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24 inch Dell LED Monitor below 17000 Rupees

DELL TFT 24 E2414H Online in India

Dell S Series S2415H 24-Inch Screen Full HD HDMI LED Monitor

A regular TN panel monitors are not liked by those who work on graphic designing software as they offer the worst color reproduction and bad contrast ratio. Just a few years back manufacture IPS panels were very hard so the end product used to be very costly in the market. However, the rapid growth in the display technology has changed today's reality. These days, monitors equipped with IPS panels can be purchased even if you have a limited budget.

The Dell S2415H Monitor can be a good solution for graphic designers. It offers a really great and colorful work-space. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful monitor that you can purchase for an amount of 15400 rupees.

Dell S Series S2415H 24 Inch Full HD HDMI LED Monitor Review

Minimal Edges

It would be not wrong to say that this monitor offers an edge-less experience to the users. The bezels on all the sides are so thin that your mind will just ignore them. This brings the user closer to the display and results in an immersive viewing experience. I do not know of any other monitor under the price category of 20000 rupees that offers such a great design. Touch controls on the bottom bezel make it feasible for the users to browse through the menu.

The stand is made of high-quality plastic and comes painted in metallic color. It is so slim that you will feel like the monitor is hanging in the air.

Inbuilt Speakers: Yes, this monitor does come equipped with a set of two speakers. These speakers give a total RMS output of six Watts. I know this much sound is not enough to give you a pleasant experience while watching a movie, but understand this, at least, you are getting inbuilt speakers with this monitor.

A dedicated headphone jack on its right side solves the user’s problem for low audio output. Without disturbing anyone around you, watch an FHD movie with loud sound on the Dell S2415H, which is indeed a brilliant monitor.

Dell S Series S2415H 24 Inch Full HD HDMI LED Monitor Specifications

Great Display Quality: As it is clear from the introduction, it is an IPS LCD monitor. Its display panel is 24-inch wide and offers the maximum possible viewing angles. In terms of gaming, let me tell you one thing the Dell device offers a really poor experience for gamers. Its motion refresh rate is too low and the response time is a whopping six milliseconds.

However, as a graphic designer, you will find this monitor quite attractive. It offers a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels and the brightness can be increased up to 250 nits. High contrast ratio allows the users to differentiate all the shades of a particular color.

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The display generates realistic colors as it covers 85 percent of the sRGB gamut. The Users also get the option to choose from different viewing presets like a movie mode, multimedia mode as well as normal mode. A special layer on top of the screen reduces glare to a large extend and eliminates eyestrain.

Decent Connectivity Options

Dell has equipped this LED monitor with the connectivity ports like VGA and HDMI. However, it lacks a DVI port. Therefore, many users wanting a DVI port on a monitor will not consider it. A relieving thing is it does allow pairing of MHL compatible devices via the HDMI port.

Sturdy and Eco-friendly build: The manufacturer has used eco-friendly materials in the making of this product. But that does not mean it is vulnerable to damage. The outer shell is quite sturdy and it will withstand light collisions easily. Moreover, this monitor consumes much less energy than the alternatives available in the market.

Dell S Series S2415H 24 Inch Full HD HDMI LED Monitor Price


  • Perfect for graphic designers and video editors
  • Offers edge to edge viewing experience
  • 178-degree viewing angles in both the directions
  • Features built-in speakers and headphone out jack
  • Great color reproduction
  • Anti-glare coating


  • No DVI port
  • Gamers should not purchase this monitor
  • High response time

Verdict: Unless you are a gamer, this monitor will perfectly suit all the needs. It offers a decent pixel density, the color reproduction is accurate, and the viewing angles are wide. The headphone jack is really an exception here. You will fall in love with this monitor on the very first look. The only thing that I find missing on this device is a DVI port.

Price 16500 Rupees
Display Size 24 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 1000:01:00
Response Time 6 ms
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Connectivity Audio In, HDMI and VGA
Power Consumption 18 Watts


DELL 24 inch E2414H TFT Computer Moniter

American brand Dell remains the first choice of many electronic enthusiasts when it comes to buying laptops. This brand is known to use high-quality materials in the making of top class products. Its E2414H Monitor that comes at the price of 12999 rupees is worth looking at. Some experts even consider it as the most affordable 24-inch monitor in the market.

Adorable Design: The curvy edges and cute looking outer shell offers a classic Dell look. Its body is sturdy and can resist light collisions. The table stand has a sleek feel to it. In addition, you can tilt the monitor in the vertical direction for a perfect viewing experience.

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A unique feature of this monitor is that it supports wall mount installation. The whole setup is bulky but surprisingly takes up much less space on a table. It is much easier for the users to access the back panel as the connectivity ports in molded in face down position. The monitor is only 1.64-inch thick and weighs in at 4.48 KG.

DELL TFT 24 E2414H Review

LED Backlit Panel: On the front, Dell trusts a TN panel that offers a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Aspect ratio of 16:09 enhances the experience of the users. It is an LED back-lit display and has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Colors are easily distinguishable from each other, which will certainly attract graphic designers. However, I would not recommend this monitor if you are someone who works a lot on Adobe Photoshop.

TN panels are famous for high motion refresh rate and criticized for bad viewing angles. Surprisingly, this display offers decent viewing angles of 160-degrees in the vertical direction and of 170-degrees in the horizontal direction. Even its motion refresh rate of 60 Hz is bad and is not suitable for high-quality gaming.

Anti-Glare Coating: The best thing about this monitor is that it features an anti-glare coating on top of the display panel. It filters out the harmful frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum and protects your eyes. This means you will be able to work on this device for long periods without any problem. Nevertheless, I would still recommend the users to take a short 20-second break after every 20 minutes. To be on the safer side, be sure to blink your eyes constantly.

DELL TFT 24 E2414H Specifications

User-Friendly Interface

All the control buttons are located on the bottom right. The OSD gets displayed just alongside the control panel, which helps a lot in browsing through the menu. The response time of 5 ms is quite manageable for a monitor of this price segment.

Decent Connectivity Options: As it is a full HD monitor, so it was obvious for the manufacturer to feature a DVI port on the back. It transfers digital signals and is capable of moving a large chunk of data in much less time. There is also a VGA port on the device that can be used if your CPU does not come with a graphic card.

Eco-Friendly: Dell has made sure to do as less damage to the environment as possible. This product is certified by various agencies like CEL and TCO. Moreover, it consumes just 20 Watts in active mode and 0.5 Watts in standby mode.

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DELL TFT 24 E2414H Price


  • Features security lock
  • Covers wide color gamut
  • Features both VGA and DVI connectivity ports
  • Full HD resolution
  • Attractive and sturdy build
  • Comes with a protective anti-glare coating
  • High contrast ratio
  • Viewing angles are relatively good


  • Average motion refresh rate

Verdict: As far as build quality is concerned, this Dell monitor is a great product. At this price point, it offers a great movie watching experience. However, bad motion refresh rate will surely affect the purchase decision of many customers.

DELL TFT 24 E2414H Online in India

Price 15000 Rupees
Display Size 24 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 1000:01:00
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angles 160 (Vertical) and 170 (Horizontal)
Connectivity VGA and DVI
Power Consumption 20 Watts

Users Review and Opinion


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