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2 Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio and USB under 1500 Rupees

Philips BT64 Bluetooth Speakers with FM Tuner Review and Specifications

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM iBall Musi Cube BT20

Of late, I came across a very good iBall product, an FM player with Bluetooth speaker. The looks and design of this multimedia device have greatly impressed me. For its current price, which is less than 1000 Rupees, this iBall can be a value for money product by its suave build and impressive sound.

The iBall speaker cum FM player is portable in the build. It has a stylish design and it can produce booming sound as well. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a multimedia speaker around 1000-Rupees, which should also carry the source of all-time entertainment, an FM tuner then this iBall speaker could be one of the best recommendations right now. Read also Portable Bluetooth Speakers between 1000 to 1500 Rupees.

iBall is not that well-known brand when comes to making a speaker. Here another Indian brand, Gujarat-based Intex has the mastery and currently owns a leadership position as well. But iBall has proved with this budget speaker. In fact, I would say compare this iBall speaker with any other highly rated portable budget speaker – whichever way is possible, it would remain an attractive choice.

Build and Design of this iBall FM Player and Bluetooth Speaker

The main highlight of the build of this iBall speaker has to be its cute design. Made of tough but lightweight plastic, it is easy to carry on a tour, in a travel bag, or to a backyard party. Furthermore, its build is strong, too. This means it wouldn’t crack or break into pieces even if falls from a great height. The credit for that goes to the brand iBall for providing a high quality, suave build. The weight of this is only 164 grams.

iBall Musi Cube BT20 Bluetooth Speaker Review and Specifications

When buying a multimedia gadget, one must check the control options. In a mobile phone, though users can control a playlist by the inbuilt audio player interface but the same is not possible in a Bluetooth speaker like the one reviewed here.

iBall Musi Cube BT20 comes with a dedicated button for ON/OFF with a set of buttons, which duplicate for the selection of previous and next track as well as volume increase and volume decrease. Further, to switch between modes of this FM with Bluetooth speaker, it has one more dedicated button.

For connectivity, this FM player comes with one USB port and a dedicated slot for microSD card. With Bluetooth option and AUX support, it is quite a flexible speaker in terms of connectivity.

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Battery: According to official assessment, iBall Musi Cube BT20 can play songs in full volume up to four hours seamlessly. In fact, a 500-mAh battery is powering it for being such power entertainer. The battery is rechargeable and that is chargeable fast, too.

Dimension 4.8×8.5×8.5 cm
Sound Output 3 Watts; Driver Unit: 4cm; S/N Ratio: >90 dB; Frequency Response – 80Hz ~ 20kHz
Battery 500 Watt; 4 Fours Backup time, 2 Hours Charging time
Weight 164 Grams
Connectivity USB, MicroSD, Bluetooth, AUX
Modes Speaker and FM
Buy 1000 Rupees

Sound Quality and Key features of this Multimedia Speaker

iBall Musi Cube BT20 can generate up to 3W audio but in marvelous loud & clear sound. You can trust this device for organizing small table parties in office, home, and outdoor.

Music is being playable wirelessly is my favorite feature on this Bluetooth player. In fact, just connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth and play songs as long as you wish to.

In the sales box, iBall adds an audio cable, too, to connect it to another multimedia system & speaker. Moreover, the AUX input is also for allowing use of a headphone to listen to songs and FM programs with it.

Conclusion: I used to believe that iBall products are not durable. However, after being a user of an iBall TV tuner for more than a year now, my trust in this Indian brand has gone up many folds.

Thus, on the ground of product durability, I have no reason to doubt this Bluetooth speaker. Besides, its build and design are par excellence. And, the list of connectivity options it has I rarely see with the products of premium brands like LG and Sony.

Actually, for the great sound quality this speaker could produce, I am yet to swallow the fact that it is being made by iBall. As matter of the fact, the sound quality of this iBall Bluetooth speaker and FM player is quite impressive.

iBall Musi Cube BT20 comes with all such modern features, which often makes premium speakers actually premium on the front of convenience. Therefore, at the current price of 1000 Rupees, GS team rates this FM player and Bluetooth a value for money investment.

