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Best 24 inch LED TV in India Market

Best 24 Inch LED TV in India Market

The best screen size for LED TV, suitable Indian homes, is 32-Inch and 40-Inch. The decision of buying a LED TV with a screen size bigger than 40-Inch should also take into account the shape and size of the room where the new big screen TV will be installed.

LED TV with 24-inch screen size is relevant even today. That is why despite top LED TV brands in India market Samsung, Sony, and LG has stopped launching new 24-Inch LED TV, new brand Kevin and reputed LED TV brand Panasonic has launched their new models. In this piece, we cover all the best 24-Inch LED TV in India market from all price segment. This article provides you with all the required details if you need the best 24-Inch LED TV in your budget.

24-Inch LED TV models generally have a 10-Watt audio system. 10-Watt audio should be sufficient considering the screen size. Smaller screen size means viewers have to sit closer to the TV hence 10-Watt audio should be sufficient. However, if you feel the audio is not sufficient, buy Samsung HW K20, a 2.1-Channel speaker system, which is capable of producing 40-Watt audio. This sound system has dedicated control knob for Bass, Treble, and Volume control.

► 24-Inch Billion Full HD LED TV

The Billion LED TV totally worth it at its current price. I wouldn’t say it is the best 24-Inch LED TV despite its screen bears full HD resolution and its price is less than 8000 Rupees. Actually, it competes with the 24-Inch TV models of giant tv brands in India market Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic. Especially the 24-Inch LED TV of LG and Sony are outstanding. Besides, this Billion 24-Inch TV also competes with the 24-Inch TV model of its sister brand, MarQ by Flipkart. Both are Flipkart brands.

Billion 24 Inch Full HD LED TV

There are no significant differences between the 24-Inch TV models of both the Flipkart brands. The MarQ by Flipkart 24-Inch LED TV is a 2017 model. It features a regular ZERO DOT panel. Billion 24-Inch TV whereas is a 2018 Model and it features an A+ Grade ZERO DOT panel. Therefore, the picture quality of the Billion TV model is slightly better. Other features, sound quality, and even power consumption of both the TV models are similar. Thus, between them, the best 24-Inch full HD LED under 8000 Rupees is the Billion TV.

Price 7990 Rupees
Features Clock | Auto Power OFF | Sleep Timer | ON/OFF Timer | Key Lock | Use as a computer monitor
Screen A+ Grade Panel | Full HD | Refresh Rate: 60Hz| Brightness: 240 nits | Picture Noise Reduction
Sound Down Firing Speakers | 10W | 2×Speaker | Surround Sound
Connectivity PC Audio-in | PC Connectivity | Headphone-Out | 1×USB 2.0 | 1×HDMI | Audio Out | Other TV Connection Points
Build Power Consumption: {Active: 45W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount
Warranty 12-Months | No Free Installation
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote & Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 24-Inch LG 24LH454A HD LED TV {Recommanded}

If your budget is tight and you want a television from a reputable brand, then the LG 24LH454A LED TV can be a viable option. It is available with a price tag of 11,490 rupees. You can also connect it with a gaming console for playing games and with a CPU to use as a monitor. The best thing is it comes with an onboard media player capable of opening audio and video files of most modern formats.

LG 24 inches 24LH454A HD Ready LED IPS TV

Cute Looking Outer Shell: LG equipped this 24-Inch LED TV with an outer shell that looks cute. A curved design on its edges gives a more appealing feel to the eyes. Like most of the LG televisions, this product also comes with All Round Protection Plus feature, which means that humidity, heat, and dust will not damage its internal parts.

Decent Display: The 24-inch screen of this LG LED TV with a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels offers wide viewing angles. At this price point, we cannot expect superb picture quality, but still, the screen of this television is quite appreciable. Moreover, LG has equipped it with Triple XD processing engine, which is famous in the market for its high graphics processing powers. Further, this LG 24-Inch TV also allows the users to select from a wide range of screen modes like Bollywood Mode, Cricket Mode, and others.

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Audio Output: The LG television generates a maximum RMS output of 10-Watts, which is below expectations. This much sound output is only adequate for a small size room. However, the audio output quality is excellent. Thanks to Dolby Digital technology, as it improves all the frequencies and gives users an excellent music listening experience. Further, the five sound modes and three audio settings give users many options to play with.

Low Power Consumption: In standby mode, the power consumption of this TV never crosses 0.3 Watts. Moreover, the technologies like Smart Energy Saving and Motion Eco Sensor reduce the energy requirement quite effectively.

Connectivity Options: Only one USB and one HDMI port might disappoint many customers. You can also find a 3.5-mm audio output jack on the back of this TV that can be used to attach a pair of headphones.

