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Best Full HD Computer Monitors below 12000 Rupees

20 Best Full HD Computer Monitors below 12000 Rupees

This marathon review article covers best computer monitors in the price range of 7000 to 12000 Rupees. For every review article, we set a criterion to filter out best products currently on sale in the online and offline markets. For this article, therefore, the minimum specifications have been set to screen size 22-inch or above and screen resolution to Full HD least.

Continue following this article until the end to select an advanced LED computer monitor in your budget. It is my promise that by the time you complete this exclusive review of top selling computer monitors, you would have shortlisted a favorite model to fit your requirement.

► Affordable Full HD Computer Monitor below 9000 Rupees

I am not a big fan of Samsung smartphones, but this Korean brand remains one of the most trusted names in general electronics. Below the price of 9000 Rupees, there is only one variant of Samsung monitor, which features a flat screen of 22-Inch size with 1080P resolution. The Samsung LED monitor S22F355FHWXXL is a top-rated product, in fact, it is one of the cheapest options in the market. Therefore, for this LED monitor I can undoubtedly say that Samsung is offering one high-quality full HD monitor at the least price. However, the cherry on the cake is the three years of free service promise. Thus, there is every reason to appreciate this primary computer monitor.

Install this Samsung LED monitor onto a wall or keep it on a desk, this master monitor has an incredibly slim profile and a stylish contemporary design, which would attract eyeballs for sure. The response time of this monitor is just 4-ms. Therefore, it could also be an ideal monitor for playing games. In fact, its 24-Inch and 27-Inch screen size variant also come with AMD FreeSync technology that provides much-needed performance boost while gaming. With excellent viewing angles and spot-on features, made by eco-friendly materials, there is every reason to count this Samsung LED monitor as the next monitor for your desktop.

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BenQ is a big name, in fact, a more significant player than Samsung in the world of the perfect computer monitors. Around the price of 9000 Rupees, BenQ GW2270HM is a fantastic monitor with many great features. The visible elements of this favorite monitor are 22-Inch full HD screen and a stylish but durable build. It is a VA panel, which is the best computer screen panel for excellent gaming performance. The tech specs of this 21.5-Inch full HD monitor are quite impressive, too. Moreover, BenQ also offers three years of on-site service for it.

Racing with the Samsung and BenQ models is the latest computer monitors from Dell and ViewSonic. Both the recent launches come with sharp features and a robust inside management to be a favorite of strict users. Moreover, close to 3 Years of service warranty on them despite being affordable makes both the LED monitors quite attractive deal for budget customers. Although one of the Samsung and BenQ monitors should still be your next purchase, ViewSonic's VA2261H and Dell's E2218HN under 9000 Rupees are also worth counting.

► Top LED Monitors from Asus LG and Dell below 10000 Rupees

10000 Rupees for a computer monitor is a fair price in the Indian market. With HD resolution, there are hundreds of top quality monitors on sale. However, here we are only reviewing the best full HD monitor. From some ten odd models, I have selected four modern and latest full HD computer monitors from well-known brands Dell, View Sonic, LG, and Asus.

All the four LED monitors have a 22-Inch screen with 1080P Resolution and, the cheapest among them is a Dell full HD monitor. Not a fan of Dell brand, still I recommend the LED monitor here for the impressive built quality it has. The flat monitor has a VA panel with TFT display. Dell offers three years of free service for technical issues. For home users this monitor is fantastic, and it may not work well for gamers although — due its slow response time. That stands at 12-ms, in fact, slowest among all the LED monitors currently on sale. The display of this Dell LED monitor has Antiglare with hard-coating 3H for protection. Further, this monitor has the appropriate aspect ratio of 16:9, and it comes with a security lock slot as well.

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Next in the line is an LG monitor. In recent years, LG has launched some of the most advanced LED monitors with excellent features. We have in fact reviewed some of the top LG LED monitors available in the Indian market. You must check them out. But those are premium monitors. Here we are looking at the best LG monitor below 10000 Rupees. So the LG computer monitor that would please you with its performance is the model no 22MP68VQ-P. Priced currently just 9300 Rupees, the LG LED monitor is in fact, the first LED monitor here with an IPS PANEL.

