features and performance yield. However, the main difference is in the looks and design. The latest Billion mixer grinder with 550-Watt motor is the model no MG124 with a better appeal than the previous variant MG123. Both the models are available for the same price. It, therefore, is not a rocket science to decide which Mixer grinder should be your next buy — if you trust the brand Flipkart. Billion's advanced mixer grinder with a 550-motor — MG100 and its successor with a better ergonomic design MG101 are also worth considering. Technically all the four mixer grinders of the brand Billion brand are same. Only looks and design on them separate from each other.

This is the second time Flipkart launched an electronics brand. In 2015, Flipkart had started a home electronics brand called “Citron,” and the name reported great success by launching some affordable electronics products online. But it is still secret why Flipkart windup the brand. Would the brand BILLION see the same fate? Only the time will tell.

Flipkart also promotes affordable consumer electronics goods of new brands under its “Flipkart SmartBuy” category. If you see a product with “Flipkart SmartBuy” logo on it, trust it for better performance. Flipkart gets the product manufactured by third-party vendors and sales them through its platform. It is same as you see in reliance fresh store: Reliance detergent, Reliance toilet cleaner, reliance rice, etc. Since Flipkart maintains a high-standard quality check of the products, it is safe to buy them. Do not judge the product quality by their MRP. Such products are affordable because there is no cost involved in advertising, retailer's commission, wholesaler's commission, and distributor's commission, etc. Therefore, Flipkart SmartBuy Dynamo mixer grinder with 550-Watt motor and two years of exclusive warranty is a good deal at the price of 1700 Rupees.

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► Reliable Mixer Grinders from Local Indian Brands under 1600 Rupees

Most of the mixer grinders in the market are limited to dry grinding. In fact, rarely we get to see a primary mixer grinder has the feature of wet grinding. Essentially, wet grinding requires a more prolonged run session, and for that, the motor has to be robust. In the regular mixer grinder, the engines are designed for a shorter run session to last in less than one minute.

During research, we encounter a fantastic model that can do dry and wet grinding other than doing the regular mixing and grinding works. Exclusively available on Flipkart, the Disa Delite mixer grinder is optimized for dry & wet grinding. The motor on this machine runs at the speed of 18000 RMP, and it can run longer than one minute. Related to this model and with the same features is Kingstar Classic 550-Watt Mixer Grinder. It is also optimized for wet & dry grinding along with Blending, Grating, Mincing, and Chutney Grinding kind of works.

In fact, first time I noticed a Sphere brand home appliance, but its product has impressed me. In upcoming articles, the GS research team is going to consider Sphere brand products. At the price of 1475 Rupees Sphere's FUEGO mixer grinder with a 550-Watt motor is unique because of slightly bigger size jars. The Liquidizing jar of this mixer grinder has 2-liter of capacity, which is 0.5-Liter more than that of the regular mixer grinders. Despite such heavy load, the jars can take the motor of this mixer grinder still offers 18000 runs per minute. Moreover, its build quality is also quite impressive. A 1500 Rupees mixer grinder from a not-so-popular brand, it still has such a standard build is indeed news to me. At the current sales price, I find the MG machine from the brand Sphere a good option for budget customers. Do consider it in your list of 5 best mixer grinders under 1500 Rupees.

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► Mixer Grinders under 1400 from Inalsa and other Indian Brands

For the price of 1400 Rupees, Inalsa gives an extra-ordinary mixer grinder with three stainless steel jars. The MG variant Inalsa Polo has been a favorite of budget customers. We enquired about it in local home electronics market as well in the online stores. This Inalsa apparatus seems to have a big market. Inalsa's this primary mixer grinder has a conventional design that would go well with any Kitchen decoration. It also has an impeccable performance. Thus, the MJ variant offers more than customers would wish to have on a budget Mixer Grinder.

Around the price of 1500 Rupees, Soyer MG550, a mixer grinder with the regular set of features is also a great option. You must check it out. It is exclusively available on Amazon India. The warranty term is the most exceptional feature of this local brand mixer grinder. Essentially the brand offers not just one year or two years rather two years plus two hundred days of on-site warranty. This is what called incredibly remarkable. So there is no ambiguity in telling the Soyer MG550 MG is the best deal in the market, today. If a brand offers such a long warranty terms means it is sure of the fact that the product is going to work that long.

A durable, shockproof body made out of ABS material in a conveniently accessible design gives a shape to this product. Also, dominant 550-Watt motor power it. The three conventional jars of this mixer grinder have the size of 1.5-Liter, 1-liter, and 0.4-liter with built-in sturdy stainless blades. The two-pin plug is another pro as most appliances nowadays have three-pin plug and that many three-pin sockets cannot be on a kitchen switchboard. Moreover, onsite service is also provided by the brand across India, and to report any issue customers need to call the toll-free number 1800-425-5546.

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