Pros: –

  • Offers a bunch of audio and video presets
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Capable of playing HD videos
  • Onboard media player
  • All Round Protection Plus
  • Can resist power fluctuations of up to 400 volts
  • Dolby Digital technology
  • Durable body

Verdict: The main USP of this TV is not extra features rather its superior build quality. I would have appreciated it more if LG had added one more USB port for user’s convenience.

Price 12100 Rupees
Screen IPS-Panel | 24-Inch | 1366×768 Pixels | 300-Hz Refresh-Rate | Slim LED | Triple XD Engine | Dynamic Color Enhancer | Active Noise Reduction | Picture Modes: 5 | Aspect Ratio Modes: 7
Connectivity 1×HDMI | 1×USB | DivX HD | Headphone Jack | D-Sub PC Connectivity
Sound 5-Watt × 2 | 2.0 Channel Down Firing | Sound Modes: 5 | Sound Optimizer: 3 Models | Dolby Digital Decoder
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation
Features Motion Eco Sensor | Input Labeling | Built-in Games: Jungle Hunter, Magic Bubbles, Cookies-Cookies, Egg Catcher, Space Wars | All Round Protection Plus | Bollywood Mode | Cricket Mode | Play Movie from USB Device
Build Dimension (W×H×D): 556 x 384.3 x 140.6 mm | Weight: 3.4-Kg | Table-Top/Wall mount installation
Sales TV Unit | Remote Controller + Batteries | User Manual | Power Cable
Power Smart Power Saving | 35-Watt Power Consumption | 0.3-Watt in Standby


► 24-Inch Samsung HD LED TV {24H4003}

This Samsung TV has been the top favorite of buyers among all the best 24 Inch LED TVs in India market. However, it is an old model now. While it has more or less the same build quality, screen quality, and connectivity options as the above discussed LG LED TV has, its audio system can produce maximum 6-Watt audio only. Therefore, it is apparent this Samsung 24-Inch LED TV is not the best option. Its screen refresh rate is 100-Hz whereas the same of the LG LED TV is 300-Hz. Therefore, in all counts, the LG TV 24LH454A is a far superior to this 24-Inch Samsung TV.

Samsung 24 inches HD Ready LED TV 24H4003

Besides, the add-on features on the LG LED TV are more in numbers than what this Samsung TV has to offer. LG also provides its famous Magic remote. Unarguably it is the best TV remote for conveniently operating all the advanced features of an LG LED TV. Thus, there is no ambiguity in saying that the LG 24LH454A is the better option than Samsung 24H4003 24-Inch HD TV.

Price 12100 Rupees
Screen 24-Inch | 1366 × 768 Pixels | 100-Hz Refresh Rate | Wide Color Enhancer | HyperReal Engine | Film Mode
Connectivity 1×HDMI | 1×USB
Sound 6-Watt | Dolby Digital Plus | DTS Studio Sound | 2.0 Channel Down Firing + Full Range | Auto Volume Leveler
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation
Features Sports Mode | Auto Channel Search | Timer
Build Dimension (W×H×D): 561.8 x 384.2 x 163.8 mm | Weight: 4.1-Kg | Table-Top/Wall mount installation
Sales TV Unit | Remote Controller & Batteries | User Manual | Power Cable
Room Size Recommended viewer distance from the TV : 4-ft to 6-ft


► 24-Inch Panasonic HD LED TV {24F201DX}

Only two reputed LED TV brands this year launched a new model of 24-Inch LED TV in India market. One of them is Panasonic. This Japanese brand requires no introduction. It makes excellent quality LED TV, home and kitchen appliances, and gadgets to make our everyday life super easy.

24-Inch Panasonic TH-24F201DX HD Ready LED TV

The Panasonic 24 Inch LED TV is good but it not the best compared to its alternatives on sale. I rank it at the number four position after the LG, Sony, and Samsung TV models. However, it is an affordable branded LED TV. Its current price is 9500 Rupees only.

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I am unable to understand in which world Panasonics’ product engineers live. While in the market LG has a best-selling 24-Inch LED TV with a mind-blowing screen and 10-Watt audio system, Panasonic launched its 24-Inch LED TV with poorer screen quality (comparatively) and only 6-Watt audio system.

If budget is your concern but still want a branded 24-Inch LED TV, order this Panasonic TV now. However, if you are interested in buying the best 24-Inch LED TV which should last at least 3 to 5 years, buy the one that best fits your requirement from the LG, Sony, and Kevin LED TV models.