The 22-Inch full HD monitor comes with LG's signature technology to split screen and reader mode. Further, LG offers three years of comprehensive warranty on this. Gamers may consider this LED monitor because of built-in top-line hardware that is well-managed by LG's exclusive software to deliver extraordinary performance in active mode. The response time of this monitor is just 5-ms. Further, users can also plug-in a joystick with it to play games. The primary control features of this LG LED monitor includes “Six Axis Control”, “Flicker Safe”, “4 Screen Split”,”Smart Energy Saving”,”Response Time Contro”, “Plug & Play “,”Intelligent Auto Adjustment”, “Super Resolution+” and also Black Stabilizer.

Asus started as a vendor for supplying hardware to top American IT giants HP, Dell, Acer, and others. Today Asus is not only a vendor, in fact, a reliable global brand as well. HP, Dell, and Other names do not manufacture hardware instead just assemble products component bought from several vendors. Asus, whereas, manufactures as well as assembles most of its products. Therefore, I hold high regard for this Taiwan Company. For the record, Taiwan is a democratic country and is home to some of the best IT brands in the world. “Made in Taiwan” products are thousand times better than “Made in China.”

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Based on a TN panel, the Asus VX207DE computer monitor technically appears to be a solid product for home users. Its 19.5-Inch Full HD screen is also ideal so is its incredible contrast ratio which stands in number as 100000000:1. Further, this Asus LED monitor also has the flicker-free feature built-in and to provide a customized experience to end users there are eight video modes as well. Still, the price of 10000 Rupees is at least 1000 Rupees more than what should have been. The monitor with eye care protection comes with superior technical specs and many appealing features to enhance users experience while working on it. Its price though is a concern, so you have to judge should buy it or consider the LG monitor or the Samsung monitor from the 8000 Rupees price segment.

► Top LED Monitors with Big Screen below 11000 Rupees

In the price range of ten to eleven thousand, there are many good full HD monitors with striking features. If you did not like the computer monitors reviewed in the first two sections above, you would find it here in this section.

I first introduce the LED monitor currently I am working on to draft this article. For your information, the LED monitor on my desk has been in use for almost three years now. This 24-Inch champion (23.6-Inch actually) is an AOC computer monitor. You must know this AOC, in terms of sales volume and the technology used to produce enduring next-generation displays, is on the list of top two display makers in the world. Another good reason to cheer for this American brand is it operates manufacturing plant to produce almost permanent display. I mean it does not sell you a third-party product with AOC logo on it.

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The technical specs of the AOC monitor e2450Swh are excellent. I start with the top contrast ratio 20000000:1 followed by again the best in the class 2-ms response time. The brightness figure stands at 300 nits, and Pixel Pitch is just 0.2715 mm. The AOC LED monitor is one of the few computer monitors, which has an inbuilt speaker. AOC's three years of warranty commitment clears all doubt if you have any regarding the build quality of this fantastic 24-Inch monitor. Moreover, I clarify your doubt if any you have any regarding its performance.

You have already met a BenQ LED monitor under 9000 Rupees. Further, below the price band of 10000 Rupees, there are three great BenQ computer monitors on sale currently. The first is a top-rated model GW2406Z with IPS panel. VGA and HDMI are two main connectivity ports on this computer monitor. Against manufacturing defect, BenQ provides three years of warranty. What that essentially means is – the warranty is only for first ten days, the period that online shopping websites offer for a complete replacement against manufacturing defects. Still, this BenQ LED monitor is worth considering because of its 24-Inch screen with IPS panel and full HD resolution. Moreover, the response time of BenQ LED monitor is fast, too, just 4-ms.

Following the specs of the top-rated monitor, BenQ has launched an improved model and a variant of it with an inbuilt speaker. Apparently, at the current price, the latest launched GW2470HL is a much better option than BenQ GW2406Z, which currently sales at the MRP of 11000 Rupees. Therefore, I would insist considering either the model no GW2470HL at the price of 10000 Rupees or its variant the model no GW2470ML with an inbuilt speaker at the cost of 10500 Rupees. Both the new launches have better connectivity options, improved contrast ratio, high brightness, a powerful engine onboard to ensure the best video experience.

