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235 Liters Samsung Double Door Refrigerator with All Round Cooling

235 Liters Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT28M3022S8 Specifications

The refrigerator is typically the most exclusive and recurrently visited machine in the household today. We depend on it 24*7 to keep stuff cool and fresh all day long for our home.  So, are you planning to buy your very first refrigerator for your new house? Or just planning to replace that old one you have had for ages? No matter what’s the case, you’ll have to sensibly consider all the options available in the market to make certain that you catch the perfect choice for you and your family.

Is this entire process of supermarket run turning out to be fairly puzzling for you? Yes? Well, let me help you out!  If you desire to buy a simple refrigerator with direct and simple features, you can buy the Samsung double door Refrigerator brushed up below. The Samsung RT28M3022S8 Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator has a lot of useful features incorporated that would perfectly match your preferences if you are not too fussy! So, read on to evaluate this top-selling fridge! Read also Top 3 Double Door Refrigerator in India under 35000 Rupees.

Samsung RT28M3022S8 Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator

Promising to maintain an optimal fridge temperature, the Samsung RT28M3022S8 owns a lot of space in the fridge and freezer. Owing to its computerized inverter technology, the model assures healthier operation. The bright interface inverter promises a trouble free operation in the course of power cuts as well. If you have a simple budget for your next refrigerator, then you must surely consider this choice from Samsung. Its stabilizer-free operation offers assurance in terms of power oscillations. Correspondingly, you can connect the Samsung double door Refrigerator with your Home Inverter with no trouble at all. So, go ahead and read on to check all of its features out.

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Digital Inverter Technology: Assuring remarkable sturdiness, the Samsung RT28M3022S8 Frost-free refrigerator promises an energy efficient Digital Inverter Compressor. Being active at all times, it mechanically regulates its speed to meet the cooling demand of the refrigerator. Guaranteeing an uncomplicated operation, the refrigerator maintains an enduring lifespan. By way of the maintenance of a silent operation using less energy, the Digital Inverter Technology regulates the speed of compressor automatically. The model is resistant to wear and tear as well. Read also High Capacity Best Double Door Refrigerator in India This Year.

Smart Connect Inverter: This refrigerator allows you to connect it with the Home Inverter without any troubles. Thus and so, you can delight in the incessant cooling it has to offer. All the same, your food will remain fresh even in the course of power cuts. So, next time you have a power cut in your house, you can stay assured as the fridge will keep on working.

Samsung RT28M3022S8 Double Door Refrigerator for Indian Homes

Build and Design of this Samsung Double Door Refrigerator

Door Alarm and Key Lock: With the door alarm feature of the Samsung RT28M3022S8, you just don’t have to worry, even if you fail to recall of shutting your fridge door. By means of its Fridge Door Alarm, the model becomes smart enough to alert you of it. Therefore, you don’t have to experience any additional power costs or the danger of your foodstuff getting spoilt.

You can furthermore keep your fridge locked using lock and key, if and when necessary. This may stop your kids from niggling out that lip-smacking dessert behind your back.

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Metallic bar Handle: The Samsung double door Refrigerator owns an elegant handle with a metallic finish intended to offer a trace of charm to your home décor. By the same token, the handle adds to your overall suitability. The refrigerator’s recess handle and unseen hinges contribute a stylish touch to the model. This minimalistic design of the model seamlessly blends with your home interiors.

The Fresh Room: The chiller section, Fresh Room guarantees freshness even if you regularly open the door of the refrigerator. It offers the perfect place to retain your greens, veggies and dairy products. For instance, you may store cheese and will stay fresh for the extensive time. Read also LG Double Door Refrigerator with Inverter Digital Compressor.

Easy Slide Shelf: Peeping into your fridge often specifies traversing through a number of foodstuffs. By way of the Easy Slide shelf that is constructed on rolling pivots, you can easily pull it out every time and competently organize your food articles. Thus accessing your fridge becomes stress-free as you can check out just what you have stockpiled in your refrigerator with no trouble. The same, you can carefully organize your foodstuff in the slide-out shelf.

Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT28M3022S8 Review

Advanced Features of this Double Door Refrigerator

Moist Fresh Zone: This elegantly designed drawer delivers an ideal environment for keeping consumable foodstuff so that it retains its freshness for extensive durations. Samsung’s Moist Fresh Zone stops moisture from dodging at low humidity levels using a close-fitting seal. Correspondingly, a vent discharges extra moisture at high humidity levels. This supports the drawer in preserving a stable temperature. In this way, it retains the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other fresh food products.

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Ice Max: Allowing you to prepare and stock a great amount of ice, Ice Max makes 2.5 times more ice without difficulty. All you need to do is simply twist and hand out a plenty of ice cubes. So, no matter whenever and wherever you need ice, you can handle it all conveniently.

Stabilizer Free Option: Even during high fluctuation of voltage, the Samsung double door Refrigerator would work steadily. So, there’s no need of a discrete stabilizer to provide superior energy efficiency.

All-Around Cooling: The All-Around Cooling mechanism of Samsung RT28M3022S8 allows the whole lot inside the fridge to stay fresh. By freshening every single inch of the refrigerator equally from corner to corner, it maintains an even and perpetual temperature. Cold air blows out through numerous openings at each shelf level. As a result, it upholds an even temperature that allows the food to stay fresh for longer. Read also Best Selling Side By Side LG Refrigerator Model in India.

Convenience Features of this Samsung Refrigerator Machine

Digital Display and LED Light: The blue LED display of the Samsung refrigerator adds a trace of intricacy while placing a multitude of switches at your fingertips. You can change the settings of the temperature or turn on the “Power Cool” to cool the lately bought objects fast. You can furthermore save energy by means of the ‘Convertible mode’.

LED lighting positioned at the top brightens each crook of the fridge. Therefore, you can effortlessly trace whatever you’re eyeing for. This LED light is brighter, perkier, and a lot more power-efficient than other similar models.

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Deodorizing Filter: An integral natural fiber Deodorizing Filter removes all bad odors and protects the unique taste and whiff of the foodstuff for extensive durations. By constantly passing air through activated carbon filters, it removes all strong smells.

Big Bottle Guard: Perfect for your thirsty family, the Big Bottle Guard of this Samsung double door Refrigerator is far deeper than the shelves of other fridges. This allows you to store large vessels of milk and squash in the door. In addition, you get two additional rows to hold drink bottles and cans. You can chill large beverage bottles as well.

Toughened glass shelves: The toughened glass shelves of this double door refrigerator are designed and verified to grip a weight of around 150 Kg safe and sound. Consequently, you can retain the freshness of bulky veggies or dishes cooked in hefty containers. Read also Five Star Rated Samsung Single Door Refrigerator in 16000 Rupees.

235 Liters Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT28M3022S8 Specifications

Energy Star Rating and Warranty Features of this Refrigerator

Together with 2 stars rating, this fridge becomes one of the most energy efficient fridge-freezers saving you a lot of power and running cost. Moreover, the 10-year warranty on the compressor lets you relish the peace of mind.


  • 253 liters capacity
  • Frost-free double-door refrigerator
  • Smart Connect Inverter
  • 2-Star Energy Rating
  • You get 1-year comprehensive Warranty in addition to the 10 years Warranty on the compressor.
  • Digital Inverter Technology

Verdict: Taking everything into account, you’ll be mesmerized by this Samsung double door Refrigerator. It’s sleek and stylish design will make you fall in love with it. In addition to the fast process of preparing ice, the fridge consists of an all-round cooling system. This will support you in maintaining a smooth temperature all over the refrigerator. It’s more capacious as well. Likewise, the big bottle guard of the model is quite large that can grip quite a few bottles of water and containers of cold drinks. This sufficiently spacious fridge model is designed to deliver ice more rapidly. All in all, this Samsung Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator is dreams come true for you and your family!! And that too, at an unbelievable cost! Read also Modern Double Door Refrigerator Below 25000 Rupees.

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Brand Samsung
Capacity 253 Litres
Comprehensive Warranty 1 year
Compressor Warranty 10 year
Energy Rating 2 star
LED Light yes
Smart Connect Inverter Automatic
Number of shelves 2
Price 19500 Rupees

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