Price 9500 Rupees
Screen 24-Inch | 1366 × 768 Pixels | 100-Hz Refresh Rate | Mode: Dynamic, Normal, Cinema, True Cinema, Custom | Adaptive Backlight Dimming | Noise Reduction
Connectivity 1×HDMI | 1×USB | Headphone Jack
Sound 3-Watt × 2 | 2.0 Channel Full Range Speaker | Mode: Standard, Music, Speech, User
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation
Features Media Player | Hotel Mode
Build Dimension (W×H×D): 361 mm x 570 mm x 160 mm | Weight: 4-Kg | Table-Top/Wall mount installation
Sales Box TV | Remote & Battery | Power Cord | Instruction Manual | Wall Mount Kit
Power 45-Watt | 0.5-Watt in Standby


► 24-Inch Kevin HD LED TV {KN24832}

Kevin is a new LED TV brand in India market. Considering its customer care approach and product quality I would not be wrong in saying that this company would make to the list of top 5 LED TV brands in India market soon.

The Kevin 24-Inch LED TV is a value for money product. Its current price is only 7000 Rupees. In spite of the low cost, the TV comes with a good quality screen, 20-Watt audio system, and four connectivity options.

24-Inch Kevin HD Ready LED TV KN24832

There are several pro features on this 24 Inch LED TV for enhancing viewers and users experience. The first is HRDD, which dramatically improves the picture quality. Second is built-in soundbar, which provided scope to add big size speakers for loud & clear punchy sound.

Top LED TV brands in India market should learn from brands like Kevin as how to add more connectivity points on a low-cost LED TV. The Kevin LED TV comes with four connectivity options. You can also connect the TV to a computer CPU and use it as a computer monitor.

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At the current price of 7000 Rupees, Kevin KN24832 is the best value for money LED TV in the market. You may also consider its 32-Inch variant which comes with the same specs, but with a bigger screen.

Price 24-Inch Model @ 6990 Rupees – 32-Inch Model @ 9990 Rupees
Screen 24-Inch | 1366 × 768 Pixels | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | A+ Display Panel | HRDD technology | True color | Wide Viewing Angle
Connectivity 2×HDMI | 2×USB | 1×VGA | Wireless Headphone Support
Sound 20-Watt
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation
Features USB-to-USB Copy Feature | Auto Sleep
Build Dimension (W×H×D): 60 x 10 x 45 cm | Weight: 4.98-Kg | Table-Top/Wall mount installation | Power Consumption: 39-Watt
Sales Box TV | Remote & Battery | Power-Cord | Documents | Wall Mount Kit
Room Size TV to Viewer Seat distance: not more than 7 feet


► 24-Inch Sony BRAVIA HD LED TV {24P413D}

Sony has a great reputation in the TV market. This brand has achieved mastery when it comes to optical front. In the last couple of years, market forces have seriously affected its business. However, the brand is trying everything to save the ground it is losing to Indian brands.

Just a few months before, Sony launched the BRAVIA KLV-24P432D LED TV to impress the budget customers. Currently, this product is selling at a price of 15499 rupees. But there is a very little chance that the television model will attract more than a few people. The reason behind is the other indigenous brands, which have covered all the space by offering bigger TVs that come with more features. Anyway, Sony deserves a fair chance to prove itself and only time will tell if the company will succeed in its mission or not.

Build and Design: Since Sony manufactures this product, we cannot question the build quality. It is made up of premium quality materials. Its outer shell is as sturdy as it can be. Sony teases this TV with the special X-Protection Pro feature that saves it from dust, lightening, electricity surge, and humidity.

24 inch Sony BRAVIA KLV 24P413D LED TV Review Specifications Price Online India

Nice Display: This product lives up to the name of Sony. Although the display is a little small at 24 inches but its quality and performance are awesome. It offers wide viewing angles of 178 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions.

The Live Color technology helps this display to generate life-like pictures. This is an HD ready device features a WXGA resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. It also offers high contrast ratio that helps the viewers in seeing the finest details. However, because of poor motion and frame refresh rate this display is not good for playing games. Also, Sony has used Edge LED backlighting system that results in little brightness variations all across the screen.

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Awesome Sound Output: The two 10-Watt speakers of this television generate powerful 20-Watt audio. Therefore, there is no need for purchasing an extra set of speakers even if you are installing this TV in a big room. It also comes equipped with Dolby Digital technology to improve the experience of the users.

Connectivity Options: I do not know why, but all the popular brands restrict themselves from offering good connectivity options in the budget segment. This TV features a single USB and just two HDMI ports on the back. Suppose you are to attach Chromecast to this device, then the only USB port that has been featured will get used unless there is an extra plug outlet nearby. Somehow, a television should have at least two USB port.

Price 12990 Rupees
Screen 23.6-inch | 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Build Dimensions: 558 x 341 x 65 mm | Power Consumption: 36-Watts
Connectivity 2 X USB | 2 X HDMI | RF-In | Audio-In | VGA-In | Headphone-Out | Composite-In
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