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Next in the line is three powerful computer monitors from top brands Samsung, LG, and Dell. In fact, the Dell LED monitor is the cheapest among the seven brilliant monitors have been suggested under 11000 Rupees here.

The Dell LED monitor looks very stylish, and its 22-Inch of Full HD screen is just mind-blowing. In the sales box of this Monitor come two cables: one to connect through HDMI and another to communicate through VGA port. The two inbuilt speakers of this monitor can produce loud and clear sound, a total of 3W audio output, in fact. Further, there are Audio-In and Audio-Out ports, too, along with Headphone jack. Therefore, there is no ambiguity that Dell has designed this masterpiece for home use. The target audience for this monitor is those who would prefer it for best of the best entertainment at home. However, I would not advise to use it for gaming.

Further, the Samsung LS24E310HL LED monitor is also a fantastic monitor with 24-Inch Full HD screen. Instead of a TN panel, which is not that supportive of gaming, it has a VA Panel, which is best for gaming. Moreover, Flipkart certifies its build quality thereby its performance. Although it is an old model but still sales in high numbers and has been receiving the best ratings because of powerful features and enduring build it has.

Exclusively for Windows 10 users, LG has launched Computer monitor 24M38H with multiple variants in the market. Aforementioned is a flat monitor based on a TN panel, and it comes with LG’s pro-technologies to make a multi-window screen on demand and enabling enhanced reading mode as well. For connectivity, HDMI or VGA both ports are there with necessary cables in the sales box. On-screen instant settings to twist the performance for a particular requirement help the end user as well.

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I conclude this section by declaring my favorite. The Dell monitor despite a poor response rate is my favorite here. Ample connectivity options, compelling in-built speaker, and an eye-catching design, Dell provides a complete monitor at the right price.

► Top LED Monitors from Leader Brands under 12000 Rupees

In the price range of 11000 to 12000 Rupees, there are some ten brilliant computer monitors have 22 or 24-Inch LED screen with Full HD resolution and features onboard to boost operating performance.

While working on this project, I became clear that it is the Korean brand LG has been launching most innovative next-gen LED monitors, not AOC or BenQ or even Samsung. Regarding next-gen features, LG LED monitors are far ahead than that of its competitors in the market. What I like about the brand LG is that its aggressive adoption of IPS panel, which is most advanced, efficient, consumes less power and color depth and clarity remains at best anytime.

At the price of 11000 Rupees, LG 23MP48HQ is a fantastic LED monitor. The principal characters of this masterpiece include IPS Display, Flicker-Free display, Reader mode, on-screen control, color weakness mode, and Split screen. This brilliant monitor ensures incredible picture quality as well. In fact, to see raw images, LG monitors due to built-in attributes are the best solution.

If you work most of the time on a computer, then it is essential that you protect your eyes from the flickering screen and harmful blue light. For that, you need additional protection. Here, the flicker-safe and Reader mode of this LG LED monitor brings the extra security and saves your vision by reducing flicker to almost zero. You do not notice flicker on your computer monitor, try to capture the screen on your smartphone. I am sure you understood now why it is essential to have a computer monitor flicker free.

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Next is a Dell computer monitor that comes with a smart design, leaving more viewing space by having a thin bezel. The Dell SE2416H LED monitor has a standard 24-Inch screen with 1080P resolution. Unique features on this Dell monitor although is none. In fact, that itself is a feature but not having built-in technology to reduce flicker is something not acceptable at this price point. The front display of the LED monitor has the anti-glare hard coat 3H protection, other than that nothing special. It could be a good buy at the current price of 12000 Rupees, but I do not recommend it since there are many better computer monitors are on sale at lesser costs.

One of the best Computer monitors under 12000 Rupees is HP 24w. In the online bazaar, this HP product has so far got only praise and 5-star ratings. That is very rare for an electronic product. So, what is so unique about this HP masterpiece.