Philips BT64 Portable Bluetooth Speakers with FM Tuner

The iBall FM player with Bluetooth speaker is one recent launch in the market of portable speakers. However, the speaker, which has been a top favorite for Indian music fans, is a product of well-known brand, dependable Philips. Read also Wooden Zebronics Home Speaker with Bluetooth USB and SD Slot.

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The BT64 series of portable speakers by Philips is the most reputed and recommended under 1500 Rupees at present. Under the BT64, Philips has presented four well-made variants: named as BT64A, BT64B, BT64R, and BT64W. Among them, however, the BT64B Bluetooth speaker is most popular and being preferred by customers often.

These four are nothing but color variants of the BT64 speaker, actually. Thus, the model BT64B is a speaker in black color. Somehow, the black variant looks much more appealing and elegant. Therefore, my review of the Philips BT64 series Bluetooth speakers is based on what I learned while testing BT64B model in the GS lab.

As far as features are concerned, both iBall Musi Cube BT20 and Philips BT64 are quite similar. However, being optimized for receiving calls and allowing users to even respond calls with a built-in microphone – is what sets this Philips speaker apart and ahead than any other Bluetooth speaker with FM tuner including the one from iBall.

The Key features of this Philips Bluetooth speaker

Being ready to connect with any Bluetooth enabled device and the power of rechargeable battery -makes it a device for anytime music and masti.

I am a big fan of FM programs. FM programs whether done by Vivid Bharati or a private Channel – present music in a meaningful way and thereby entertain listener to its best. Therefore, I often prefer listening to FM programs to playing songs from a set of my own collection. Philips BT64 Bluetooth speaker has the feature of built-in FM tuner, as well.

Thus, the Philips Bluetooth speaker becomes the most-recommended speaker under 1500 Rupees thanks its key features: Bluetooth enabled rechargeable battery and FM tuner.

Philips BT64 Bluetooth Speakers with FM Tuner Review and Specifications

The feature of built-in microphone for hands-free calling is another quite useful. Use the feature for family calling or telecasting your live conversation with a client within team members in your office. Moreover, its microphone being enough strong helps in catching voice accurately, from a distance as well. Thus, the Philips speaker turns out to be a perfect Bluetooth speaker with FM tuner feature all-in-all.

Build Design and Technical specs of Philips BT64

Instead of one speaker unit like the one iBall Musi Cube BT20 has, Philips has made it impressive with two driver units. The total sound output is 1.5W×2=3W and it is not a regular rather stereo sound system. The sound quality of this Philips speaker is not just impressive but very impressive. If my observation of it to be believed, Philips BT64 produces loud and clear sound and that too is rich in Bass.

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Since the sound production by this Philips Bluetooth speaker is rich and clear, using it for voice calls often turns out to be a thrilling experience. But I would caution here. Do not have high expectation from this 1250 Rupees Bluetooth speaker. Philips has made it special by providing all the necessary features but it is still a budget speaker. It is also light in weight at 145 grams of its gross weight.

The build and design of this Philips speaker are so-so. To be superior in connectivity, it comes with multiple options that are making it connectable to any audio producing device being sold currently in the world market. The features like Audio-in, MicroSD card reader, Bluetooth, and USB port completes it in terms of connectivity.

The budget Bluetooth speaker from Philips has a rectangular shape wherein all four corners are being rounded up. All the connectivity options are on the top but some three input ports are given on the rear. Going by its shape and size, it is true to its name “portable” in a compact body.

In the sales box of this Bluetooth speaker, Philips includes a USB cable for charging, one carrying strap, quick install guide, and 3.5mm stereo line in cable.

Price 1275 Rupees
Sound Output 3W; 40mm Premium Drivers
Microphone Built-in
Connectivity TF Card( Support up to 32GB), 3.5-mm Audio-in, Bluetooth( Range: 10 Meters or 30 Ft)
Weight 0.145 Kgs

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