The build and design of the HP 24-Inch LED monitor are very-very impressive. In fact, the bezel around the display is almost negligible leaving maximum display space. Hence, this monitor despite having the same 24-Inch screen feels slightly big and vivid. Then IPS panel because of 1080P resolution does magic offers incredible screen clarity. Raw images appear to be alive on this HP computer monitor.

HDMI and VGA are two ways this monitor can connect with a CPU or any suitable supporting hardware. Response time is the standard 5-ms, and its dynamic contrast ratio translates into numbers to — Up to 10,000,000:1. All in all this HP monitor should be your pick because of its sturdy and stylish build that includes silent bezel and advanced approved technical specs. It has no advanced technology to reduce flicker and lacks the feature to make instant change in the display setting for a particular requirement. Still, it is a safe LED monitor, and its current price is appropriate.

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Well, the computer monitors discussed so far in this part are no doubt of best quality. However, what is called admittedly a premium LED monitor is the BenQ's 24-Inch computer monitor Model No GW2470HM. Those working long hours on a computer should consider this model. It comes with a shield to protect user's vision. In fact, BenQ brands this product to be a Premium monitor with eye care protection, narrow bezels, low blue-light, and Flicker-Free display. Inbuilt speakers add value to this full HD monitor for those who often use a desktop for fun and entertainment. Brightness and contrast ratio, too, is quite impressive on this BenQ full HD monitor. At the current price of 11750 Rupees, BenQ offers a great product, have no second opinion about it.

I conclude this section with the details of two top-rated computer monitor from Samsung. One of them is based on a PLS panel exclusively available on Amazon, and another is based on a VA panel only available on Flipkart.

What is PLS panel? Is it better than IPS panel? The answer is in details. According to experts, PLS panel is suitable for gaming and IPS panel is best for color, therefore, fit for general use. However, in color consistency, response time, viewing angles both match each other's performance.

The Samsung Full HD LED S24F350FHW features gaming true AH-IPS (PLS) panel and is on sale currently at the price of 11800 Rupees. The build quality of this business monitor is quite standard, and its profile is extra-ordinary slim. Further, it impresses with its 4-ms of response time, 60Hz of refresh rate, and controlled brightness. It, therefore, is an exceptional choice for gaming. Having no additional feature though does not go well for general users, but that helps in uplifting its performance.

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I am sure you must have heard about curved LED panel. The next LED monitor from Samsung has a curved design. In fact, this LED monitor is the only one here that has a curved panel. So how good is this curved computer monitor at the current price of 12000 Rupees?

The 24-Inch curved LED panel is based on a VA panel, and its viewing angles are fantastic. In fact, watching movies on this monitor is altogether a different experience. Some of the critical characters that play a significant role in enhancing end users' experience are ” Samsung MagicBright,” “Samsung MagicUpscale,” “Eco Saving Plus,” ” Flicker-Free,” “Game Mode,” and “FreeSync.” Inbuilt speakers would have added a higher value to this top class monitor. It comes with a Headphone jack, though.

The curved monitor can connect to a CPU or Laptop or any supporting platform by using its VGA or HDMI port. Moreover, not only is the build quality, its technical specs is also sound. For the price of 12000 Rupees, Samsung offers a perfect product. How a curved panel makes a difference in your working experience is something you concede when you get to work with such an innovative screen.

Curved panel is not new to me. I never had a chance to work regularly on a computer monitor, which bears a curved design, although. In my last laptop review article, I made a strong suggestion in favor of using SSD as the primary data storage instead of HDD. Similarly, if you want to upgrade your computer monitor to next level, then switch to a curved LED monitor. The regular flat monitors have more or less the same build quality and technical specs. Therefore, not much of impact would be on your viewing experience even if you opt for a brand new, most advanced computer monitor in the market. However, if you consider switching to a curved monitor that would undoubtedly have a positive impact on your daily working experience.

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The Samsung curved LED monitor in the right size with right specs is available at the right price. It is news to me that such brilliant curved LED monitor from Samsung is available on just 12000 Rupees. In fact, hundreds of buyers' rating for this masterpiece on major online shopping platforms is also a certification that it is a value for money Full HD LED computer monitor.

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